Prayer for strength and courage to be able to let go of a person and be able to bear the pain

Lord God, you know what’s my heart. For so long I have been struggling and suffering the pain of loving someone I know who cannot be mine. Someone who has constantly abused me, hurt me and blames for all the things that happened to him.

Lord, I love this man for the longest time.I know our relationship is against your law and your will. I am married to a wonderful man. and i know in my heart that it should be my husband that i should love. I know Lord, but I am so weak when it comes to this man. I cannot turn away from him despite the pains.

Lord, I need your help. Please heal me.Please give me enough strength to be able to finally turn away from this man. I ask you Lord to take away the weaknesses in me. I don’t want to cry anymore. I don’t want to be in this pain anymore Lord.If youcan grant me now the things I need so I can get over the struggles Lord.I cannot sleep, my work is affected and so is my personal life. Lord, I cannot take this anymore.If only the love I have for this man be transfered to the man I married, I know I will be the happiest person.

Lord, many times in the past I tried to do away from this man, and yet I still end up going back to him. Now he again made me suffer. I know if only I was determined to stay away from him the past months, I could not have suffered now

Lord, I prayed to you many times too, yet I still listen to him. to his pleas
Lord, I am suffering now and I don’t want this anymore. And yet, I know I still qaitinf for him to contact me. Even if I know I should not.This Lord is what I asking you now, to please do something to me so I will no longer be in this pain

Let me be happy Lord with my husband and kids. Lord I ask you to take away the love I have for this man. Give me humility too so as not to take any bad actions towards him and so I can fully accept the reality of my situation. Heal me fast Lord. and Heal me completely.

I ask you Lord to pave the way for me on the chance I was given to me for my career. I pray Lord that I will have it. Guide me through it so I will pass all necessary requirements and that I will be able to achieve it. Make it as one of the steps towards my new life Lord. Please Lord, let me not be this weak. I know Lord you only have to say it and I will have it.


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  1. God answered my prayers last night

    I found a picture of a guy I’ve been talking to and dated with another girl on FB. When I confronted him, he said they weren’t even together, but the picture reflects so much more. I’ve been praying about this guy for the longest time and God answered my prayers. Everything happened at once, the picture I found and text validating their relationship. I pray for the strength and courage to let this guy “K” go and give me the courage to move on and find someone who is trustworthy, honest and definitely loves God. THANK YOU LORD FOR ANSWERING MY PRAYERS! Let the process of healing begin.

  2. Anxiety

    Recently after the death of my mum, I’ve been anxious of everything and fear for the unknown. I’m in a relationship which does not console me because I feel I’m putting more effort than he is willing to give. All I want is God’s direction and help to make everything work perfectly.

  3. Pain in letting go

    I have hurt someone’s feelings in lashing out at them telling them I don’t want no contact with them anymore, I pray that God will forgive me, as the person won’t. I am hurting from my actions but need to move on & pray that my pain i caused them will ease. I have apologised to them but they will not respond, understandable, I pray for them, I pray also for me, we all need prayer not just in time of need. In Jesus name Amen

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