1818-1857 British crown 🇬🇧 republic of India today.🇬🇧1945 great Britain video link below…regarding British rule🍿🍿 https://youtu.be/SElZ29Al4Sw🇬🇧india still pays royalties to england.1765 -1938 $45 trillion .India’s GDP was 🧐%26 at the time of 1945. Britain made it 3% .🧐 Carl Icahn financed $20 million financing taj. World war 2 took out Mahatma ghandi. Britain controls china … Continue reading “Hey”

Love and. Understanding

To have the peace of God that surpasses all other understanding To have the peace of God that surpasses all other understanding amend+ To have God. Allow me in his kingdom to serve him. That God will pray for my children. Pray for their hearts see you and only you.


Please send every curse sent my way my father in law Jimmy husband Jay mom Stephanie friends Kenny Moore Jeremy Scott Nate etc into a blessing. Let all sickness be healed and all bad turned into good in Jesus name Amen.

My family and I

Please pray for my family ,and friends and neighbors ,and community .Please pray for our service men and women, and all the first responders in the world. And please pray for our president that god will let him makes the right decision and have love for all people in the world.

Spiritual battle

I have been under spiritual attack in by a curse from someone who hate me and send to my house a eye appear on the walls and ceiling a ghost face in my tv and on my kitchen ceiling. Please that I be deliver it attach to my body and rub to of my head

Big Love to all

Lord Jesus, Please watch and protect all those I love; my Mum and Dad, my son and his girlfriend and her family, all my relatives and good friends. A prayer also for those who have helped and those that are helping now. Many thanks and Big love to you all.


My prayer of understanding is about Genesis it says in the beginning that God created the glory of the universe and the horses the trees etc. and then it says let us create man in our image does that mean the holy Trinity created man in their image or does it mean God had a … Continue reading “Understanding”

Mauvais rêves

Seigneur nous te rendons grâce pour tous les bienfaits que tu ne cesses de nous accorder, MERCI. Nous sommes envahis de mauvaises personnes et notre vie est perturbée par de mauvais rêves qui nous empechent de te suivre. Mais nous avons foi en toi et gardons l’espoir de toujours être scotchés à ta parole. Merci … Continue reading “Mauvais rêves”


I also want to know specifically and John it says all that was made was made through Jesus and nothing that was made was made without him so in the beginning in genesis it says let us make man in our image does that mean the holy Trinity need us in their image I really … Continue reading “Questions”

Pray for our district for suffering from Carona Vairus some people

I am Solomon S Santhosh s/o Sathyanarayanappa I am in Karnataka Chikkaballapur district Shidlagatta Taluk Malluru Village and post. Pray for our family and ministry and Pray for our friends and some pepole suffering from Carona Vairus. And pray for our full Over village people’s faith in to Jesus Christ 🙏.


Heavenly Father I thank you for another day in these enduring days. Lord Jesus your Grace has brought me though to pray for your strength to close my fuel deal. God I thank you for your word daily that direct my path and restore my soul. My God, I give you all the Glory for … Continue reading “Grace”


*my health *Ruiz quits smoking *mother dearest realizes how lonely and miserable she still is with partner #whatever *baby’s growth *mother dearest’s partner leaves or just goes away *this disease vanishes *cures those in hospitals worldwide on pandemic

I need prayer for my family please

Lord thank you for today.Thank you for your love surround us and everything that you have done for us for all the good family and good friends in my life.please watch over us through this year doing tuff time in Jesus name Amene

These time

All might lord Jesus I come to you as your humble friend son servant first and foremost giving you all praise and glory thank for everything you have doing in my life no word can’t express how thankful I am that despite my faults and unbelief you keep your hand around my life. I first … Continue reading “These time”

God’s Mercy and Jesus Favour

Forgive our sins oh Lord Have mercy upon me,my family and loved ones Let your will be done in our lives Deliver us from evil We pray for Your Divine Intervention,Your Divine Encounter,Joy overflow,peace of mind,Good health, wealth,Miracle,Strength,Devotion without distraction,Divine Healing,Long life,Prosperity and Everlasting favour And we know all we asked for are mostly the … Continue reading “God’s Mercy and Jesus Favour”

Imitating christ’s humility

If any have any encouragement from being united with christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the spirit, if any tenderness and compassion,then make my joy complete by being like- minded, having the same love,being one in spirit and purpose, do nothing out of selfish ambition or vien conceit,but in humility … Continue reading “Imitating christ’s humility”

Pray for my mother!!

