My prayers are reaching God, and not being fooled by the evil attached spirit.

by Tina ()

Dear Lord, the devil that I have attached keeps playing tricks. Playing he is you. I don’t know if my prayers are getting thru to you any more. He has acted like he’s you 5 days now. Iv been asking to give you this battel. And the devil pretends to be you. Removing the evil spirt, but only for me to go thru pain while removing for 4 hours each time, then it coming right back. My emotions get so high with hope, only to be let down, because the devil is a lier. And is acting as you, blocking my prayers to you. I cant decipher if im with you anymore or the devil playing tricks. I need to know you are here with me. I’m lost without you lord. Help me. lm asking you to take this battle over. As I’m exhausted, and need your help so very bad lord. I love you so much. I miss you. I need to know if you are aware of the physical pain, raping, no sleep, no eating. To find last 5 days I was talking to the devil, and not you.
He is not bound to me anymore. Yet, he will not leave. I have been told I have bound him. And you were to sending angels to retrieve him, for Jesus to decide, where dispose .
I’m in a battal of high and lows. Being fooled, and blocked. The evil has its hooks in me, head to toe, can read my mind, and capable of blocking prayers now.
I need you help so bad lord. Please help me. I love you my Sweet Lord’s. I’m lost without you. I beg you, to please show me, or remove the evil who us attacking me from inside out, and now hurting my dog. Who pretends now to be you. And now can block my prayers. I h have been praying asking for strength, energy, awareness. But have not received help in days from you. I know when you are here. And you have not been. I know something is wrong. Please lord, come help me. Remove this evil or evils spirits. They have there fingers in my eyes, in top of my head. Ears, throat. My home is smokey, and they spit hot spit on me. One other pops in Me, at times and rapes me when I’m praying to you. I know something, is wrong here. That has never happened before. Please help Me. I need you lord. Help me. Help me. Remove this evil I thought I could handle. But, I can’t.

I love you my Jesus, I love you my Dear God. This was a witchcraft spell in start. I don’t know what it has become.

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