Anything to Make me look or feel bad

by Kristina ()

I keep getting all these stories from certain people and I do not like it. I feel like it is unfair for anyone to make judgement of me when I am on SSI and have done an orientation and told them of my plans to ger my college education while I am on it and eventually obtain employment The problem has always been with employment is that I was offered a position as a chairman in a summit as a youth or a teen and since then my sister who is older has made it her job to ruin my life in any chance I get at a job. She has made it so that peer social pressures and issues of the nature of the environment is ruined the minute I get in to an employment position. I feel she talks to them and makes it so that she can ruin me by propositioning a relationship with my employer and I have never been able to get this. I know it is because I had this summit position. I was taken over of the position and chose to give it up and thought I was not good enough and some girls ruined my life and gave me meth and so did my mom when it was a drug zero tolerance summit to promote drug free safe communities. I am sober. I have always wanted for no one to ruin my chances at having employment and reaching my goals. I went to a job training program. Just so many bad things have happened to me. I am so tired of being treated this way. I never deserved to be victimized and have my life ruined and some Chinese girl taking over my life behind the phone in customer service having people to bully me and to be exploited. I am fed up. I am in college now and need to make payment to be back in class by September. No one is in control of what my employment position will end up being for me but me. I am tired of people hurting me.

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