Forgiveness Repentance

by Prayers Admin ()

Father I ask you for forgiveness,as yes I’m a sinner,I ask to be repented for all my sin’s as I’ve given into them. Yes father God, Jesus, is my only source to you, and yes, I have been avoiding father, please have mercy on me as I’m surrender and I let go let God on all your levels of praising, Jesus I don’t have no peace of your Holly spirit,as yes I hit very rock bottom as I allowed selfishness, please father have mecy on me and allow me to stay in your gracious as I come to you as I’m hoping you you help as I stay on faith, father you kingdom which is the greatest place we want be, you know what I been doing and and I ask you for for forgiveness and clense father I’m nothing as long as I don’t praise you through this struggle.may I get my life together with blessed people’s help ,Frank,Chuck, Lisa,good blessed persons who have help me tremendously with all I needed to maintain all my priorities,so Jesus I’m asking you for all who don’t like me,hate me, and yes because I believe in u Jesus, father I’m your child, thank you for never, ever, forsaken mess I made it back to Vegas on which supposed to be ahead to help my brother,Father please have mercy on Kevin for all his addictions,and keep him in your belly every time until he and u, Jesus no he won’t want do anything to hurts his family,Lord I forgive Kevin yet yes I’m hurt tremendously, I love you father and thank you already for your peace 🙏

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