Prayers – Organized by Type


Welcome to our directory of prayers! Here you can find prayers, blessings, and devotionals for every need and occasion. Discover prayers of all different types and topics for you to use in communication with God.

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May you meditate on these words and find peace and joy in your life!

Popular Prayers

Discover our most popular devotions. Relevant to practically everyone, these meditations about strength, money, and relationships will help ease your anxiety and foster peace of mind. The Footprints Prayer is an inspirational poem about having faith in God.

Daily Prayers

Discover daily devotions to reflect upon regularly and receive inspiration, courage, and love. May these daily meditations remind you of God’s love and life’s blessings.

Catholic Prayers

Discover famous devotions that have historically been part of the Catholic tradition and ceremonies. These meditations have long been an essential element of the Catholic church as powerful words of sacred wisdom.

Prayers for Help

Discover devotions of assistance for common concerns and problems.  Whether it’s marital matters, illness, doubts of faith, or otherwise meditate upon these words to find patience and resolution.

Prayers for Prosperity

Discover devotions of prosperity to encourage your spirit towards earning and receiving prosperity in your life.

Famous Prayers

Discover our most famous devotions that have stood the test of time as some of the most compelling meditations for faith and courage.

Prayers for Healings

Discover devotions specialized as requests for healing and recovery.

Prayers for Occasion

Discover devotions for a particular circumstance or celebration.

Prayers for Others

Discover devotions curated to express gratitude or sympathy for others.

For Weddings

Misc Prayers