I’m lost lord an really need ur Guidance

by Kimberley ()

Lord, forgive me for missing all the signs. But now I’m so lost from missing all those signs. And I really need your help.
I’ve been running from this evil for so long an even lost my self as well as I lost every one that I ever love. I even move state to state by myself with nothing no job no money no car or Transportation been homeless for almost 2 years now. but you always made a way for me . God put me back on the rite path . I was just starting to get my life back together. In order again, had a job friends, a place to live. Everything started to look good again. And I started to be happy well. Evil found me again and took it all away. God i’m tired of running i’m mentally and emotionally drained trying to fight this Spiritual warfare Battle . I’m sorry, I’m missing the bigger picture here.
And where I should be in life. God, you know where my heart is, you know what? I really want in this life. God, I am surrounded by evil every day an i question everyone that comes in my life now as well. God, if they don’t stand besides you and defend you it’s you? I don’t want to be my wife. I don’t want to be nowhere near them, evil people.
But they’re getting better and better with disguising there self. Lord, I know I’m not supposed to understand everything. And you’re plan in life, for me an my love ones but with me. Not understanding about the whole world is in on this. And makes feel like I’m crazy. Truly taking a toll on me mentally. Lord Give me your guidance and your strength and your patience. Amem

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