PLEASE PRAY for my mother Jagoda Mlakar. Her soul is hurting, she left the faith. Please bless her that she gets on the right track in Jesus name. Also pray for her wisdom and health. She is in a very poor state, please God let her go in heaven in Jesus name. May she repent … Continue reading “Pray for my mother!!”

Prayer for Peace

Asking for prayers for peace the devil is using my friend to come up against me. Praying for better health is diabetic and need to lose weight. And pray for my son who has a drug addiction. And just pray for my family and friends. And pray for my town most of the town is … Continue reading “Prayer for Peace”

Please help my father and mother in the Lord help me with prayer against every bad spirit making love with dream and God should please renew my spiritual life and deliver me from that pit of hell AMEN, THANKS

Father Lord Jesus deliver my soul from that spirit of sin and wash me with your precious blood lord Jesus make me new in you, father i pray unto you touch my life with your prosperity, deliver me from that sex in the dreams, Father make hast and empower me in spiritual land, anoint me … Continue reading “Please help my father and mother in the Lord help me with prayer against every bad spirit making love with dream and God should please renew my spiritual life and deliver me from that pit of hell AMEN, THANKS”


I pray that God will bless this nation let everyone come together and love one another to love God to put him first I’m all we do. To continue to seek HIS face, to pray without ceasing to cry out to Jesus. To thirst and hunger for God , for His word. I pray that … Continue reading “Endurance”

Strong spiritual knowedge

Lord please bless my growth in wisdom and knowledge. So that I may always choose the correct path in all areas of my family and my life spiritually,financial,Health wise , bless all my family members to find a new church home. Bless myself and my children to find a church Home. Bless my X – … Continue reading “Strong spiritual knowedge”

read the bible

818/5000 Pray for me RASOAMANARIVO FARA JEMIMA that I will be totally free from spiritual laziness and that I am filled with courage and goodwill to pray and read the bible every day, morning, afternoon and evening. Pray for me that I will be filled with the Holy Spirit and that the fresh anointing will … Continue reading “read the bible”

Lift me up

Lord lifte up especially when am feeling down I ask you for your tender mercies upon a humble sinner. I give you thanks for life a home good clothes on my back and food on my table. I ask u to protect us under your blood. I pray for my family and friends. Especially my … Continue reading “Lift me up”

Psalm 51

Praying for wisdom and strenght ,no root of resentment/bitterness towards my grandaughter whose action and wrong choices broke my heart and her parents heart. I asked forgiveness for neglegting to disciplne my grand daughter in the way she should go. I am the caregiver of my grandchildren.I have forgotten that she is just a child … Continue reading “Psalm 51”

Bless My Business too grow in profitable way and the staff to have new life.

Lord Jesus Christ help me to build my business in profitable way. With support of my staff and provide me the resources. To serve better quality and timely deliver the products without hussel. Clear all my debts which I own to my family members, friends, banks, rent of warehouse, accommodation of staff and mine. Allow … Continue reading “Bless My Business too grow in profitable way and the staff to have new life.”

A debt free home

Lord please you know that I’m homeless and my request to you is for a debt free home, thank you, praising and worshiping you all the days of my life wash me in the precious blood of your son and my saviour Jesus Christ. Amen,

I need forgiveness

Please forgive me for the way I’ve felt about my family. We have lost connection since my mom passed. They have hurt me when I was always trying to be there for them. Please forgive me for the wrong I’ve done. I’ve hurt so many ppl. My wanting to keep a distance

Christian friends

I pray,lord that you guild me,and send s Christian friend to help . I suffer daily with pain, physical and mental. Lord I pray for your healing, or the strength to cope. I love you lord ,help me to hold on to the love,I thought you have for me. Thankyou lord, Amen 😇🙏

god the psycopath

1st five books of the old testament show the jewish tribal god as a psycopath who advocates genocide murder rape paracide,jesus says in the gospel of matt. “I am not come to destroy the law” (of moses)Is god a psycopath ? no he/she it is a fairy story,created by conmen who wanted to control people … Continue reading “god the psycopath”

Pray Against the Devil

“But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!”- Revelation 12:12 It is on good authority that it is stated that the world- the entire world- is under extreme and perhaps unprecedented satanic attack. Please, you who … Continue reading “Pray Against the Devil”