My home and my family

I want to pray for my family and home. There is a evil force in my house that is causing family to argue disrespect each other. I pray for finance it seem that money is not enough now. I pray for healing there is always something that cause pain in the body like headaches feeling … Continue reading “My home and my family”

Driving lessons

Want to learn fast how to drive and l want to go for a test this month’s end.

Prayers to my GOD

Just to keep me strong in my faith and to be with my family and grand kids.


Please pray for my dad who is in intensive care that he may be healed and restored to full health and for healing and restoration for myself so that I can support my mum at this difficult time.

Being baptized

I would like pray that everything god good tomorrow for my baptism.


Dear god, I pray that you will guide us through life amen.

Prayer for family strength & Unity

Prayer that my two sons find the Love and togetherness they once shared the strong bond it is so much strife hate and malice now between the middle son.

Healing for

I need instant healing from God and success in my exams.


To get my visa and get a job in the Cayman island and to see my family be more Unit get married to my boyfriend and to see my house finish.

New job

I ask in Jesus name to protect me while I start a new job I ask Jesus to bring peace and calm into my mind.

Prayer for peace and comfort

My husband is hospitalized with a side effect from gallbladder removal surgery. Please pray for strength and peace


I am praying for peace of mind and to remove the hatred from my heart for my child’s father and wife and all my other enermies I am praying for gaudience protection and justification I am praying to change my life and become a true born again chritiann to follow gods way I am praying … Continue reading “Enemies/hatred”

Prayers for my husband

To keep him on a path with Jesus and for his spirit to be filled with his holy ghost and let him be overtaken by his word and let him stay in the word

Job opportunities

I pray that may God open job opportunities for my husband, and also help me get a permanent job, I pray for the true Agape love to prevail in our families and GOD help us to grow spiritually as we wait for his second coming.

Hospital bills

I need father yah to intervene on my behalf too many medical bills. Need him to do what I can not do for my self. In Yahweh name, Halleluyah.

Over coming financial challenges

Almighty father I praise your holy name ,Lord I come to as a sinner asking for forgiveness father may your will be done in my life . Lord take me out of my financial challenge and stabilized me financially to the glory of your holy name Amen

Wisdon,faith,strenght, courage, breakthrough and peace of mind

Please, I need prayer for wisdom, faith, strength, courage, financial breakthrough and peace of mind. Spiritually I am dying inside finding it very difficult to pray lately and it scares me. And it almost feels like the spirit of the Lord has left me. Please help me.

Deliverance and restoration

Lord, protect and guide me to hear the Lord’s voice and to get in the spirit bless me with a bright future.

Family / friends

I like prayer fit me since health as well as my own. Prayer for my marriage to be stronger and prayer for all my family and friends.. that they are overcome whatever turmoils they’re going through. AMEN

My family and friends

Thanks jesus for all you have done for me and my family and friends we love you thanks ❤️ thanks Love you so so so much.


Request for prayer on financial restoration and breakthrough. Family unity and peace.


My debts to be cleared.& all my 3 daughters fill with Holy Spirit.


I’m praying for more faith.. My faith is weak.. I believe in God but I still find myself worrying about things.. Praying for faith and trust in Gods word.

The lord blessing

Lord Jesus, my savior, I come before, a king for your forgiveness, bestow your blessing, over my heart desires, forgive me for my sins, look over my, relationships, employment, finances, health, and help me to overcome these burdens, lord lift your countenance upon me, smile upon me today in your holy name I pray Amen.

To be Christ like

Father, that you for sending Jesus in to the wold and thank you Jesus for doing the will of our Father. I can do nothing without you, forgive me of my sins, protect me from the evil one, and be faithful to Jesus who is my Lord and Savior. Help me be tolerant to others, … Continue reading “To be Christ like”

To know Christ Jesus

I want my family and I to know Christ Jesus well so his mighty power to be saved and evangelized for others to be saved be our portion forever amen.

Over my mine

Pray God take over my mine the evil darkness try’s to ruin my relationship with God my mine please pray this goes away.

Healing for my husband

My husband fail over a coffee table last week thank God but he is very sore having trouble moving and getting around walking he is 76 and God has been wonderful to us Amen🙏

Appreciation prayer

Thank the Lord Almighty for today’s lesson. Reflects what’s actually happening in my life. It has taught me a biggest lesson that the Lord works in mysterious ways to remind His people that He is ALIVE. Amen


Please pray for my grandson Andrew.

Spiritual growth

For God to take me to new level. Restore Breakthrough Favor in every aspect of my life. To have the Spirit of discernment

Having a clean heart

My prayer request is that the lord will strength me to continue to seek him with my whole heart to trust him more and to believe on his every word please pray for me and thankyou God bless you all

Prayer for help in my marriage

Please pray for me and my wife we are in a very bad place right now we need help I don’t know what to do or where to go help.


I need you, Lord Jesus, to guide and teach me how to live in your footsteps my lord.

Prayer verses

I want Provebs 16:3 and Psalms 37:6, prayed over me

My Brother- pancreatic cancer

Pray that the chemo will work quickly so surgery can be performed to remove the tumor. The liver is in distress already, he doesn’t have a lot of time.