Prayers for an alcoholic husband

(Oak Hill)

Dear Lord please help my husband overcome his hard ships and let him be free of his burdens that follow him. I pray that you guide him in the right direction and help him be a better husband and father.

I pray Lord, that you help him have more patience and lead him from his binge drinking into a life closer to you. I pray Lord you keep our family together but only if its in our best interest. Lord in your name I pray! Amen!

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  1. Stronghold

    Father God,

    I come humbly to you as your beloved daughter. I come to you on behalf of my husband and everyone else that is in a battle with the stronghold of alcohol. I bind every demonic thought, taste, feeling that breeds in alcohol and send them back to the pits of hell where they belong. Your word says what ever is bound on earth will be lossed in heaven. Take away the taste, take away the desire and give my husband the desire to serve you. All these things, I ask in your darling son Jesus name, and it is through His precious Blood, that I pray. Amen and amen

  2. Trust in GOD'S Love for you💗

    Don’t stop praying and trusting God. I know what all of you are going through because I am going through the same thing. Alcohol has taking a lot from me but it can’t take God’s Love for me away. Alcohol is just one of the ways that the devil in hell uses to destroy families. Don’t let him win. Pray for your loved ones who are in bondage to alcohol don’t focus on the problem. Focus on God he is the only one that can give you your husband back .Remember it is not your husband being cruel to you it’s that devil .Don’t hate your husband hate that devil in hell .you’re husband is weak so you need to be strong and you can get that strength from GOD.You can’t fight this let GOD fight for you all you need to do is believe and keep praying . Ask GOD to give you strength, patience,comfort and peace what ever you do don’t stop trusting in GOD and his word (Be strong and courageous .Do not be afraid or terrified because of them,for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you”. Deuteronomy 31:6

  3. Please! Please! Please!

    Dear heavenly father,
    You are my Lord, my savior, my creator and my protector.
    Please help my beloved husband who is alcoholic. It’s over a year that he drinks every day. I have 2 daughters who are entering into teenagers. They love him so much and he loves them too when he’s not drunk. I don’t want my 2 grown up daughters to be embarrassed and depressed as their father is a drunker.
    Please forgive my sins against you and against my husband too as I sometime behave bad things when he’s drunk.
    Please take a way evil from my husband and fill him with your Holy Spirit, Please touch his heart and let him realize that his body is a temple of GOD.
    Please help him stop drinking alcohol as he is also want to quit but he’s not able. Get him closer to you and help him stop with your strength and guidance.
    Thank you Lord for listening my prayer. In the name of Jesus Christ our savoir I pray. A men

  4. 😟

    I know the pain. I kicked him out and still worry day in and out. Lord heal him and these many husbands that we lift up to you today

  5. alcohol, the demon

    Please help my husband. Was such a kind, loving person and the demon of Alcohol has taken over. Although he is home, although we do to social events, they are limited and I always feel alone. My heart is with the sober person he can be yet such hatred fills my heart when he has been drinking. I feel that I should just give up and walk away as I give 110%but that’s not good enough. . My heart holds on but my physical health has met the limits. It was 18 yrs ago, I fell in love and married my friend, a true love and now am tied to a demon. God please guide my husband toward your light, away from the demons that control him, producing anger, foul language and hurtful action
    s. Please, I prayer you give me strength to overcome the blame he places on me.

  6. Standing in the Gap

    As I have just prayed the prayer for àn Alcoholic Husband and I have just read through some of the comments and prayer request, my heart goes out to all of you. As see parts of life in each of your stories.

    My husband and I have been married just shy of 4 years and I am in such a bad place right now, torn between leaving and staying, believing God is able and that with God all things are possible as I plead the blood of Jesus over my husband, my marriage and our home.

    Lord I ask you today for total and complete submission unto You and Your Will. Total and complete deliverance from the addiction of alcoholism for Robert and the other husbands mentioned here. Lord turn our husbands from alcohol to you, loose the grip that Satan has on them- the devil is a LIAR!!! I cancel out any plans of attack the enemy may have, for what he meant for harm Jesus you use it for Your good.

