Dear Lord Walk With Me Today

by Nashell (Indiana)

Dear Lord walk with me today. Show me the right way to freedom and love. Shine your almighty courage and strength into me. Bless me, my family and my friends. Guide me through my hardships so that I may succeed in everlasting happiness.

I trust in you Lord. I fine peace in Praying to you Lord. I love you. Thank you for listening. Amen.

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  1. Please forgive me

    Dear Father, I have been a fool with the many blessings you have sent me. Please forgive me Lord. Please walk beside me and guide me and strengthen me as I walk the path ahead. I trust in your word. In Jesus’s name, amen. Dear Lord, please help all the people that need you so much, like the people that write and pray to you here. Give them your blessed peace. In our savior’s name, Amen.

  2. Walk beside me

    Dear God,
    Please walk beside me for the next week and help me to feel better soon.

  3. Give me strength

    Dear God,

    Give me strength today on Good Friday. I am having so much stress with my job. I need the glory of God to shine upon me. I believe so much in you as you did die for our sins. I need prayers especially today. Please shine your light on me. Take this pain and self suffering I am going through away. Please please I ask for your blessed help.


  4. help me and give me guidance

    Dear god

    please help me at this difficult time at work. I have done nothing wrong. I am a good person and spend my life helping others. Please help me stay strong and get through this. My work is my life it is who I am. I help the sick and dying and have always worked hard. Please have pity on my boss who’s abusing her position at work because of jealousy. I will keep the faith. Please answer my prayersxx

  5. Please help me to be the strongest I have ever been

    Diagnosed with breast cancer…5 small children. My heart aches for them. I want to be here for them, please god help us

  6. things happen to lead you to your future

    Lives crossed path’s and then they can go there separate ways, you are on a journey, everything happens for a reason everything has a purpose for happening. You thought you are happy with your husband, but he is not the one for you, you will find someone new, they will bring you happiness and joy to your life, do not fear. I would like for you to face some personal fears, if you’re afraid of heights do a bungee jump or skydive. Conquering fears will give you confidence, with confidence comes fun and laughter, once you see the fun side of life, how to truly live life, The one that is meant for you, who will enter your life, you will be happy once again, do you not fear, anxiety is a form of fear, let it go, let confidence grow. You need confidence in order to have fun so just have fun. Trust and believe in the words that I have said, go with it, and you will be more than surprised. I wish you well know go and live life. 😃

  7. My son

    Dear God,
    I know everything happens for a reason but it is so hard to
    understand. My son is so smart but I fear he is mentally ill.
    He does things without thinking of the future repercussions of his actions. He isolated himself from his friends, quit his job, got arrested for DUI and moved in with us because he has no income. We are always there to help him but he has to
    be able to care for himself. We won’t always be there for him and
    financially we can’t afford to keep doing this. He is a grown man, well educated, and hasn’t a person in the world other than us.
    I am afraid for him. I am afraid for us. And he won’t admit that he needs help. I don’t know what to do. Dear God, please help us.

  8. Please help

    DEAR God Holy Father. Help our son. Help him today. He must move on with his li

  9. bless me fada

    Dear Lord help me deal with my new work pressures and help me over this me be the best in what i do.please help me grow endurance and perseverance.i need your hand.i need you to walk with i feel weak and intimidated by all the bad comment,prove them wrong.prove the imbeciles of this world that wisdom and been good comes from you father not our own knowledge. and let me rise above because as i know your mercy.i leave your mercy i eat ur favour.bless mia-jah everyday Amen

  10. Prayer

    Dear Lord, please help me with my loneliness as I go through divorce. Please show me the way to a life full of laughter, friends, family and help me reach out to people. Dear Lord I know you are always there for me and I give you all my anxiety and fear.

  11. Bladder Cancer

    Dear God,

    Please, please cure my husband’s bladder cancer. It’s come back five times and we’re both exhausted and scared. He is my love, part of me for 44 years. I don’t know what else to do, doctors come up with this and that and he will not live a life without quality, that I know! I ask you everyday, are you there?? He’s a good man. Maybe I’m being selfish, for others have gone through a physical hell also and I’m so very sorry for them too. He’s my Puddin’. I don’t know what else to say.

  12. god

    dear god, please help me to forget about to my father,because his see inside other parts of his body.

  13. please send me and my family an angle

    Dear Lord Jesus all I ask of you is to please answer my prayer, send us one of your angel to help us through this difficult times . Dear Lord bless my husband and me so I can bless others . Please Jesus I need financial help now so I don’t have to walk away and split up my family my child needs me . Help me to continue living as I am so depressed . Jesus I trust in you we are your children and I know you will provide for us. Come into our body and home and heal up rewardingly . Amen . my husband has land for sale guide someone to see that land and purchase and that will help us in Jesus name Amen. Thank you or dear Lord

  14. HELP US

    Dear Lord, i really need your help. the future looks bleak to me. my mother is blind and yet life is just starting for me. a feel terrible! please heal her. am 26, no job no hubby. Ive been hurt countless times. daddy, i need a good husband,tall handsome,focused, God fearing, very loving and romantic and committed. as well as for my siblings. Daddy,Ive run out of strength. please heal my bros marriage,heal my mum,open her eyes. heal my siblings as well,myself as well as Angie. daddy give me a job at uvri. ill be very grateful. daddy open financial doors for my family i pray,we’ve struggled enough!bless us all. break every chain of addiction to alcoholism and sexual immorality in my clans. set your children free dear Lord. do it quickly please,am barely holding on. otw thanks for keeping us thus far. i love u. yours always. Bexxy.

