Prayer to get out of abusive relationship

by Fabian (Hamilton Ontario Canada)

Im in an abusive relationship and feel very trapped with no work to help get me away from this abused emotionally and verbally daily. i want away from this girl, we have a baby together that i really love and we are not married. I really need work so i can be free from this angry abusive person. Please pray for me

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  1. depressed,misersble

    Hello I’m asking for help to get out of my relationship ,I’ve been in this relationship for 19 years,I’ve been verballying abused mentally ,physically As well. Atone point I thought of taking my life but the thought that I would leave my children motherless changed my mind. I’m at a point where I just want to give in just walk out,but for some reason I just can’t.I need help please.can someone give me advice on how to get out.

  2. Verbal abuse

    Hi! Im new here, my boyfriend verbally puts me down i want out of this relationship. I want God to guide me in the right path, please help me father 🙁

  3. used and abused

    I need prayer to get out of an abusive marriage. My husband is verbally,emotionally, and sometimes physically abusive to me even in front of our kids I have an older son of my own to whom he is verbally and emotionally abusive towards as well.I need prayer for this person to be out of my life and provide stability for my three kids alone.

  4. heaven is real

    Lord i humbly ask that u give the men and women who r in abbusive relationship,give them the strengh that they need. And your protection to get out of it ,sorround them with your love and care lord please open up there eyes so they can see
    That love is not abbusive.amen

  5. heaven is real

    Lord i humbly ask that u give the men and women who r in abbusive relationship,give them the strengh that they need. And your protection to get out of it ,sorround them with your love and care lord please open up there eyes so they can see
    That love is not abbusive.amen

  6. I pray for you and your child

    Dear God,
    Please help my friend who is suffering in an abusive relationship.
    I pray that you give him the strength, courage and resources to be able to leave and to protect his child.
    Allow others to come into their lives to help them.
    I pray for healing and the softening of anger of the child’s mother.
    In Your name

  7. Abusive Relationship

    Father, I come to you to pray for this person that is in this abusive relationship. I pray you give this person the means they need to leave and I pray you give this person the strength to leave and not look back. I pray you break the yoke that is binding this person from being able to get away. Father, you know my situation and why this person is laying on my heart so strong. I pray for mountains to be moved in Jesus name. I ask that you give us a calm and peaceful heart and take away the negative things that have come on us from the abuse. I pray that your Holy Spirit will clean our hearts and minds and we will be whole and able to move past this like it never happened. Jesus, I know this is your will because your will is that we age safe and away from strongholds of the devil therefore I am going to walk in this. I am going to make plans and consider myself out of this physically and mentally. Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, I am healed and I am on the watch for how you are going to help me.. AMEN

  8. Trapped in an abusive relationship

    Hii. Am 27 year old unmarried girl trapped in an long distance abusive and blackmailing relationship.. I am not able to get out of it. As whenever I try to, this guy finds me out in whichever location I am. Am loosing hope in life. seems like d only way to escape is death.
    Please somebody pray for me.. 😞

  9. Verbal abusive relationship

    Filed an eviction to get my 67 yr ole boyfriend out my home. Very verbal abusive, drinks and smokes bad. I want him out my life. He want change.

  10. For Niki

    I am definitely praying for you sister. Do not give up the Lord Jesus is with you and he hears you. I know that this is extremely challenging, I am also in an abusive relationship. But the one thing that I know is that God hears us and he will bring you out of this. Don’t give up hope sweetheart. Give it all to God. Trust in him and his love for you. No man or woman is worth your life! I’m praying for you sister know that there are people out here that care for you You Are Not Alone!!

  11. Leann

    Thank-you dear for your prayers am definitely feeling better after seeing dis post. 😌🙂

  12. Desperately need God’s help

    I’ve been living vine with a narsacist alcoholic who would s very manipulative and abusive I need to move back up north with m two dogs and have a limited fixed income I have been in this dark spot for 17 years….it has totally changed me I’m always panicked and can’t sleep I’ve wasted my whole life and now I’m running out of time to be happy somehow again, I have no family anymore they quit thinking of me as a sibling cause of this man…..Please Lord guide me shine a light for me to follow and. Jesus name I pray Amen

  13. Abusive Relationship

    Wife verbally abusive, bullying. She will never miss an opportunity to put me down. 20 years. Super happy to get out of this. Prayers.

  14. Prayer for deliverence

    I was in an abusive relationship for 8 years because we had a daughter together. Even tho i know the lord i have been guilt of looking at a situation and not my all mighty God. Finally three months ago i got the strength and courage to try and get out if it but now he is threatening and torturing me. Every day i wake up to horrible message and calls that dont stop until he falls asleep. “As long as I’m alive you would never get a day of peace” the phrase he said that shook me. I’ve been praying all these years and i am seeing God’s work even more in my life since i took that step of courage to get out of that situation. I know this wont be forever and I would be able to live the life God intended for me. My prayer is for this wicked person to be able out if our lives.

  15. Prayer to Stop loving and leave my narcissistic abusive fiancé

    Death God I’ve submitted my prayers to you and I await your answer. Meantime please move this mountain of abuse from my abuser out of my way. Although I love him, this isn’t love. Help me to stop loving him more than I love myself and for me to move forward onto the path you have for me. You know my desires and my heart. God you said you’re close to the broken hearted. God you said you will give me double for my troubles and beauty for my ashes. God you said if I ask in your name you will do it. God, YOU are able to do abundantly and exceedingly above all that I can ask or think. God I trust you. I trust the moment I asked that I am healed, happier, healthier, filled with inner peace and in my place of blessings. I ask for prayer for my fiancé as he is in need too and God you know what that is better than me. Thank you my Lord for hearing me the first time and for your love and protection. Your words will not return void. You are God alone. I give you praise and I love you and thank you Lord, these things I pray in Jesus’ Name Amen.

