Prayer to get out of hospital


O Gracious Lord Savior! You know the basic obstacle of my life from becoming the person I should be. I am not living the real life.Lord you know I am in the hospital lying on the bed alone with your protection only in abroad, Lord, show mercy on me, My Lord I have nothing to do except crying, raising my head and hand to ward you.Some times, I feel like am totally lost, Even though I know prayer is good and supportive to get connected with you, I am not feeling well the way my mind is thinking.

I dont know,I feel like I hate to live, i feel like i am pessimistic opposite to the things I tell to empower my self, i dont know, i become two persons,who is deciding what, I dont know, I am confused.

I believe in the triangular power of faith,love and hope.

Lord, please teach me the right things i have to do. Teach me how i have to be successful in public relationship. Please eradicate from me the worest thing I hate in my life ” fear”. It is really destructive and pulls me back from growing up.

Help me to be bold that faces his fear bravely and act to show meaningful change in my life and in the life of who are entrusted on me. I know you are the source of all graces. Lord please kill the fear from my life. It is a gate to evil and self decepton.

To be an honest person that dedicates his time for a true goal with no any sense of fear or stress or shy but all for the good sake. Let my heart be soft that feels easily the pain and suffering of others sothat it can do what it can help.

Lord help me to understand the true meaning of God and Bible.

Lord May you take care my wife, my children, brothers, sisters, and My dear father who are at home.
Lord May You give etrnal peace and rest in your Holy Kingdom to my beloved mother who has left this world. Praise be to your Name and Kingdom for ever and ever. Amen.

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