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12 Heart-Warming Birthday Prayers For Your Friends And Family

When you are facing an empty page you might catch yourself fixed on just what to write in a birthday card, making the birthday wishes sound both sweet and appropriate. But you are not the only one.

Can You Pray Your Way Out Of Debt?

Debt is a tricky thing. How should one deal with debt, and is prayer an effective tool for helping with debt?

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What Are The Seven Deadly Sins?

So, you want to know about the seven deadly sins? It is a good question. We don’t often here about “sloth” in our every day lives. Here is a brief run down of the seven deadly sins defined in a way we can all understand.

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Does God Answer The Prayers Of Non-Believers?

How do we know if God answers the prayers of non-believers? This can be a loaded question. It is also something that can be easily misunderstood. Therefore, before we attempt to answer this question, we must understand the exact question we are trying to answer.

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Praying Within the Will of God

How do you pray within the will of God? How do you know the will of God? These are common questions which oftentimes receive a variety of answers.

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How To Pray for the Dying

Praying with the dying can be an intimidating thing. On average, the time nearing death can be a stressful time for families and friends of the ill.

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Tips for Keeping a Prayer Journal

Prayer is something we are to be engaged in every day. Whether we are communicating with God on the go, or we are setting aside a dedicated hour, it is considered prayer. Therefore, sometimes we will have a prayer journal in hand while waiting to hear from God. Othertimes, we will hear from God on the move and need to come back to our prayer journal afterwards.

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Is Homosexuality a Sin?

Is homosexuality a sin? What does the Bible say about being gay? These questions are common among young Christians.

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How To Pray To God

Prayer is something that most Christians understand the need for, but may be unsure about how to pray to God or intimidated by the idea of speaking directly to God.

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10 Great Reasons to Pray

Did you know that prayer is one of the most powerful forces in the world?Many men and women will attest to the fact that their prayers changed lives, saved lives, moved mountains, upheld faith, got them through tough times, and so much more. Here are some great reasons to pray every day.

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How to Pray for Missionaries


What is the best way to pray for missionaries? Here are some gread tips on how to pray for those who spend their lives spreading God’s Word.

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Teaching Children About Prayer

Have you ever heard a child pray? If so, you can probably agree that it is one of the most precious things to hear. Children have an innocent faith about them and if they are praying about something, theyre usually praying right from the bottom of their heart speaking to God with childlike faith.

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The Rapture In The Bible

The rapture is a controversial topic among many Christians. Lets take a close look at what the bible say about the rapture, and answer some of the most common questions regarding end-times.

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Give Us Our Daily Bread. Forgive Us Our Sins.

Give us and forgive us are two phrases which rely completely upon the grace and mercy of our Father in Heaven.

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