    Now Lord bless my home and my marriage and all the other marriages represented here , in Jesus Name, AMEN!!!

  7. hateful husband when drinking

    Dear God please help my husband we have been married for 32 years we have two grown children. The last 5 years have been hell on earth for our family. He drinks every day and it is whiskey. I just started back to church a few mouths ago and he is really mean to me calling me all kind of hateful names and a holly roller. The names i am called are so bad and hurtful i have taped him in some of his drunken rages and let him hear it and he just laughes and says don’t piss me off. Please heavenly father i plead the blood of Jesus over him and our family. Dear Father in heaven I beg you to please guide us and help break him so that he knows you and will walk with me in your name Jesus!! I know he believes in our God but he has let Satan rule him and his drinking. Please God I beg you for guideness. I love you in Jesus name I ask for your help please dear God. heart broken and alone.

  8. hateful husband when drinking

    Dear God please help my husband we have been married for 32 years we have two grown children. The last 5 years have been hell on earth for our family. He drinks every day and it is whiskey. I just started back to church a few mouths ago and he is really mean to me calling me all kind of hateful names and a holly roller. The names i am called are so bad and hurtful i have taped him in some of his drunken rages and let him hear it and he just laughes and says don’t piss me off. Please heavenly father i plead the blood of Jesus over him and our family. Dear Father in heaven I beg you to please guide us and help break him so that he knows you and will walk with me in your name Jesus!! I know he believes in our God but he has let Satan rule him and his drinking. Please God I beg you for guideness. I love you in Jesus name I ask for your help please dear God. heart broken and alone.

  9. Pray for my husband

    Dear lord i pray for my husband john floresca pls. Help him withdraw and avoid drinking habits, i know nohing is impossibke to you and you will do everything for him to acoid this alcohol which s not good for his health..lord i believe and knew he is a responsible father when comes to needs of my family preparing food and clean up of our home.but pls. Help he overcpme the temptation of drinking in jesus name i pray amen!

  10. he needs help

    Dear Lord,

    Please help my husband with his alcoholism. help him to see that this is a disease and he needs to be cured. please open his eyes to the destruction that this has caused to our family. Lord, touch his life, show yourself to him. Dear God, please give us healing. Help me to deal better with the emotions that i have wrapped around this issue. Please place your mighty hand over him and allow him to say no to the devil. Please help me in my walk with you so that i may be an example of your love for him. God, i’m begging you for a miracle. Please change my husband. Make him want to be a better husband and father. Touch his heart and his mind, guide him to you and the life you want for us.


  11. My alcholic husband

    Please lord hear my prayer I have been with my husband for 14 years we have two amazing children that are terribly affected by us arguing over his drinking! I cannot watch him kill himself slowly he has had seizures and has had wake up calls to what alcohol is doing to our family! I love him with all my heart and am feeling really alone please God I know for you nothing is impossible please God go to him body and soul please take this addiction away from him and the embarrassment away from our family! I believe in you and love you I am at your feet weeping daily please grant us this miracle of sobriety! ! Amen


    Dear God.Come and aid me in my distress am in fear of the past health conditions that my husband suffered all due to the intake of alcohol.
    This has drained our finances lord debts east right and centre despite all this he hasnt stoped drinkig. lord he has the desire to quit but not able.
    Jesus only you and you alone is able to deliver my husband from this. i feel so alone and desparate not even knowing what to tell our children .Daddy come through for us in jesus name. Nothing is too hard for youand no weapon fashioned against my husband will prosper. AMEN

  13. A prayer for my husband

    I’m in the same boat my husband drinks daily, and refuse to believe he has a problem. He have a heart condition but, that haven’t stop him from drinking. I have made up my mind to leave him. I do pray daily for him, that he cry out to God from depths of his sou and asks for deliverance from this strong hold. He is a good man, he’s an alcoholic too. All we can do is pray and trust that our Heavenly Father to hear our cries.

