Prayer for to forgive me for hurting a friend

by Pam (Iowa City)

I have hurt a very good friend and I am sure the friendship is lost. This is so heavy on my heart that I really don’t care if I live or die. I despise myself for what I have done. Please pray for me as I have to go on living as I am the only parent of 3 kids and they need me. God help me.

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  1. Forgiveness

    Please pray for me. I have sinned against my two brothers and I’m asking for forgiveness. I miss our conversations. It’s difficult to go on everyday without them. So I pray for them to forgive me

  2. I pray they forgive me

    Lord, I have deeply offended people I consider my closest friends especially one I have developed strong feelings for. I knew that I was never going to be able to express my feelings to her but the one thing I valued was the bond of friendship between us and everyone in our circle. My sins are what drove us apart and I have been suffering under the weight of guilt because of it and my amends and cries for forgiveness had yet to be answered from them and now I pray for them and pray that by the will of God and the Lord Jesus Christ can help them see that I can be redeemed and they pray for me as I do for them every night. So I ask you Lord to pray Leise, her family, and our circle of friends and wish them good health. Amen.

  3. Pray for me.

    Pray for me please. I made a real connection with someone and lost him once before. He told me today that he heard I said something he trusted me with. He said I lost him and he is done with me. Please pray that he finds it in his heart to give me a second chance. I love him so much. Please pray that I haven’t lost him

  4. prayer for forgivness

    i am sick and suffering greatly, i have hurt someone who has hurt me, instead of praying for him, i have hurt him, i’m so lost and scared i need help. i can’t find joy in anything i do, i can’t find happiness, i am only hurting people. i just want help. please pray for me.

  5. healimg

    I offended a very close friend of mines. I’ve apologized to them over and over but the hardness of their heart wont let them forgive. Please pray for Ulyesses Parks and ask forgiveness and salvation be placed in his heart. I pray for his peace and healing

  6. Evil Tongue

    Lord i seek ur help in my boyfriend forgiving me for speaking ill of him to my cousin when i felt hurt. i spoke of a fight that should not have been mentioned again to anyone. I inadvertently confrncd his # in and it went to vm. He is someone who has been very good to me 85% of the time and it will be a loss even though i never left after being disrespected verbally and emotionally at times. So i just ask u put in his heart to forgive me whether or not we speak again. I am truly sorry.


  7. please forgive me

    I have told a secret today at my school. And because of that secret I’ve hurt people I really care about. Because of that secret I’ve caused a big problem which was not what I planned. Please god help me. Stay by my side while I confess what I did to them. Make them see why I did it , make them understand please.

  8. Need forgiveness from my best friend

    I insisted and told my best friend something and now she is really hurt. She won’t talk to me. She is such a good person I don’t want to loose her in my life. I just hope she realized that I di didn’t mean any ill and she can forgive me and we can start talking again. She is my rock and I miss her so much.

  9. Hurt my Wife

    I have hurt my wife in oh so many ways that she has lost faith in me and our marriage, I beg that she is able to forgive and finally stop living in the past, as I have been faithful to only her since we got back together twelve years ago, but can’t stop thinking of my infedilities that occurred while we were separated.

  10. sin

    I did something horrible to hurt my friend,I have put her life and career at risk. I have apologised to her and told her that I am really sory. She believes in god but I know for sure is hurting. she told me that she does not hate me and that she has forgiven me but I havent heard from her at all. I kn ow that she is mad… anyone would be for what I did. But what else can I do. I dont wana live with this guilt that I have hurt a really good person. I just wish that she would talk to me regardless….
    I am not sure what to do. I just keep praying but still dnt seem to get any replies from her.
    How do I help my situation

  11. Same as you

    o gosh me to also, I cant sleep because of the things Ive done to my friend..please help me to over come this..I dont want to loose her…

  12. Same as you

    o gosh me to also, I cant sleep because of the things Ive done to my friend..please help me to over come this..I dont want to loose her…

  13. God Loves You

    I am going through that right now. I did the same thing that you did, and I feel exactly the same way. But do not despair. Have faith that she will forgive you. It may take sometime, but she will. I will continue to pray for you and your friend. In the meantime, know that God loves you.

