Prayer for One More Chance to Be Given to Me

Dear Lord,

I call upon your name, and I know that you are hearing me at this moment in time. I need to repent to you for all that i have done. Not a day goes by, where I regret falling into temptation and hate myself for it. Lord you know my troubles, heart ache and pain.

I pray that you may be able to hear and answer my prayers. Lord you know what I want, and although I don’t deserve it, I beg that you may give me ONE LAST CHANCE. I Promise with my life that I will try everything I am capable of doing. I promise that I will love him tenderly, give him all he ever wanted and needed, ensure that I am a better person to keep him.

Please Lord, send me back my Angel for Christmas, send me back my Angel to love and to hold forever more. PLEASE ! . I swear to you that I will be nothing but honest, that I will try my best and hope TO have the love of my life return to me. PLEASE LORD SEND HIM BACK TO ME.

I have messed up, I dont deserve to live of anything, but please, heal this pain, let him know that I am sorry again. I love him, i know this much, please send him back to me.