  14. Abusive husband

    Pls pray for my husband to stop drinking alcohol and abusing me physically and mentally. He has been doing this for more than 10 years now. …May almighty this is the time for him to stop this aggressive behavior to me and my family. ..please prayer for his soul to attack the evil spirit and bring closer to loving Jesus. …Because of his bad behavior many innocent people are living in tears.My dear Jesus, my father, my saviour I trust in you. You are my life. Play the game until we reach in your home .Praise the Lord. Hallelujah Hallelujah. ……………

  15. Help

    Lord give me strength to deal with my husband and his drinking problem. He does not realize he is a alcoholic. He steals money from me and my kids to get it. It is getting worse on daily basis. Lord please help me. I don’t want to leave my husband but I feel that is the only he is going to change.

  16. Release him from his Anger

    I could have written all of these almost.
    Lord, Please be with my husband… show him, You are so much better than anything. Draw him to yourself so he doesn’t desire to drink. I know you are capable of healing him. I ask that you do a miracle Lord. Touch his heart, mind and body. I don’t want my children to grow up and know a father as a drunk. My heart breaks for him Lord. Show him the error of his ways. May he desire to walk closely with you. Give him a heart of humility and compassion. Break him Lord.

  17. Prayer for Alcholic Husband and Father

    Please God help my husband overcome his desire for alcohol. Please send your holy spirit and open his eyes to your glory. He is not a Christian and I pray he is saved and that by your grace and power, you help him overcome this disease. He has been drinking daily for many years, but only in the last year and a half has his drinking become a problem not only at home but at work also. He has not been working much and this is now creating financial difficulty. I pray for healing for me as well as this is very difficult for our marriage and I am having a lot of anger, resentment, bitterness and even hatred. Help me realize dear God that his alcoholism is a disease and he is not doing it deliberately to hurt me or the kids. Please give me and him strength to work through this difficult time. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  18. Heavenly Father I know your powers please heal my husband from this alcoholic demon

    Dear Jesus
    You said in your word that all things are possible and nothing is impossible for those that believe. Therefore I come boldly to the throne of grave trusting you than you will deliver my husband on this day from drinking. I have seen you preform so many miracles and I know that your words is true so I am asking you Jesus to deliver him and set him free. I pray for all of throughout this land that you will do what you said and heal the land.

  19. Nothing is impossible with God!

    Jehovah God I come before you with a heavy heart. Your word says our bodies are your temple. I pray that my husbands body will be filled with the holy spirit and not alcohol. You said whatever you ask that you shall receive. Deliver my husband from drinking and deliver us from the shame that alcohol brings. Your ear isn’t dull to hear nor your hand too short to save. Help your children father! Thank you for answering our prayers!

  20. prayer

    Dearest Jesus, my darling husbsnd is sick. Deliver him of his craving. Deliver him of his lack of love for himself and others. Give him your peace and carry him on to a life with you in love. I love my husband and he is ill. His illness is a problem i cannot bear without your love and help. Protect him from the forces that seek to destroy us and grant us the grace of a life free from addiction. My Lord and King. I thank you!

  21. So Fed Up...Trying To Trust God In This Situation

    For the last 11 years, I have dealt with an alcoholic husband. He was an alcoholic while I was dating him, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that he still is. He was drunk at our wedding, and I married him anyway. I keep asking God to deliver him, to take the taste from his mouth, to guard his heart and mind…I believe God hears my prayers but husband still drinks. He drinks until he gets drunk. He gets mean and ugly when he is drunk. He as thrown things at and on me. He has hit me and my daughter (not his) with pillows. My daughter is afraid to stay home alone with him. She is even willing to transfer high schools so she can avoid it. I so want out this marriage. He always feels sorry when he sobers up, but he can’t stop. He has had a DUI and lost his license for over a year. He had to have a machine put on his car that required him to breath in it before he could start his car. Not long after he got it off, he went back to his old ways…drinking and picking on my daughter while he’s drunk. What am I to do? I trust God, but how long do I put with this behavior?

