Prayer to not get jail time

by Robert Wagner (Kent, OH)

Dear Lord, who art though in heaven..I pray that the courts find a way for me not to serve jail time away from my family. Put it in the judges heart to have mercy on me for my mistake. Stay with me lord, and give me the strength not to be anxious or worry. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. thought with you

    May the you be granted what you need in this situation. May God always be at your side. May you find courage, strength, and hope in whatever comes your way. Amen

  2. Need Prayer

    Being accused of a bad crime and facing yrs in jail. Please pray for me and my family, that I don’t gace any jail time. In JESUS Name, Amen.

  3. Facing prison. Single mum 4 kids.

    I have been charged with possession with intent to supply class a drugs. I have 4 kids. One is autistic and one has epilepsy. I don’t want to leave my children. Please pray for me. I am all they have. Their Dad has nothing to do with them.

  4. Son facing prison time

    My son is inside court, he has done wrong in the past, he was dealt a childhood that cause much pain and his only way to deal with it has been through drug and alcohol abuse, he has two beautiful children, 4 & 5. When given the opportunity, he is a wonderful loving father. I am guilty as well, guilty for not being there when he needed me the most and not protecting him from people who harmed him. I ask my Lord to please forgive me, and I ask and pray with everything in me to allow my son the opportunity to make up for his mistakes by having a chance to remain in his children’s and our lives. I can’t take back the past, but I will go to the end of the world and back to protect and Give him a better future. I love you Mijo. In Jesus name, Amen.

  5. Please find it in the judge heart to free Timothy Thomas my son.

    Lord please help my son Timothy Thomas who is lock up in cook county jail.lord I know he has done wrong and step up for his wrong for asking you to get in the judge heart wensday,and the judge set him free.the police has been messing with my son for years because they don’t like him and wrongfully continue to pick him up.lord Timothy has changed for 3 years stay out of trouble,he just had a son that is 7months,he so hurt not to be in his life,he have changed for the better please load give him 1 more chance and guide him in the right direction,in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

  6. For my husband not to get jail time

    Plz lord stay with my husband touch him and watch over him as he is in jail. Plz put it on the judges heart to have mercy on my husband to not get jail time but rehab to get better. Thank you lord Amen

  7. No jail time for my son jeffery ray winn

    Lord my son is locked up in Hennepin county jail in Minneapolis,Minnesota he js looking at hard times God he has a 15year old son at home who needs him, God i know he has some personal demons inside but God please please touch the judges heart,the district attorney’s heart to please give him one more chance Father God, he has bwen going through alot of trails and tribulations for the last year but hes trying God to do better Father God please let him come home today God after court this God i ask of you and many more blessings in your name God AMEN

  8. Prayer not to get jail time.

    Please lord I ask that my son would not have to do any jail time tomorrow. Be merciful oh God. Put it in the judges heart to allow my son to be freed. If need be allow him to go to an out patient program that they would supply him with the necessary tools he needs to overcome his problem. He has a family that loves him and that cares about him. I wish I had been there for my son when he was a child and needed me. Maybe things would have turned out different for him. Please God he has finally turned his life around and is serving you he wants to do more for you but he won’t be able to do it if he’s locked up. He would also be losing his job. I would miss him and he won’t be here to help me. His dog would go thru changes not seeing her papa. Please lord I ask you this in the name of Jesus your son. I will pray and claim it as if you have already vindicated my son and he will walk out a free man tomorrow. I will pray and declare. Please I need everyone’s prayers right now. God bless you all.

  9. My daughter turning her self in

    My daughter committed a crime 2 yrs ago! Since then she’s been keeping clean with the law, she also had a baby 10months today and she’s ready to face her pass and put it behind her so she can be a role model for her child that she loves so much..
    I pray that the Good Lord guide the judge and do what’s best for my child!
    She realized her wrong and she knows she can’t go back but she realize she can do better moving forward!

    A mother who always wants the best for our kids today🙏🏾

  10. Prayer for the courts show mercy on my jail sentence to be at home to do ,so I can keep my home

    I ask for all prayers today ,for favor on what I ask ,is that I ‘ll be granted my jail sentence to be done in my home , not incarcerated in a facility. Even though I was wrongfully accused and convicted ,all I ask is the jail sentence be done in house arrest , so I don’t become homeless or be put in a hopeless position ,where the possibilities could lead me to criminal thinking and living.

  11. Johnny

    Need prayers because someone told lies about me and lied about themselves. I’m a single Dad with 4 kids and need help.

  12. My son

    Please pray for my son Dayon not to get jail time. He has had a rough life but is a good person. Court Decision. 14. Dayon Stewart .

  13. Son with serious charges

    I’m asking for prayers that my son don’t face jail or prison time he has until Jan 2 2019 for court

  14. prayer for my boyfriend to release in jail soon

    I am asking a prayer for my boyfriend ,he was falsely accuse by molisting child ! he was arrested on jan.31 ,2019 and his facing bond for 25,000 dollors.and his court will be in feb.12.
    he is very kind man ,very lovable very supported to his family didicated to help his sister to taking care of her kids as her husband is on jail .
    my boyfriend help her kids and love them very much.
    but in return her sister and her husband accuse him on touching her daughter which is not true.
    please pray for him no one can help him.
    please i ask the prayer for him.
    thank you so much in advance!

  15. Prayer for mercy and support in the police system

    I was groomed and abused as a teenager and it has leaded me down a bad path I have taken drugs and got myself I to trouble with the police which could result in prosecution. I have a good heart and I am trying everything to change my life for the better. Please prayer for me the strength to keep strong and live a happy life, I don’t want to go to prison in Jesus name amen

  16. Praying for God's mercy 🙏

    My daughter did a crime. I’m praying that God fix this and to renew her. God bring her closer to you, let her know that you are real. Give her mercy, no jail time, and no felony. Lord I know you will fix this, work a miracle her. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

  17. Have mercy on me O Lord

    I have been convicted of a crime and I’m facing a class four felony. I am a born-again Christian and I love Jesus with all my heart. My mother is devastated by this news as well as my other family members. The enemy has brought up things I’ve done in the past and has now caught up with me. Please pray for me and my loved ones. Thank you. God bless.

  18. God please forgive me, and set me free.

    I did something terrible 2 months ago that I know I can’t undo, and I expected to get a summons in the mail for it, but have received nothing. I know that could mean a warrant instead, but I pray with all of my heart that there is nothing and I am in the clear to move on. I realize my mistake, and think that I have definitely payed for it already in other ways.. it’s been a rough two months… and believe me, nobody in this world is gonna be harder on me about this situation than myself. It’s had me so down, I’ve considered suicide. Please pray for me! In Jesus name, Amen.

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