My prayer

I’ve been going through a lot my marriage is on a down fall. I love my husband, but I want prayer to keep me going in the Lord so that I may line up with his word.


Oh God of heaven come and help me gather the pieces that were broken show me the beauty of you again. God of my strength God of my healing God of my Everything.

A new home

I would to prayer for a new home for me and my three teenage children who are growing and need more space. We need at least three bedrooms in our new home. We live in cramped conditions and there is mold everywhere. I can’t afford a new and cant go on a priority housing with … Continue reading “A new home”


Wisdom to go through my academic years with flying colours.


I pray that I get a job before 19 july 2019 and my the lord jesus christ protect my family in jesus name I pray Amen

I want the spirit of the Holy Spirit

I want to see God’s face,I want the Holy Spirit to dwell in my life and that of my sisters and brother I want to know God more than I know him


I pray that the lord should heal me from pains all over my body. I find it difficult to even seat on a chair properly because of pain. In the name of Jesus.


Dear God, Please protect and shield my children and I from the devil and his evil schemes. Guide and lead me through this difficult journey I am on. Give me strength. In Jesus’ name I pray , Amen.

Love & endurance

I pray for our current situation to be blessed and us to find a decent apartment and all negative spiritual forces to be positive and love increases and great things enter our lives to help us be stronger Christians in the eyes of God.

Heart Healing

Dear God help me to heal. I feel horrific despair and brokenness after the abusive end to another toxic relationship. Please Give me clear signs on how to follow your plan and purpose for my life so I don’t go off course yet again. As far back as I remember my dream is to have … Continue reading “Heart Healing”

Healing and divine direction

Please, I want you to pray for me on my health. Due to long time of being sick, the doctor said I have anxiety disorder and palpitations and h.pylori and I need God’s guidance in the church to go and serve.

Please Lord be near me!

The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. That’s my favorite prayer and Father ur the only true living God and I wanna thank you for everything for ur mercy endureth forever. Ur worthy to be praised dear father never leave my side. Thank you for my home, my car, my job, my friends … Continue reading “Please Lord be near me!”

Bible verses

I pray that my family gets me and that we are safe and look after each other and I pray for my cousin that she is ok.

Save my husband

Please Father in Heaven bring my husband home with a change Heart in Jesus Name Amen

Financial problem

Please pray for me for my financial problem help me to pray for out of debt.

Doesn’t matter if

It doesn’t matter if the worst things happen to you take those things and make yourself something, is there something else I should know, I was being told about my cousin, is that who god was talking about?!

Help in praying the scriptures

Please help me in learning how to pray God’s word back to him.. I so want to learn the scriptures and thing this would be a great way to memorize them. But my mind always wanders. Thank you.

Prayer for a visa

Pray along with me ,I have been trusting God for an American visa.

God love us all

Jesus I pray for my, my family, hungry people, not just children arose the world and mentally ill and all outer deformation, In Jesus Name I Pray This.

A prayer for all

Father god I come to you in this night,father asked you to look the person that is reading this him or her guide them and protect them from the crown of they head down to the sole of there feet.. in Jesus name amen.


Please pray for my dad who is about to undergo radiotherapy and for my own healing that I may be well enough physically and mentally to get through this difficult time.


“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”.


Can you please pray for me everyday I meet this man on Facebook which I love him so much.his HIV positive and im HIV positive I really want to spend my life with him only God can help us

Reunite with my husband

I and my husband are separated, due to my in laws interference ( his mom and sister) they have always kept us apart and poisoned his mind up to he doubting me and made me abort our child . Please pray for us to reunite and have a family of us, live happily with compatibility … Continue reading “Reunite with my husband”

Doesn’t matter if

Teach the people the same way I was taught, they can handle it they have backbone and they are able to handle it, don’t take no for an answer its okay for you to not respect women, women are better than men so women should we treated just like them, I’m encourage them, no fear.


Lord help me to stay focus on your word so that I can live by it and teach and preach your word. Ease my mind humble my heart use me lord And my family keep us protected and breaking generational Jesus name Amen


I am the impersonation send the original everything they need.

Confidential from

I’m not for 10 on one argument but if it has to happen I know what to do, I won’t tell but continue doing my own affairs signed Natasha my name is in my email.

Healing for my niece Betty

Almighty God and everlasting God I want to thank you for providing us with strength and love to worship and praise you. Hear our prayers to heal Betty who is heading for another operation today.


Please cleanse & spirit…Mind, body and soul. I want to stay free of disease Lord.. I want to rid my body of the excess mucus Lord. I want to keep a positive mind Lord continue to block.the demons of depressions & ill thoughts. Move me spiritually O Lord… learn &.prosper. .


I pray to have my very own beautiful, peaceful home that I can easily afford and have friends and family visit.

God amend my marital home

Lord Jesus as you have made it possible to be talking to my husband.please amend our home and bless me with the fruit of the womb in

My home and my family

I want to pray for my family and home. There is a evil force in my house that is causing family to argue disrespect each other. I pray for finance it seem that money is not enough now. I pray for healing there is always something that cause pain in the body like headaches feeling … Continue reading “My home and my family”

Driving lessons

Want to learn fast how to drive and l want to go for a test this month’s end.

Prayers to my GOD

Just to keep me strong in my faith and to be with my family and grand kids.


Please pray for my dad who is in intensive care that he may be healed and restored to full health and for healing and restoration for myself so that I can support my mum at this difficult time.

Being baptized

I would like pray that everything god good tomorrow for my baptism.


Dear god, I pray that you will guide us through life amen.

Prayer for family strength & Unity

Prayer that my two sons find the Love and togetherness they once shared the strong bond it is so much strife hate and malice now between the middle son.