  22. dont know what to do

    Dear Lord,
    I’ve only been back in church for a while now and am so scared god will punish me if I continue to live in the home where alcohol is presented in front of my two young kids by their father. He drinks in front of them…part of me feels I should stay and pray and another part says leave ….run…..don’t hang around something or someone that hinders my walk with you lord…I beg you dear sweet Jesus for a message a sign…I want to be obedient to the lord,,,,If staying and showing my husband the changes you have made in me alone will make him long to serve u then that’s what ill do….oh father god I need answers! 20 years and 2 beautiful young men….I love my husband … hurt

  23. Hopeless

    Please lord…hear my prayer. Please help my husband realize his drinking has ruined our family. You have blessed us with amazing children and he is putting his addiction before them. Help him realize he has a problem that he needs to control. I don’t want want our children thinking his behavior is appropriate. Please help all wives and mothers who live with alcoholics. In Jesus name I pray.

  24. Hopeless

    Please lord…hear my prayer. Please help my husband realize his drinking has ruined our family. You have blessed us with amazing children and he is putting his addiction before them. Help him realize he has a problem that he needs to control. I don’t want want our children thinking his behavior is appropriate. Please help all wives and mothers who live with alcoholics. In Jesus name I pray.

  25. coming to the end

    Please pray for my alcoholic husband sobriety . I just can’t keep watching him go down hill. He needs healing and do do l

  26. I will pray for you

    I am going though the same, I will pray for you. May God touch his heart and should. God bless

  27. Husband who drinks beer everyday

    Dear Lord,
    Please lead my husband into a non alcohol life again. He drinks everyday for years now. He does not know how to stop. We are together for 20 years with two boys. They see the way their father acts towards me his wife and them his kids. The kids are older now and get embarrassed by his words and actions. Help heal him from destroying our marriage again and his life. We, the boys and I want him as a family man again, a loving husband and loving father. Please LORD guide him towards you help him everyday. Take him away from being committing infidelity, mistrust, anger and sometime cruel towards me in his words. Restore our marriage, it cause us to divorce but he came back home to me again and the boys. Let us Remarry and be a happy family.

  28. Exhausted

    I’m stuck. I feel embarrassed even to ask God to help me. I haven’t prayed as I should and kind of got lazy at it because I feel emotionally exhausted. I’ve cried out many times to both God and my husband. I know the God we serve is the God of mercy and I know he can break these chains of bondage. My husband has said these words as well but he still doesn’t give up drinking. We’ve been married going on 22 years and have 4 beautiful children. I’ve left as his addiction has become too much for our family and feel guilt for doing so because he (the real sober him) is a beautiful person but the last 3 years that person has disappeared and we miss him desperately.
    Father God…I want my husband back and my children want their father. Forgive me for the anger I hold towards him. I pray you guide and lead us all where your will for us may be. Heal us in your precious name Jesus. Please Father…help us turn from our sins and break the chains of alcoholism for all of these families! Your will be done and not that of our own. In Jesus holy and mighty name. Amen and amen.

  29. Crying out for help

    Dear Lord,

    I beg and pray for my fiancé Derek. He is addicted to alcohol and knows he has a problem but cannot quit on his own. Please wash over him with the blood of Jesus and wrap your arms around Loving Father and give him the strength to quit. Please let him feel your love and undeserving grace and turn back to you. Help him fight his demons and get the much needed help he needs. This drinking is destroying not only him but me. I cannot take the mental abuse anymore and I need the strength to get through this trailing period. We have a beautiful, innocent baby boy who does not deserve to live through this turmoil. Dear Lord, please help him get sober so he can be the loving man and father we need. He is loving, kind, caring , funny, hard working when he is sober. I am fighting for him to get his life back from the devil.

    Dear Lord, I put it all in your hands and trust that You will do what is right for my family. We give you all the thanks, glory and love. I know in your name and in Jesus’ blood What is meant to be will be. Give me the courage to get through this and do what is right for my family.

