I am going through a storm in my life. I’m struggling with keeping my faith and focusing that in all things God is with me. There is no part of my life that isn’t falling apart, as of tomorrow I will be homeless, broke, and donating the few things I have (and I’m still paying … Continue reading “Faith”


Lord thank you for a new day. Please fill me with joy so my physical and emotional pains will heal. Please keep me sober. I surrender release let go of my broken heart and spirit please mend me. Please help me forgive forget let go erase from my heart mind and soul. Help me with … Continue reading “Strength”

I’m hanging in there

To Bless me to work on loving myself more & getting familiar with the inner me.A healthy/strength full marriage to live love & laugh. I come to you GOD & ask to Bless me with A understanding as well as A Healing mind,soul,heart& protect my family. Yo give me the ability to do all things … Continue reading “I’m hanging in there”

Healing and hope

I need prayers for hope, healing, strength and faith and forgiveness. For 4 years i was in an abusive relationship. I had been isolated, controlled, amd mentally and physically abused. In august of last year after recently fleeing the abusive relationship my ex the abuser followed me and a friend who was helping me move … Continue reading “Healing and hope”

Obedience to Your Word

Heavenly Father, who is the Creator of my being, I lift your name on high because you are God And God alone. Thank you for your wisdom, understand and knowledge, that you for saving me through your Son Jesus Christ. Give me the mind and strength to be who you want me to be in … Continue reading “Obedience to Your Word”


Dear God, Forgive me lord for my sins. I ask for you to give me strength and for you to fortify my mind, body, and spirit. Draw me near to you and help me to not loose sight of the fact that you are always with me. You see my struggles and you know my … Continue reading “Realignment”


I surrender release let go of all my physical and emotional pains please heal me. I surrender release let go of my broken heart and spirit please mend me. I surrender release let go of my housing situation and new landlords that rent doesn’t go up that much my electric needs investigating I feel I’m … Continue reading “Strength”


You know my struggles Lird. We have new owners of the house and the unit we rent tenant at will. Increase in rent is inevitable please let these new owners know me not what they hear from others. Nay I surrender this to you lord you have never let me down you always pull through … Continue reading “Strength”

Peace and Strength

Please pray with me for peace and strength to not quit. My entire being feels weary with so many people needing help these days. Every time the phone rings now, there is a need… not just any need, but many that need a miracle from God. I feel like I am at a lost for … Continue reading “Peace and Strength”


A Prayer for a Breakthrough Father, I ask You for a fresh vision for what breakthrough will look like in my life. Help me to pursue healing while I wait for my miracle. Show me how to rest right in the middle of the storm. Help me to enjoy the feast You prepare for me, … Continue reading “Breakthrough”


Lord I buried my 16 yr old son , 12 years ago😭. I need strength ,endurance,encouragement, healing, faith, perseverance . My mental, emotional, spiritually, I am falling apart. I have accepted Christ in my life @ the age of 13, I had just loss my mother. I just feel like even though I know God … Continue reading “Grief”

Urgent Prayer Request

I want to stop looking at pornographic materials. I want to stop sleeping with prostitutes. how to stop sexual self-gratificating myself. I want to stop hearing voices in my head and I’m being tormented by evil spirts they keep claiming I have spoken blasphemy against The Holy Spirit and I never did. I want The … Continue reading “Urgent Prayer Request”

Steadfastness &Healing

I am standing in the need of prayers for a lot of people including myself. Please pray for those whom have lost loved ones past, present and most recently that GOD will strengthen them, give them HIS PEACE during their time of bereavement to trust in HIM, lean on HIM, and stay close to HIM. … Continue reading “Steadfastness &Healing”

Hope and faith

I am handicap. My daughter , grandson & I have to move by Dec 31st . They would not renew are lease do to the fact they want to remodel and raise the rent by $700. Florida is overwhelm. Nothing available due to covid and hurricane Ian every one is moving north to Sarasota. My … Continue reading “Hope and faith”


Heavenly I pray that You would allow me to find a different employment very soon if You see fit for me. Lord my current employment is full of hatred, envy and spiritual warfare and each day I need strength and wisdom to ignore the foolish behavior and conversation that is directed towards me all because … Continue reading “Employment”

