Faby & Monish

Lord thank you for a new day. Thank you for getting us through yesterday. Please do the same today and allow us to grow stronger today for a better tomorrow. Lord, I stand in the gap of my significant other and ask that you will show us both and equip us with the Armor of … Continue reading “Faby & Monish”

Prayer for my children

Please Dear Father bless my children w future marriage partners that are true followers of Christ that love God first and that will honor and respect and cherish my children as they make their lives together. Please allow my children to find, recognize and appreciate and be intentional when they meet the person You send … Continue reading “Prayer for my children”

Salvation for friend

Prayer for salvation for family and a friend. I know my sister will be angry, believes there is ”nothing” after death- Friend adamant about having nothing to do with religion- I have established a close relationship with my friend, she is a widow also, I share food, she goes to my church for luncheons, we … Continue reading “Salvation for friend”


Heavenly Father I’m coming to you this morning with Thanksgiving and a grateful heart Lord….. You have blessed me abundantly thru my lifetime and I’m starting this morning off with gratitude and Praise….. I’m also going thru a battle Lord and I’m thanking you for the strength you have given me to get this far … Continue reading “SOS”

NEW friendship, love

Dear Jesus -I come asking you to open Jeff heart, mind , soul towards me. I ask Jesus for a new friendship with Jeff. I ask let us always greet each other with the fruit of the spirit. I ask Jesus show me a reason why we even met? Jesus I desire so much to … Continue reading “NEW friendship, love”

New beginnings

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. And forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors. Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us. And lead … Continue reading “New beginnings”


Pray that Gods bring this man back to me 100% and remove everything and everyone that’s trying to block him from coming back to me God have brought him to my door back in April . But so many dark forces is keeping him from coming into my life at 100% I don’t ask for … Continue reading “Spouse”


In my Father’s house are many mansions. I want one. A place to store, to build and collaborate. To recreate and celebrate; not simply built of bricks but with love and empathy and an appreciation for the fragility, complexity and profound purpose of life. Help me/us to show gratitude through my deeds, actions and words. … Continue reading “Abandonment”

Unbind to bind together

Please intercede to the Almighty that the love between us is made whole, strengthened. That we unbind from all to bind together. That we want and need each other mutually. That we are never apart due to ego and anger. That we be responsible to the commitment made to each other and prioritize each other … Continue reading “Unbind to bind together”

Pray for Relationships

Praise the Lord… I’m Mariyanus Minj and my wife Cecilia Minj from Ranchi India. Please pray for our Sacramental Holy Family life. It is eight months for our marriage and she is conceived and it is 7 months complete. Especially pray for Cecilia that she may be able to forget all her past relationships. Today … Continue reading “Pray for Relationships”

Prayer to Jesus for abi

Dear Lord Jesus i come before you and i pray upto you Abi my partner i ask that you take his stress anger and unrest away please replace it with a peace that surpasses all understanding please Divinely intervene into his heart to forgive and soften his heart please help him to love me respect … Continue reading “Prayer to Jesus for abi”


I am praying for increased Intimacy in my relationship with Jesus passionate intentionality of getting to know him and be known by him more. I return to my first love it will strengthen me and overflow into other relationships in my life bringing help and healing and allowing me to be a peace as long … Continue reading “Direction”

Saving my relationship.

I just wanted to pray over my relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and are currently having a break. I just wanted to pray that we overcome any issues that arise, fight for this relationship and become stronger together in the hopes of having an amazing future together. I pray … Continue reading “Saving my relationship.”


Lord please guard my daughter Sarah’s heart and remember all the times it has been broken. Please block everyone not from You and walk her husband over to her now, in Jesus Name, Lord if its Brandon, make it known and move the relationship along, put some pep in his step, if not, remove and … Continue reading “Deliverance”

Hear my prayers

we have problems in our relationship. Beg almighty God to give us the light to see ourselves and each other as we really are. Help us to grow daily in self-knowledge and mutual love while at the same time developing our potential to love and be loved. Help us, St. Jude, to see and root … Continue reading “Hear my prayers”

A girl

I really really need this miracle, God has sent a woman into my life, and i am madly in love with her , but i really need Gods help to make us two into a couple , and to make my pursuit fruitful as i am still pursuing her, and every second that is not … Continue reading “A girl”

Relationship Prayer

Dear God: Let a tall, beautiful, handsome man come into my life to love me completely and fully. Someone who knows you a man that’s beautiful inside and out. A man that will fully be complimentary to me financially, spiritually, and emotionally. A man that will love doing activities I love doing. Someone that will … Continue reading “Relationship Prayer”

My Granddaughter

My granddaughter is a good girl. She goes to church, loves Jesus, and tries to be a good friend. She is going into her freshman year of highschool and made highschool cheerleader. Her cheer coach has decided that she doesn’t like my granddaughter and is trying to get her to quit cheering. Please pray that … Continue reading “My Granddaughter”