  30. My loving morning Husband and hurtful drunk in the evenings?

    Lord I come to you again with tears and fear for my daughter. She just admitted how much anxiety she gets when she has company and her Dad is drunk. I feel like I’m failing her because I am hopeful that you my dear Lord will heal what needs healing in all of us inside and out. I’m afraid of losing my daughter like my son, who refuses to come around because of his fathers behaviour when drunk. Sometime I wonder if i am praying wrong or your not hearing me. You an awesome God in supplying our needs, we all are blessed with good jobs, health. I feed myself daily with scripture, christain radio, worship on Tv . I pray more for my husband then my children. I ask you Jesus to take the wheel with my husband because I’m worn I pray you send the angels heal what has him struggling, I pray you give him strength and comfort and free from worry.I pray for his insecurities. Lord I pray that he loves you and grows closer to you so he can stop blocking our blessings. I pray he can stop drinking and smoking for our health. Why can’t he love us enough to stop lord. I’m begging for a miracle dear Lord. I feel I only can count on you Lord. You say you give us more than we can handle so we will seek you. Lord I am seeking you lord in the name of Jesus. Please

  31. Feeling Hopeless

    Dear Heavenly Father

    Please help my husband, he drinks everyday and thinks he is okay to drive. Getting a DUI taught him nothing. We argue every time he drinks. I am ready to kick him out of our home and out of my life. It feels hopeless. Please Dear God only you can save him and make him whole again. He is a good person, but subcomes to evil thoughts when he drinks and this makes life unbearable. I will pray for your grace in Jesus’ name. Amen

  32. Get help if YOU or your CHILDREN are being abused

    I read the comments here and although My heart breaks for all the women suffering from their alcoholic husbands because I too suffer this I just want to say please the women who are suffering violence from their partners or even worse their children please get help call a women abuse help line or the police . This will only get worse. He can seriously hurt you and your kids and God forbid even kill you . This is not Gods plan for you. He created you to love and be loved not abused. Please get help. God will guide you but you need to get out of the violent relationship first .

  33. Pray my husband comes home

    Please pray for my husband. February 8th I filed for divorce because things had gotton so bad at home. He moved out and now won’t come back. I stopped the divorce now I know it was a rash choice made out of the stress of what was going on with him because of the drinking. I love my husband. We have 5 children three or still on the home. We have been married for 24 years, We all miss him but now he is angry at me and wants to divorce me. It was only the coming home from work drunk, and the anger, and not showing up, lies that I was mad at. My kids were hearing us fight and him cuss at me.
    He used to go to church with us but now he won’t. I pray for him to be saved and know I love him. He is drinking at night now only sees the kids a couple times a week. I feel bad that I did this I love him. Please pray that he will come home and forgive me and know I only did the divorce to stop the anger and fighting. I think about who he was when we were first married. I know that person is still there inside him, just the alcohol has drowned him out. Jesus please save and deliver my husband from alcohol and bad influences that tell him he should drink. Please surround him with Christian men that tell him that Jesus loves him and he should go home love his wife and kids.
    I want our family back. Thank you for your prayers

  34. Prayer for my fiance

    Father God in Jesus name I lift up my fiance before you who is not an alcoholic, I will never speak that curse over him, but who is in bondage to a driving demon who is focused to rob him of his life and ministry.
    He opened the door and the driving spirit came back and it has been hard for him to pull away but Lord you can give him supernatural strength to not only pull back but to burn to the ground this false reality where he goes when he is 100% drunk and just sleeps.
    We know our spirit is always awake and You God can meet him there and speak to him and show him what is there to do.
    We are called to break this addiction off people and the devil is scared of us coming together but Lord you can make all things possible.
    He is not an alcoholic, he is a son of the only and mighty God who saves and has the ultimate power to change lives.
    I pray and declare not only on his behalf but on behalf of all the ladies here praying for their significant other, that the Lord is sending angels right now to create new brains that function properly in Jesus name.
    I declare full restoration for everything stolen

