Fathers Day Prayer

Our Fathers Day prayer can be very personal, for our birth fathers, or it can be dedicated to Our Father in Heaven. Why not make every day a day for communing with the Heavenly Father who rules over the entire universe?

Father’s Day Prayer

Yea, it was said in the ancient days
Thou shalt love thy Heavenly Father
With all thy heart,
And with all thy mind
And with all thy deeds
And thou shalt love thy brothers as thyself.
The Heavenly Father is love,
And he that dwelleth in love
Dwelleth in the Heavenly Father,
And the Heavenly Father in him.
He that loveth not is as a wandering bird
Cast out of the nest;
For him the grass faileth
And the stream has a bitter taste.

And if a man say,
I love the Heavenly Father
But hate my brother,
He is a liar:
For he that loveth not his brother
Whom he hath seen,
How can he love the Heavenly Father
Whom he hath not seen?

By this we know the Children of Light:
Those who walk with the Angel of Love,
For they love the Heavenly Father,
And they love their brethren,
And they keep the Holy Law.

Love is stronger
Than the currents of deep waters:
Love is stronger than death.


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