Lord I need you now

Father in need you to touch me and Sula Ryan Crtuis in this relationship we have I pray that you send him home from the job that’s over in Egypt so he can be with his son and I pray that this the relationship that’s of that we put you in the mixs of this … Continue reading “Lord I need you now”

Making a wise decision

In need of prayer for my relationship with my boyfriend. We have been dating for 2 years. He wants to get married but we have issues to work through. He is a widower and has a grown son who battles mental health issues that he cares for. I haven’t ever had to deal with someone … Continue reading “Making a wise decision”

Forgiveness and Love

Dear Heavenly Father, Please let me and him continue to love each other. I know I am difficult occasionally, but I pray that he will stay beside me, loving me unconditionally, as I will to him. Please let him forgive me despite my flaws, and work through our differences together, becoming stronger and developing a … Continue reading “Forgiveness and Love”

Husband’s salvation

Unfortunately Not just one category covers my prayer request. So, I chose Relationship. Mainly a true relationship with God. My husband & God need to have a serious talk. My husband needs salvation. He refuses to believe in God even though he has seen God’s miracles. He’s a very angry self righteous arrogant mean racist … Continue reading “Husband’s salvation”


I pray for reconciliation and true forgiveness with my daughter. I pray for my Grandson who I know is missing me and my heart is broken being away from him. You love your children more than anything in the world, but there is stress and second guessing of decisions. I was a widow, with two … Continue reading “Reconciliation”


Heavenly father, creator of all universe, I come before you praying for forgiveness. Give me the strength to forgiveness my boyfriend even after I caught him cheating I still love him. I pray that he also can find a place in his heart to forgive me for my reaction and anger which made me violent. … Continue reading “Forgiveness”

Relationship healing

I’m going through one of the most challenging times in a relationship. Love and respect have been replaced by arguments and mistrust. We have tried to reconnect, but things seem to be getting worse. Two are better than one, but right now, we are on the verge of a rift and desperately need divine intervention … Continue reading “Relationship healing”

I need a miracle

Lord, I know that my commitment to my relationship and the love and respect I unconditionally offer is seen by You. My desire is that I am rewarded with love and respect from my partner. Help me to trust your timing and staying faithful despite all the hardships. Step in. Intervene. Do what You must … Continue reading “I need a miracle”

Relationship healing

I’m going through one of the most challenging times in a relationship. Love and respect have been replaced by arguments and mistrust. We have tried to reconnect, but things seem to be getting worse. Two are better than one, but right now, we are on the verge of a rift and desperately need divine intervention … Continue reading “Relationship healing”

A God of no confusion

Father God, I come to you in prayers and asking you to lift up my burdens, pain and hurt in my heart. Lord, I’m praying that you reveal to me that Petter wasn’t the one for me, if not please Lord help us get back together. If our union was not your will I’m asking … Continue reading “A God of no confusion”

My sobs

My son Alex. He has a lot of demons jndidey. Bad friends, alcohol. Has a beautiful wife / kids . One is autistic that needs him so much. Pray that he amends his wife. To find THE LORD. My son Carlos, on the other hand, god fearing. But also not doing good with family and … Continue reading “My sobs”


Praying for guidance, peace and wisdom for a current relationship with the love of my life whom I treasure and love whole heartedly. He is overwhelmed with his negative thoughts about the possibilities that I am not faithful and honest. I have made many attempts at helping him to feel more secure in my word … Continue reading “Love”

Relationship healing

I pray wholeheartedly that my relationship with Sean W. will heal completely and be restored and filled with love better than ever. May God’s Love fill this relationship so much that it will be the most beautiful, love-filled human connection we both experienced, better than asked or imagined that will drew both of us closer … Continue reading “Relationship healing”

I want to feel God…

I know God but I don’t feel him. I want my soul to feel his presence. I had gone back to Church and was feeling good, then I became sick and something changed. I’ve been in and out of the hospital for half my life so it has nothing to do with becoming sick. I … Continue reading “I want to feel God…”

Is He God Send

Good morning Thanks for the prayers I am standing in prayer about a relationship that is being taken one day at a time but I want to know if He is truly Godsend. I don’t want to operate in any form without consulting God on how I need to move. His initials are S.F. He … Continue reading “Is He God Send”

Love Relationship Reunion

Dear Jesus, I Lokesh Dutta want to marry my lovely partner her name is Farhana Haque Sumi. I love her a lot. Jesus I want to marry her she is very sweet and kind hearted. I can’t live without her. In our relationship some misunderstanding happened and she broke the relationship with me.God Please help … Continue reading “Love Relationship Reunion”

Heal our hearts

Dear Lord, It has been an eight year struggle. From leaving an abusive marriage and escaping with my child, to finding someone that I love. Our road has not been easy, and coming from a long life of trauma, my actions have not always been kind. We have both broken each other’s heart,but our love … Continue reading “Heal our hearts”