  35. Prayers for Release of Bondage with Alcohol

    I googled “prayer for husband that drinks”and came across this site. WOW, I thought I was alone. After reading through some of these prayers, it has been laid on my heart to say a prayer for each and everyone that has posted on this site. My prayer this morning is to release the bondage from the dependency of alcohol for your loved one, whether it be husband, wife, friend, foe, or even yourself. Alcoholism is so very destructive to families. I have witnessed this with my own family, and unfortunately am enduring this now with my husband, repeating yet another cycle. I pray that God, in Jesus name, heal the dependency for alcohol, and help myself and my family cope with the resentment and anger that is in my heart. I want to give up and let go, yet, some how I come back to him in hopes that God’s will takes over and heals our family from within. I say this prayer in Jesus name, we rebuke the over indulgence of alcohol, and the physical and emotional ties it causes. We ask that Jesus come in to our hearts and help heal this addiction. We ask that God’s will for each and every person struggling with alcohol in some form or another be freed from this bondage. In Jesus name we ask, Amen.

  36. Prayers for my husband to put me first.

    I have been married to my husband for 19 years. We have had our ups and downs for sure but he used to always tell me when we were in our most rouge times” at least he doesn’t drink and stay out like his dad used to”. This held true until a little over a year ago when he got a different job. Most of the people he works with are alcoholics and a handful of them are cheaters also( as far as I know he hasn’t done that yet). He started by going out with the guys once in awhile or having me go with him out. I would drive him home because he was way too drunk to drive. He got this friend that was going through a divorce and was very clingy- He started going over to his house every weekend. Literally every one Friday, Saturday and sometimes even on Sunday. He used to take me with him at least one of those days. I thought it was bad when he had me go with him on my birthday instead of spending time with me but now it’s so much worse. He goes out every weekend and lately if his friend gets tired he has been going to the bar. He’s been staying the night at his friends and today was his birthday. I always try to make the day special for him, rub his feet, make him a cake, a meal ect. and spent time together. He invited his parents over and for the first time ever he left the house on his birthday, didn’t even thank me for the meal and left WHILE his parents were still here. I am lost. The hurt I saw in his mom’s eyes I can’t take.

    Please help my husband and anybody else’s husband whose putting alcohol before their marriage, family and home life. Please help the spouses to deal and help me to deal. We are all lost but the ones that are putting alcohol before their family need help even more. Help us learn the right way to help if it’s in your will and Help us to do it the way you would want. Also, help us to know how to handle the situation without dragging others down( I feel like lately all I do when I talk to my close friends is complain or vent) but also help us find others that can relate or have overcome the situation.
    We ask this in Jesus name,

  37. How much longer can I trust when I feel my prayers are ignored?

    Dear God,

    I am feeling incredible anger right now. While I still believe in you, I am also angry with you! I pray, I hope, and I put the already-fragile trust out there, only to have it shattered by his relapses. I am just lost and need direction. Do I stay or go?

  38. It’s in the Lord hands.

    I’m so tired of my alcoholic husband. When he’s not drinking he is the kindest person l know. He has lost a great job, drivers license, and the children don’t respect him anymore. I truly honor my vows, and I’m praying daily for the Lord to deliver, heal, and set free. Lately l feel like l just want to run from him. He’s in denial and all he does is talk about the past when he feel is was doing well. I know all things are possible if l believe, however he has to want deliverance as well.❤️🤷🏿‍♀️

