The lord blessing

Lord Jesus, my savior, I come before, a king for your forgiveness, bestow your blessing, over my heart desires, forgive me for my sins, look over my, relationships, employment, finances, health, and help me to overcome these burdens, lord lift your countenance upon me, smile upon me today in your holy name I pray Amen.

To be Christ like

Father, that you for sending Jesus in to the wold and thank you Jesus for doing the will of our Father. I can do nothing without you, forgive me of my sins, protect me from the evil one, and be faithful to Jesus who is my Lord and Savior. Help me be tolerant to others, … Continue reading “To be Christ like”

To know Christ Jesus

I want my family and I to know Christ Jesus well so his mighty power to be saved and evangelized for others to be saved be our portion forever amen.

Over my mine

Pray God take over my mine the evil darkness try’s to ruin my relationship with God my mine please pray this goes away.

Healing for my husband

My husband fail over a coffee table last week thank God but he is very sore having trouble moving and getting around walking he is 76 and God has been wonderful to us Amen🙏

Appreciation prayer

Thank the Lord Almighty for today’s lesson. Reflects what’s actually happening in my life. It has taught me a biggest lesson that the Lord works in mysterious ways to remind His people that He is ALIVE. Amen


Please pray for my grandson Andrew.

Spiritual growth

For God to take me to new level. Restore Breakthrough Favor in every aspect of my life. To have the Spirit of discernment

Having a clean heart

My prayer request is that the lord will strength me to continue to seek him with my whole heart to trust him more and to believe on his every word please pray for me and thankyou God bless you all

Prayer for help in my marriage

Please pray for me and my wife we are in a very bad place right now we need help I don’t know what to do or where to go help.


I need you, Lord Jesus, to guide and teach me how to live in your footsteps my lord.

Prayer verses

I want Provebs 16:3 and Psalms 37:6, prayed over me

My Brother- pancreatic cancer

Pray that the chemo will work quickly so surgery can be performed to remove the tumor. The liver is in distress already, he doesn’t have a lot of time.

Prayer life

I want to develop a hunger and thirst for God’s word.

About bragging

My daughter brags all the time and it drags all the time and tells people everything and how she’s got I need prayer to keep from being mean to her and saying something bad I need help stopping at my attitude could you tell me what verse is it is about the bragging and so … Continue reading “About bragging”

Knowing God more

Lord I thank you for life and that of my family members, bless my brother Humphrey and his wife Sheila with triplets bless Joshua with a good job andGod-fearing wife, bless Diana and Deborah with good jobs andGod-fearing husbands lord heal my parents from high blood pressure and diabetes, lord restore my father’s sight, lord … Continue reading “Knowing God more”

Help for depression

I pray for help in my depression! Please send some Bible verses! Thank you!

Family n in laws

Lord, please guide the Williams family in your arms Lord I pray this family can work it out and also pray for my Bratton family Amen.

I need a house

Father Jesus in heaven you see my day to day struggles and I am asking you for deliverance i need to see your blessings manifesting in my life in i need a house for me and my son to live in Jesus name I pray amen

Neighbor to move

Dear Lord, for give me of my sins. I come asking that you grant me peace and blessings. The neighbor across from me has issues with color and black woman. He has a nasty and mean spirit. He going to be a problem. Please move him away from this location and out if site. Amen

Financial struggles

Father God I’m coming today to ask for forgiveness as well as am blessing me and Adam are in a financial struggle and only you can see us through we know that u would nothing put nothing on us we can’t beat in Jesus name I pray

Knowing God more

Lord help me read the word and know you more, I too want to preach and get closer to my God.

Knowing God more

Lord help me read the word and know you more, I too want to preach and get closer to my God.

Know more of him

Pray for me so I will know more of Christ and dedicate myself to his words 2. Pray for the grace and favor of God continue in my life 3. Pray for me any spiritual influence in my life and my finances to be destroyed. Pray for Good health and protection in my life and … Continue reading “Know more of him”

Strength and Wisdom

Dear Heavenly Father I thank you for all your many blessings and for this day of life. Please direct my path as I go forward into this new day. Strengthen me and others to be able to handle the trials and tribulations of the day. Give us all the wisdom we need to make sound … Continue reading “Strength and Wisdom”

So many things

Please pray for me, that God strengthens me in my battle with depression, the transition that I’m fighting on a daily basis with myself helps me to see God’s given a plan for my life. Healing from loneliness, addiction, the guilt I feel from my past, the hurt I feel from my daughter, family and … Continue reading “So many things”


Lord thank you for your son Jesus Christ Amen…

Prayer for anxiety

Prayer for anxiety and financial freedom to help finance the work of God.


My husband is an alcoholic drinking really bad he’s lost several jobs I need prayers for his healing he was put in jail Thursday night today is Sunday need prayers for myself also for finance amen thank you.

Reading plan

I pray I can get to my online bible reading plan:) love me


Lord cover me and the blood.

Releaf from stress for my family

GOD releive the stress of my family help them through whatever is going on. Put your angels around them to cancel the asignment of the enemy and build their faith and trust in you.

Closer walk with the lord

Hi, can you pray for my adult sons who need god in their lives and for the one son who has mental illness and prays for finances for me to get my own home so my son can live with me and not on the streets?


I’m battling a demon that is causing me to go to sleep for hours when I need to study and is affecting my ability to do well in school. I am very hurt. to the point of weeping. This has been going on for a years. I keep having traumatic experiences and I think this … Continue reading “Demonic”


Pray for help to overcome strong holds, and emotions. Also, protection from known and unknown enemies.