Prayer for Relationship and Prayer Request

May these relationship prayers help you to build a full, healthy, and warm relationship with your significant other, or help you find romance.

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Prayer to Heal a Relationship

“Almighty God, hear this prayer.”

Dear Lord, I offer you this prayer, to help me with my current relationship situation. Please take away all the pain and hurt in my heart. Fill it with love, joy, patience, and understanding.

Bless me and my partner, so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way. Fill our hearts with love for each other, and may you make each one of us realize each other’s worth. Please touch the heart of my partner,fill it with much love for me.

Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. I seek for your mercy and blessing that you may allow us to spend the rest of our lives with each other. Please make this feeling mutual for both of us. Lead us not into temptations. Guide us wherever we go. Always put us in each other’s heart and mind. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.

I love you. Amen.

Rekindling a Relationship



Miscommunication in a Marriage

Dear Lord, you know what path I am on right now and that I am in agony. I am having a disharmony in my married life. You have instituted marriage since You found that it is not good for man to be alone.

I deeply believe that You have given me this person to love and to hold for the rest of my days. The Bible has taught me that a threefold cord is not quickly broken. Come and be with us, Lord, for only You can make two broken hearts understand each other. You are the King of Peace and I know You are able to change any sad situation in my life.

Father, I know it is Your will that we should lead a loving and peaceful life with one another. Hear me, dear god, to fill us both with more love and to understand each other better to bring unity to our relationship. Help me become more understand to my partner’s needs and feelings.

Grant me wisdom that I may know how to deal with this unlikely situation so I can build a house in Your glory. In Jesus’ name I pray, O Lord. Amen.

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Prayer for Family Unity

Dear God, thank you for the gift of family that you have given me. You know my heart hurts because of the disharmony in my family. I have lost my peace and my health because of the messy situation in our home.

I have no one to turn to but You, Lord. You alone can understand the hearts of Your followers as You have created each and every one of us. Only You can bring together the hearts of Your men together. Help me forgive other family members, O Lord. Let my family not defile Your name by this disunity. Help us forgive one another of the mistakes we have done to each other and bring us back together in Your name, Father God.

Fill each one of us with your love and understand so we can fully exalt Your name in glory. I know that you will bring back the peace and unity that was once present in our home. I ask this in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayers for Finding Love

Finding someone to love can be difficult. This prayer will help guide you on the path to true love.

Prayer to Find a Companion

“Almighty God, hear this prayer.”

Almighty God, hear this relationship prayer.
As You are first in my heavenly heart and mind and spirit,
so do I desire a companion for my earthly heart and mind and being.
Guide me to the partner You know is perfect for me.
Help me walk in faith until that time of our first meeting.

Show me how I can become a partner worthy of love.
Then guide me through every stage of our relationship, so that,
as we move ever closer to You, we grow closer to each other in Love, in Joy, and in Faith.

Thank You God, for hearing my prayer.


Prayer to Find a Life Partner

Heavenly Father, You created this world and all its inhabitants. You found that man is not good to be alone. I pray this to You, O Lord, that I am in need of a partner for my life.

You have showed us in the Bible that finding the right partner made numerous couples live a happy life. Bless me, Father, that I may build a family like theirs. I believe, Lord, that You do not deny Your children their joy and happiness.

I pray that the loneliness in my heart will be gone soon. I pray this to You, O Lord. Amen.

Scripture About Relationships and Love

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.”

[1 John 4:18]

See what the Bible has to say about it, check out these Bible Verses about Relationships, and Bible Verses about Love.

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