  15. Help my family

    Dear Lord,
    Please help us today and tomorrow
    My brother in law is being placed in a special care unit for ALS complications
    My sister is beginning a out patient detox center
    My brother has liver cancer
    Fear has robbed us of your peace. Please give us your peace


  16. Help Me

    Dear God,
    Please help me. I am going through a really tough time right now, and I just need to make it through this week. Please help me, Lord.

  17. I'm at risk of loosing my job.

    Please Lord help me, I may loose my job. If I do loose my job Lord please allow me to find a new job quickly. If I can’t find one quickly please allow me to get unemployment until I find a new job. I have worked at this job for 14yrs. Please help me. In Jesus name I pray.

  18. I'm at risk of loosing my job.

    Please Lord help me, I may loose my job. If I do loose my job Lord please allow me to find a new job quickly. If I can’t find one quickly please allow me to get unemployment until I find a new job. I have worked at this job for 14yrs. Please help me. In Jesus name I pray.

  19. Praying for Love

    Dear most righteous and eternal Father,

    I want to give you thanks for life. Father, I thank you for my family and my friends. I pray that you will continue to bless them and keep them. Dear Father, I put my life before you seeking your guidance as a young woman who seeks love and affection. Someone who will love and appreciate me with all my imperfections. Oh Father, I know no one is perfect, but we can learn to love and appreciate each other for who we are. Father, I pray that I will one day meet the person you want me to marry dear father. Someone to build a family with where we can dedicate our family to you. Father, I have been hurt many times and I really don’t want to experience such pain and hurt again so I place this situation in your hands. In the name of your son Jesus Christ I pray.


  20. Give me streight

    Dear lord here my crie for peace and strenght, give me blessing that i,ve been asking for. Lord here my crie for help. I. Been in a your way of thinking and try doing as you ask me to help withw family. But i,ve done so much for them. That when i ask for help no one is there for me. so lord what i suppose to do. Keep giving and not receive. I know that i can,t keeping doing things for them. I,m just asking father to help me. I need your hand place on me and give the streight to carry on. Amen

  21. crying out for HELP

    lord help me thx for the sign your the best i hate that it happen. plz help me to forgive & forget thx my lord.


    Lord watch over my family and me.BLESS us.Bless me with a good job that i will kept a long time.bless my relationship.

  23. Help Me Dear Heavenly Father

    Dear God, please help me, give me the strength,the courage, and the determination to change my ways, to stay in this school, that is all i ask of you, please Heavenly Father. I say these things in the name of jesus christ, amen.

  24. Help me Lord

    Dear Father, help me.. reveal the life you wish me to live .. help me to love when I feel rejected. Restore my depleted soul… give me the energy I had to make a life.. send me a friend/lover / a community that I can live with in harmony. Father God, I pray for better relationships that I may be better understood by those around me… Help me make more effort to be more understanding and full of love. Forgive me Lord for being less than I ought to have been … Help my self esteem and depression and hormonal changes Lord, i wish to settle and have a child and be happy with a good man… Help me Lord.

  25. Dear Lord Walk With Us Everyday

    Dear Lord, please bless my family and I. Help us get out of debt, forgive us for our sins. Bless each one of us with health, wealth, happiness and love. Please keep us safe and always be close to us, I pray so that my children can do well in school, so that my husband my son and I, do well at our jobs. Please keep away all harm, evil, enemies and accidents away from us. I also pray for world peace. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

  26. I need you every day Lord

    Dear Lord, please remove the anxiety, self dought, and worry inside me. Help me move freely in this life as others do. I need you everyday. Help me be the mother my children need. Continue to heal my husband. Let me brothers heart be content. He needs your peace so bad. Thank you Lord. You have brought me so far. Help me be successful in this path you so effortlessly laid out before me. I need you Lord. Help me with my words, my confidence. Remove the negative around us and fill our lives and souls with your presence. I know you have good plans for us. Thank you Lord. Give me the words to tell my daughter so she grows up as a strong healthy kind human that knows your love. You are the truth, the way, and the life. You are everything good. Help me father. I love you Lord. Thank you. In Jesus name. Amen

  27. Help me!

    Dear Jesus please help me to find a home for my horse Maggie soon n help me to continue to be a part of her lufe if its your will. Please dont make me have to put her down. I love her so much! Please help mt sisters husband Kurt to find a job soon. Ty love Mary

  28. Dear Lord hear my prayer

    Dear Lord, I am weak, you are strong. Help me walk with you in strength. I am having difficulties in my life as you know and need you beside me. I need help making decisions and just pray you will guide me. Forgive my sins. thank you for everything you have gave to me, Amen.

  29. Help my family

    Please Lord I ask you to help my family through this hard financial times, Thank you for helping my daughter and her family find a home and finally get out of the hotels, but please help them keep their place! Please in Jesus name I ask for your help!

  30. Bill

    Dear Lord – Please bless me and hold my hand through all the troubles I’ve been going through. I need you right now ! Please also bless the others who have written on here !!


    Father Lord Jesus,

    Please restore me to the person of conviction and clarity that once was. Give me hope that I can walk through this day with purpose, and i service to you. Take away my racing thoughts, and make me whole again. I promise to serve you always, in Jesus’ name.

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