Missing mom

Dear Lord I know I should appreciate the pain I am caring because it can help someone else. However, I feel tired and I need you to carry me for a while. I am sad to lose my mother. I am emotionally and physically tired so much that I feel I am neglecting joys in … Continue reading “Missing mom”

Life or death situation

Body of Christ, I’m currently in a life and death situation that past sins (which I’ve confessed & repented of) have gotten me into. My life is in danger and I need the wisdom, direction, provision, and strength of God right now. I’m not in the best health but I believe God is healing me … Continue reading “Life or death situation”


Roisue fatigue she has finished chemo and radiation and go back to work at Sam’s Club. She is having a tough time with her schedule and cannot afford to lose her job asking for prayer over her job that they will work with her till she gets to feel stronger. Haley strength has she helps … Continue reading “Positivity”


The last three years I’ve been being oppressed by the enemy because of changes in my life that I made to stop with the illegal things I was involved that had worn on me and my marriage and we’ve worked really hard to get closer to the Lord again and to each other again we … Continue reading “Oppression”

Give me strength

I have a broken heart going thru a breakup with an ex (i believed in him again) who is narcissist and I thought he had changed but he had not. I also lost my father, sister, brother and stepmother all within the last 2 yrs. at different times all under the age of 63. Myself … Continue reading “Give me strength”

Help me guide me

Lord I ask for forgiveness of my sins. Please lay your hands upon me and guide me lord. My life is full of struggle and I feel weak I need your guidance. Please lord show me what I need to do in my life bring me closer to you. Each day is full of values … Continue reading “Help me guide me”


I am going through a tough time in my life. My son Gary joined a dangerous street gang and has declared that I am dead for him after telling me to leave my faith. Imagine a son telling his mother that she is dead for him! It is so heart breaking. I am 65 years … Continue reading “Strenght”


lord I want to thank you in advance for sound mind, i thank you for healing my body inside out, I thank you in advance for protecting my incarcerated son and the provision you have for all three of my children. lord i trust you with my finances, dreams and talents, i pray that i … Continue reading “Breakthrough”

Are you listening Lord?

Father please hear my prayer for help. I need you more than ever, my life seems to get harder and harder each and every day. I seem to struggle with every little thing in life even opening my eyes and wanting to get out of bed. I pray my heavenly father that your still in … Continue reading “Are you listening Lord?”


July the 5 th of 2022 I tested positive for Covid . After taking all the vitamins and washing my hands constantly I still got hit . My prayer request is even today I’m still feeling emotional distress and confusion on just how even Christian’s get attacked by such a horrible Chinese virus … As … Continue reading “Recovery”


I would like Prayer for my daughter Krystal she going through some hard times financially and personally she is a single mom of 3 not by choice she doesn’t have the strength and courage to move on from a abusive relationship mentally he is draining her and she doesn’t know her worth anymore self esteem … Continue reading “Encouragement”


After finding out of my husband’s cheating he did some things that no children should see and hear. Now I am facing eviction as single mother of 3. I ask foe your prayers that our Lord Saviour will continue to bless my family and I and show me which way to go. I say continue … Continue reading “Uncertentity/scared”

Guidance & direction

I lost my husband in Sept. 2021 to COVID. It seems that at times I have no direction and the people around me don’t understand why I feel the way I do. I have lost almost everything me & my husband built together and the biggest part was because of my daughter. I lived with … Continue reading “Guidance & direction”

Pray and fasting prayer

Oh dear father who lives in heaven, May your name be glorified by your people whom you created on Earth as to serve you the living God. I do surrender and dedicate my life to you through my saviour Jesus Christ. This is the middle part of the year may you bless the little fruit … Continue reading “Pray and fasting prayer”


I have a codependent relationship with my adult single son. He is in legal trouble, waiting for a hearing in his case. There is a possibility he could go to prison. I am having anxiety about this possibility, and with the things he shares with me about his struggles. When he was arrested, he turned … Continue reading “codependency”