  39. Our husbands are not the enemy

    I too battle a husband who drinks, I refuse to put the word curses Alcoholic upon him. He is not the enemy. I amwaging a spiritual battle for my marriage, my home, my territory and my husband and his soul, Devil you are a defeated foe, God’s word says that He will save my family and so shall it be. Forgive us Father for the anger, resentment, bitterness and doubt that attaches to a very real evil spirits that seeks to steal, kill and destroy families and homes. I take my stance and fight the Good fight no matter what I see, no matter what I hear out of my husband’s mouth. I am a redeemed daughter of the King, I will not give up praying and believing that You are mighty to save. No more negative words will enter my heart and come out of my mouth when my husband Yanks my chain so to speak, I choose life, I choose to believe Your report o Lord. I choose to believe the plans You have for me, plans to do us good and not to harm us, to give us a future and an abundant Life, Satan you are commanded to release every husband here, the seducing and lying spirits be broken and removed off of theirs ears and eyes, Father give them a heart of flesh and visit them in the times they sleep, give them no rest from the Holy Spirit that You send to convict them and bind up the hearts of every wife, fiance and child in every one of these homes.I speak life over the dried bones and you to line up to the Word of God and everything that exalt itself be cast down. I choose to praise You, trust You in my waiting times. You hear us when we call and You cannot lie. You are a Good Father. Holy spirit walk in our homes and I command peace and Joy in my mind, my home and I will remember You love him more than I and You are the God of the impossible. Thank you Father for your mercy and Grace, In Jesus I pray and Amen. Ladies take up your weapons and fight, praise God when when you don’t feel like it, I now pray in the spirit when evil words and accusations are thrown at me during times of bouts of drinking.Father remove the root of this ugly demon. For ladies hurting ppl hurt ppl close to them.Our men have root causes for this affliction and they seek to rid the pain by numbing their hearts and minds but God is Greater, ask Him for a battle plan and do not fight this battle alone, seek wise council and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you to War and gives your hands to battle.

  40. Gratitude

    FATHER GOD, thank you for the support of all these hurting women. You all have given me the courage to give my thoughts to Jesus to heal not only my alcoholic husband for 33 yrs., but to also heal my broken heart of all the resentments that I’ve held all these years. Please heal all our minds, bodies & souls of the bitter hatred we all have for our lives & help us find your mercy while we wait for your healing graces upon us all.

  41. Crazy drunk

    Dears sisters in Christ, I declare that the devil has no power and authority over God’s children. We have the power to command our souls to not allow any plans of the enemy to enter into our homes. When my husband acts like a crazy drunk, I speak the Word of God to him and over us. I give God thanks that I love Him than I love anyone else. God wants to come first!

  42. Grateful for the reminder to hold onto God

    I met 2019 with an explosive, out of nowhere, fight with my husband while on a family vacation. It was no surprise. I knew to expect it before we left on our trip and it happened right on time. I’m no psychic. 😉 I’ve just lived a very specific pattern for a some time now and know what to expect.

    I love a wonderful man. He is kind, moral, just, God fearing, patient. But I often fear that I’ve lost that man and now have to contend with this abusive, emotionally unstable, drunk replacement.

    I, a generally joyous and very grateful person, have found myself using the word hate excessively lately, and it worries me greatly that my heart has become dark enough for such words and feelings.

    Tonight, my husbands drinking problem exposed itself to my family and to his. I stand humiliated and ashamed. And, angry. But amidst all of this, I find gratitude creeping its way in. After a 2 hour pow wow with some key family members in the middle of the night, I cant help but look at my situation with honesty. Some much needed reminders that I need to turn to God encouraged me to go pray rather than watch TV until I can fall asleep. But my prayer came with great difficulty.

    I felt compelled to go online to search for prayers to help guide me, and I found this. And as I read through all of your prayers, my heart pours over for all that you ladies are going through. I’m encouraged by all of your dedication and feel a bit of hope I havent felt in quite some time.

    Lord, I pray for healing and restoration in all of the families represented here. I come to you humbly on behalf of my husband and all of the husbands mentioned within this thread. Father, you are Alpha and Omega. You, God, are mighty and worthy of all worship. I pray that you guide the heart of every wife here; guide our hearts to you and do not allow bitterness to take root in our hearts. Please help our husbands to get free from the chains of addiction and to turn to a life that pleases you. I thank you for all of the ways you are moving in our lives and ask that keep us near, our hearts soft, and ears finely tuned to your whisper. In Jesus’ holy and precious name, AMEN!

    Ladies, thank you for sharing your stories and your prayers and providing a space that has reminded me of the truth I so desperately need in my life.

    I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. We believe in a God who can do the impossible, who has no limits, and who is Good! Let us continue to turn to him when our unions are attacked. Satan has already been defeated.

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