Prayer for husband

by Shaila Touchton (USA)

Heavenly Father, I sincerely thank You from the bottom of my heart for your continued blessings on our marriage and for my husband. Lord Jesus, grant that I and my husband may have a true understanding, a gentle compassion ,trust, love and care for each other, and help us to be an example for our children .

Remove all temptation from us and bless him to be captivated by my love till death and make of our relationship successful and holy adventure which bring us together in heart and mind as well as body.

Bless my marriage to be a breeding place for your presence and love and please hear our prayers for each other. Bless his thoughts, words and actions and help him to grow spiritually. I pray Lord Jesus , for my husband as provider and protector in this marriage and for my husband ‘ s safety from all harm and give him a Perfect Health.

I pray Lord our Father for my husband ‘ s financial planning decisions. Bless him to receive showers of blessings from you as he makes Godly decisions that will affect us both and make his decisions to be wise and Godly.

Bless my husband to find me attractive inside as well as outside as we keep our marriage alive, through Jesus Christ who brought us together. I sincerely surrender my self, my husband and our marriage, our family our conflicts, our fears and troubles to you, to your love, care and guidance. In Jesus ‘ name I pray. Amen.

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  1. Good health for my husband

    Lord jesus, I pray to you to keep my husband in good health. To show him the right way what is good and bad. Lord Jesus u protect and guide him on his way where he goes to work. Lord jesus, pray that all our dreams come true. Amen

  2. Bless him o Lord

    Dear Lord, please stay with my husband, keep him healthy and grant him success on everything he does. Help him to become closer to you and his family and let no evil befall him. IJN Amen.

  3. Depression

    Please help my husband to overcome his depression . Give my husband more strength to hang on to our marriage and not to give up on me our wonderful years together is going down the drain . My Lord my God please save my husband our marriage . Amen

  4. Prayers for my husband

    God bless my husband this day and every day. Let him be assured of your love and the love of his wife, daughter, and family. Help him to find happiness and peace at work and home. Help him to know success and receive praise for the hard work he does every day!

  5. change him a loved father and husband

    jesus, please help us . we are very disappointed .All our problems solve,please ,please. You know all our problems. Only you can solve it.

  6. change him a loved father and husband

    jesus, please help us . we are very disappointed .All our problems solve,please ,please. You know all our problems. Only you can solve it.

  7. change him a loved father and husband

    jesus, please help us . we are very disappointed .All our problems solve,please ,please. You know all our problems. Only you can solve it.

  8. prayer for my husbands health and bless us with achild

    Please pray that my husbands health improves and that we are blesed with a child. We have been trying to conceive and its been a year. Unfortunately, the doctor said my husband has a problem. But i know that god has the power to change things. God can shoq miracles. Please pray for us while we are going through a rough phase of our lives.

  9. Heal my husband

    Lord thank you for blessing me with my husband. Lord please heal my husband of a possible tumor in the head. Please heal all his unbalances so that hethe May continue to be the family man that he is. Lord help him get closer to you. I also pray for the strength to support him through difficult times. Lord please help me guide my children through these difficult times as well, so that they continue with their faith during these times… Amen

  10. husband's health

    I pray to you Lord, that you bless my husband with good health. Heal his body and grant him peace. Work through him so he can become closer to you. Heal his anxious heart and lower his triglycerides. In th is I pray. Praise be to God.

  11. health challenges

    Dear Lord I would like to pray for my husband and children so that you keep us in good health and guide my husband to make good decisions that will affect our home and his business. I pray especially for his health please heal him of all sickness that may prove to be life threatening. Bless us lord so that we grow humbly in your word so that we can continue to be blessings to others.

  12. Love from my husband

    I will like for you to pray for my husband that he will be more humble and affectionate and care more for me and his family.


    Thankyou for that prayer, it was very inspirational. I pray that God will continue to bless your family.

  14. Health

    Dear, Lord God, I pray for my husband’s health at this time. My husband is such a good person and he takes everyone’s problems in as his own. Lord, help him to not stress and worry about things that he can’t control. Lord give him peace of mind so that he knows that you are with him every step of the way. Jesus, PLEASE heal my husband.

  15. Prayer for husband

    O Lord god, pls cure my husband from all health issues. Make him healthy and fine and bless us with a good life ahead.

  16. Health issues

    Our heavenly father, please heal my husband physicall, mentally spiritually and financially cover him by your blood in Jesus name amen.

  17. Prayer for our marriage

    Dear Father, I come to you, to ask for prayers in my marriage. Father please keep my husband in your hands, protect him from all temptations, danger, & sickness. I pray that our marriage is blessed and we fall more in love with each other, in every passing day. I ask this in your Holy name. Amen

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