  16. I hate my husband

    Please pray for me as I have a very selfish, arrogant and violent husband. we are married for 14 years and I have 3 beautiful children. I am constantly abused physically and emotionally, he hurls insults nevermind the fact that I am employed and earning alot more than him. I have always been a submissive wife and kept a close relationship with God. But i really feel that God has abandoned me. I have no parents as they are deceased. My siblings keep away from my home because they cannot stand my husband. he doesnt help at home or with the kids at all. He complains that I dont respect him simply because he sees his cousin’s wife waiting on his cousin hand and foot. No one has ever been able to disagree with him especially me, because 1st his voice raises, then he uses filthy vulgar languages on me. If I still disagree with him he gets violent on me and starts damaging furniture. Worse he treats me like his own personal porn star.

    Please help…I feel like I am in hell and I cant get out. I have been waiting for years for God to please remove him from my life. I dont have anyone around me that I can talk as I am a very indoor type of woman. God and family are most important to me. My personality is so different my husband,,,,, I cant tell you how much I regret marrying him or even meeting him.

  17. Lord Jesus help me and my children

    married to this man for 16 years , he was an abusive manipulative alcoholic for 15 years now he “quit “ drinking and only drinks 1 beer a day which is a 40 ounce bottle ! i have been woken up many times in the middle of the night and I will start praying for hours for Jesus to help me and get us out of this demeaning and degrading house of horror ! I know Jesus will make a way . It’s hard to stay trusting him and I feel like I don’t know what I should do . My daughters start acting up more and I know they feel the tension in this house . He is blatantly disrespectful and smokes inside . He thinks he deserves a kind of royalty to be a king in his own house

  18. Broken and abandoned

    I feel your pain as i have been in a similar situation for a lot longer. I have a son who has witnessed a negligent abusive father for most of his childhood, he is now in his teens and I know this situation has had an impact him. The Mr. is a so-called preacher. He has falsely accused me of infidelity so bad. I stop attending his church. He has called me awful names and made derogative statements referring to the female genitalia to me. He is cruel down to his soul. I too have prayed for God to remove him from life that he will pack up and leave. He is wears anger and we don’t want to be around him. He is very controlling.
    I am in counseling and has had my son in counseling and about to place him back in because his pediatrician notice that he seems unhappy.
    I believe the Lord is with me but desires that I be more proactive- like physically removing myself, relocating to a new place, going no contact, changing my name because I think he’s really mentally ill showing signs of narcissism, delusional jealousy disorder, paranoia, bipolar disorder and abuse to top it all off. I constantly fear what he will do it I leave him. I want to end this severly toxic situation for the benefit of all. The Mr. will never see it as a solution because he has poor insight which is a symptom of a personality defect.
    I regret marrying him and wish I never met him, too. My soul aches at times. No one truly understands how deep this wound goes except the Lord. Only He alone can fix it.
    I stand in agreement with you that the Lord will show His mighty hand in our lives and bring deliverance. Have mercy, oh Lord, on your dear daughters and rescue us quickly for this is not your plan for our lives to be emotionally and physically abused by our husband’s. But to be treated with the love of Christ that they would die for us. Grant us safety from these monsters who willingly lend themselves to the will of the adversary. Bring peace, joy and happiness into our lives. Restore us Heaveniy Father. Amen

  19. Abusive drug addict

    I had a brain bleed that burst in my brain 4 times in 2 months due to finding my abusive husband having affairs. I end up with for hematoma strokes and was rushed to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota for emergency brain surgery which I did survive. My husband didn’t want to take care of me after 23 years of marriage and love to me for a drug addict alcoholic woman who committed adultery on her husband on a regular basis. My husband got in trouble with the law and end up being sent back home on house arrest. Since he’s been home he takes and abuses medications that caused him to be high and not sleep for days at a time. He has become so abusive emotionally to where I have to lock my door and put a chair underneath it at night when I go to sleep. I am trying to heal after having four strokes and major brain stem surgery. This dress is interfering in my recovery. I need prayers to get well so I can get strong and walk away from this marriage. Please pray for healing so I can get this strength in the courage to walk away from this abusive relationship. My husband will never change he was a drug addict for 15 years on heroin and now he abuses medications. He is also an alcoholic but now I has to wear a alcohol bracelet that was part of his sentences at is revocation hearing after violating several probation violations. He accuses me of putting him in prison where he spent 30 days and since he’s been home he’s been nothing but abusive to me because he’s blaming me for him going to prison. I need to heal and I need to get rid of the Stress and Anxiety that he causes me each and every day. My husband is a horrible mean person who only cares about himself. Please pray that I heal so that I can get the strength and the courage to walk away.

  20. abusive marriage

    I need to get out of this marriage. My husband is verbally abusive.He use to hit me but he does not do that any more. He is abusive in other ways.I want this marriage to end. I want him to move out of my house.I have lost so much weight and I drink alcohol more than I ever have.I need peace back in my life.I just want to be by my self again.Where I can have a piece of mind and be able to enjoy life more.I feel like i am living in hell. Please pray that this marriage will end and I can get my life back. Thank You

  21. Lord please hear my cry

    Hello I’m asking for help to get out of my relationship ,I’ve been in this relationship for years,I’ve been verbally abused mentally ,physically As well. Tried to isolate me from my family and friends! Controlling just nit picks me backs me into a wall, until I have no choice but to defend myself, I barely get sleep at night always so tainted and effortless ! He will not leave or move out! To the point I thought of taking my life but the thought that I would leave my daughter motherless. I have to continue to be strong wait on God to remove me from this situation or for a opportunity will come up for me to move! Been waiting patiently no luck yet!

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