  14. forgive yourself

    God will forgive you so you must forgive yourself and tell the friend how sorry you are. Be strong in his name for your family. We all make errors. Forgive yourself and do better next time, that is all He asks of us!

  15. forgive yourself

    God will forgive you so you must forgive yourself and tell the friend how sorry you are. Be strong in his name for your family. We all make errors. Forgive yourself and do better next time, that is all He asks of us!

  16. Nayeli

    Please pray I unintentionally hurt my relationship past a point of fixing and I really value the person I was with. I unintentionally brought drama to his doorstep when I involved my friend in the relationship. I’m truly sorry for causing this drama and I just want to be able to work through this situation for Nayeli ( my unborn child) although he has moved on I put hope that he may value us and our relationship enough to come try to fix it. I’m really sorry for the hurt and misery I have cause him and I’m willing to do anything to just have him be willing to fix this.

  17. .....

    Ive walked out on an engagement without a proper explanation and have cause severe damage to someone that was great to me. Please pray that his heart will be healed and that he will find the love that he deserves. I wish nothing but joy and happiness in his life and im truly sorry for all the pain and hurt ive cause by leaving.

  18. God forgives

    As far as east is from West, God removes the sins of those who truly repent. Does this mean we live with out consequence? No, but in asking God for genuine forgiveness, He sees your weaknesses, and loves you in spite of your shortcomings. Seek God first, and you will find the peace you are seeking.

  19. Anonymous

    I think I may have deeply hurt my cousin I told her if I did I was truly sorry and would never intentionally hurt her. She’s my best friend and confidant. I pray that she can find it in her heart to forgive me and our friendship can be renewed. I’m struggling with this I don’t want to lose our friendship. O Lord and holy spirit hear my heartfelt prayer. Amen

  20. Anonymous

    I have deeply hurt my boyfriend for the last 14 years for saying nasty words and sending rude test messages for being disloyal to me with another woman for some months to-date. He does not call me either and his phone is off every time I ring him. I apologized to him but I haven’t come to terms with myself and also I told him I never want to see him again although it hurts so much. I’ve been struggling to sleep every night since we had the argument. Dear Lord, I forgive him with my whole heart and pray that things would be back to normal again soon. Amen

  21. Aaron i am truly sorry

    I have never met a person like you before and yet i took you for granted. I was very selfish and my ego got the best of me. But you never treated me badly. No matter what i did you were there for me. And now our friendship is lost. I need you in my life. I miss our friendship. Please god help me rekindle this friendship. That’s all i ask from you. I promise to never mistreat him ever again. I can’t go on without him in my life. We shared so much in common. I’ve never met a person like that for as long as i have lived. Yet i took him for granted. And now everything i cherish is gone. And I’m to blame for it. I’ve been crying for the past 3 days because i can’t move on without him. It hurts so much. I want him in my life. I promise never to mistreat him or anyone else for that matter. Please god, just let me have my friend back. I miss him. It breaks my heart to let him go. He was the nicest person I’ve ever met. Please god, help me.

  22. Sorry

    Please forgive me for hurting you unintentionally..Its not what you think I did..I was just venting my emotions because of my stress.Im sorry if you think that I am betraying you.God knows that its not true..He knows whats inside my heart and He know that I cannot do that..I hope that time will come that you will learn the process of forgiveness..i am deeply sorry for happened to us that sometime I think that I can turn back time I will never say those words against you and I should just better control my temper.So help me God!

  23. Heartache

    I love my boyfriend Kevin so much, it’s a new love, but its real love. I said something mean to hurt his feelings, and in return he broke up with me. I kept on with the mean messages and went overboard. I have apologized, and pray that he can find it in his heart to forgive me. I know we are meant to be, and I can’t imagine not being with him ever again. Please pray for him and pray that he finds the forgiveness in his heart to come back to me. Pray that this heartache heals and we can return to normal.

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