Jesus help me pass my 1st year remedial medical exams

by Anju ()

Dear Jesus,
I failed my 1st year of medical school… I have to do a year of scientific or law license before going to the 2nd year of medical school, but in order to do that I have to validate my remedial studies, I have a total of 9 subjects to validate… my exams will be on 11th, 12th, 15th and 16th of May. If I don’t validate my remedial exams, it will be 2 years of license before going to the 2nd year of medical school, and that would be the worst thing that could happen. I have always been a very good student until high school when I started to have difficulties in physics and chemistry where the teacher gave me bad marks because he was racist, and in math where I also had bad marks despite a very kind teacher.
I still managed to get through to the final year of high school, and I got my baccalaureate without repeating the year.
My mother prayed a lot for me to pass my baccalaureate.
This year I didn’t concentrate enough, I spent my time wasting this precious time, watching on YouTube videos with no interest, and watching on Instagram about the real ones
I am ashamed of myself and would like to change my behavior
In the morning, I always set myself the goal of waking up at 5:00am but in the end I end up turning off my alarm and waking up at 9:00am… it ruins my day because I memorize the morning very early but I can’t get up at that time
I would really like to validate the remedial exams, I have 9 subjects to study and I keep procrastinating and putting everything off until the next day, I can’t concentrate or accomplish the tasks I set myself, I can’t even organize myself properly, nothing goes right…
I have disappointed my parents, they were confident that I would pass in session 1 and that I would go to the second year, despite that they are still motivating me and telling me to go and study, it was my childhood dream and I have to achieve it
Please Jesus, I really need to validate the remedial exams on the first try, so that I can go to LAS2 in September 2023, please Jesus, help me, my academic path seems uncertain and I constantly have the impression of being lost or of having chosen the wrong path.
Please help me, I want to be a doctor I know my studies will be long, but I really want to be someone who has succeeded in life, with a prestigious degree and long studies and have a happy life, and all this under your blessing

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