Prayer for restoration of my relationship with my ex-girlfriend

by Dan (IL)

I come to you Lord with a heavy heart. I ask that you can restore my relationship with Dani. Please soften her heart, comfort her in the things in her life that are bringing her stress, please Lord turn her back to me. There have been so many, countless, answered prayers in this relationship, I don’t feel like You’re finished yet.

You know my heart, how my love for her is unconditional. I hope and pray Jesus that it is your will to bring us back together. You are the God of second chances, of healing and restoration, You are the only One I can trust to help me with this. I pray, Abba Father, please hear my cry, please perform this miracle in my life.

Holy Spirit fill and surround her with Your love, and allow her to see what you see and feel what you feel about her and I, and help her to know that You are there with her. Please give me the strength to not lose heart, to not give up, to be patient on you Lord. I pray again, please restore and heal our relationship.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen