Me and life

by Quez ()

Prayers to find whatever works to get rid of scabies and ringworm in my car, apt, appliances,body, right laundry, right vacuum to use for car and apt, stairs, wood floors, doors, carpet how to use whatever it is correctly thoroughly to kill all scabies and any other bug and ringworm fungus! To get financial Breakthrough so I can mv to place nml and parent moves away from me. Tired of living with bugs,ringworm and IT aka parent! I move In with white godly guy that is a fit for me. We’re financially stable and we do godly things as a couple and no matter what problems we have solutions quickly solved. We go to same school College/University. I have a job that can support us if something unexpected happens and or my own company buz online that’ll do this. If I birth our babies before marriage
it’ll be ok no matter what! Prayers I marry this white godly guy and nhmtwins I birth without any problems! Prayers that I understand femm energy, how it works and apply it daily dating, work life etc. Prayers for me to find a lawyer In order to get 1,164 back asap from Mat Shaffer dating service. He mentioned his services provide this this and all and it hasn’t. He’s failed me and disrespected me by taking $$$ that shouldn’t be his. Kill scabies rwm in on my body and everything in car bathrm apt house buddy house car our laundry closets wood floors walls, stairs, carpet, beds, mattresses, couch,balcony, Mats in my car, car seats, seat belts, trunk, everything I touch others touch, cabinets in apt bathrm,tubs sinks, kitchn, doors, sinks, frige freezer inside cabinets where when we move there will be residue n bugs n fungus are COMPLETELY GONE!

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