Pastoral Prayers

Here are a few sample Pastoral Prayers. If you know of a good example of a Pastor Prayers, please share it at the bottom of this page.

Sample Pastoral Prayers

Below are several prayers for pastors to use as examples for praying with their congregation. They include prayers for guidance, healing, strength for our leaders, and overcoming life’s difficulties.

For God to Guide Us

God of light, we have heard your message, proclaimed of old, that in you there is no dark cloud at all;
nothing exists that can hide the light of your presence. Forgive us when we cling to the shadows, failing
to heed your call to wake up and join the work of your reign. Send us to do your deeds of mercy and peace:
to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, touch the sick with your healing balm, console the sorrowing,
visit the prisoners, welcome the stranger.

Guide us in this time of shadows. Keep us from despair when we see that there is no peace in our cities
and no security in our places of higher learning. Lift our eyes toward you that we may see your face
shining on us and walk in your light. Comfort with your presence those who are living in the shadow
of grief, shattered by the loss of children, parents, spouses, friends, and colleagues. Give assurance
to all who are missing loved ones that the living and the dead are in your care, certain of being
joined again in the unbroken circle that will sing your praise forever. Amen

For Overcoming Life’s Difficulties

Our gracious and loving Heavenly Father, we come to you today in the name of Jesus.
It’s good to be able to come into your house and have this time to put aside the cares of life
and the busyness of living. We’re hurrying about, planning, preparing, fixing, organizing and
worrying about how everything is going to turn out.

Even while we’re here in church those thoughts
tend to drown out your voice and what you want to say to us. We DO want to hear from you because
we need to know again and anew today that you’re there and that you know us and where we are in our
walk with you.

For some here today this present moment is filled with disappointment or impairment or heartache
and their circumstances may be dreadful and filled with reasons for sadness or sorrow, they need
you and they need us and the comfort of being in fellowship with you and with each other.
We do receive uplift and encouragement from being here in your house. Help us to be sensitive
to the needs of our brothers and sisters and speak a word of encouragement or even give a sincere
smile or handshake. We do care about each other and we want to show it.

For Our Leaders

We pray for the leaders of our nation today and the many important and critical situations they face.
Give wisdom to our president and the cabinet members and the men and women in congress. We pray for our
military personnel stationed around the world and especially those in Iraq and Afghanistan. We know they
face dangers and the possibility of death day after day.

We pray for the defeat of the insurgents and the terrorists there and around the world that are plotting
evil and wicked schemes. Please give wisdom and unusual ability to those that are working to counter these
diabolical plans. We live in a dangerous and uncertain world, but we pray for your kingdom to come and your
will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

We pray for our church and for all of our leaders as new plans and programs are finalized. We need your
guidance and your direction for us as a church. We want to be faithful to the sacred trust you’ve given to us.
It’s both a privilege and an awesome responsibility.

For Healing

There are many among us today with special needs in their own lives and need your special
touch and reassurance right now. There are numerous physical problems and we don’t understand
why these things come in our lives and we’re tempted to question you and our faith is tested,
sometimes to the limit.

We pray that their faith will not fail during these days. Some have family and relationship problems, they need special grace to see them through. Bring healing and reconciliation to them

Bible Verses for Missions

“And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”

[Mark 16:15]

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