Prayer For Our Relationships To Work

by Elizabeth (Malaysia)

Almighty God, I ask of Thee to look into the relationship that I am having at this moment. I want it to be a lasting relationship and according to your will. I do care for the person so much but I do not know if he really care for me. I am not asking for him to be changed just that I want him to have more meaningful relationship with you because through you Lord, everything is in order.I just want to know if he really does love and care for me as the way I feel for him. Show me the way Lord and if this relationship is what you planned for me, help me to make it work. Thank you Lord.

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  1. Prayer to Reunite

    Please pray that Leonard and I reunite together happier than before the turmoil. Fill his heart with my love and allow him to release whatever fears that he may have. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen!

  2. Negative thoughts about my relationship

    Oh heavenly father I called apoun you to fix my heart for her I want this women to be my wife I love her deeply so god I ask you please to help and allow me to love her and remove thoughts I’ve been having of letting her go allow us stand apoun the alta . And say sacred vows. God heal me and allow me to love her mind body and soul and spirit jesus father make us strong together remove these negative thoughts on my mind in the name of Jesus enable our lives so the we may. Start our life together Jesus please lord in Jesus name I pray Amen

  3. New love

    I have met someone I really like and care about. We work together and I’m falling more and more in love with him each day. We have went out once and I feel a string connection with him. Please pray for me and let this relationship work. We are so good together.

  4. My relationship

    Please pray for my relationship with (RE)..please lord make things much better between us…We have been in this too long to let this go..In Jesus name I pray AMEN

  5. Relationship pray

    Dear Lord, my boyfriend and I have been together for almost seven years and I love him more then I can ever show and we have lost our way and are and a bad stop in our relationship and I don’t want to lose please give us the strength and love and wisdom to find our way back to each other heart so we can have a strong furture toether. In your name we pray Amen

  6. I need my relationship to work

    me an my boyfriend Tob in love now for 6 month but in long distance relationship. i pray to the Lord to help our relationship to work and for us to be together forever and have love and feeling of each other. Lord help us to marry next year in Jesus name. Lord help us to have good communication with each other. Lord i love him very much do not let any evil power to take him away from me. God help us live together forever in Jesus name. thank you Lord for answering my prayer. Amen

  7. My relationship

    For my relationship to grow stronger and for My boyfriend to be safe for he’s in Afghanistan and I mistrusted him in something he told me that he will forgive me and love me the way we were and for God to give us strength in our relationship..

  8. mend their relationship and let marriage take place

    Dear Lord,

    I come to you this morning as a mother, I pray that my daughter and her ex reunite and marry.

    Father in Jesus name I ask that he realises very soon that they are meant to be. They schooled together as children, played together then lost touch for many years, as adults they saw each other and did not know each other but professed to friends that the other would be their spouse. They got together and began to date. They now knew each other. They discussed marriage, children a home and made plans, after eleven months his friends lied and used his insecurities to break them up. Father it has been a ten months and he seems to be dating someone else, but my daughter is still hopeful and prays for him everyday as she is in love with him. She asks you Lord to grant her this relationship and I am in agreement as I know you Lord are the one who brought them together and that the devil is trying to steal the strongest relationship ever as he knows they will glorify you and praise you ultimately as a unit.

    Father bring forth your majesty and command Satan to give back what he has stolen.

    In Jesus mighty name.


  9. relationship problem

    Me n my boyfriend have been together for 7 months n we need for u to fix ours relationship n make us come closer n work out

  10. relationshipe

    I have four years with mu girlfriend and I do not no what changes her but it very bad from her my relationship and her no good but I want u father to pray for her plz and fix my relationship with her I love her so much father in the name of the lord amen

  11. I've fallen in love..

    I’ve fallen in love…and it hurts. After being in a year and 6 month relationship with my boyfriend he tells me he needs space. Because I can respect that couples do need time away to appreciate what they have its been almost a month.
    We have continued to have contact but not like we used too. I miss my 5:15 am calls on his way to work, I miss those random texts throughout the day, I miss his voice, I miss the hand holding and the way he’d call me “babe”…I miss him…I miss us!
    I ask for the strength to get through this “speed bump” we are trying to get over. It hurts so bad that I pray for us to be like we love!

  12. I need my relationship to work

    I really love him but I don’t know what with us I need for things to work out for us

  13. Please pray for us

    My boyfriend and I have been together for four years, we merged our family two years ago and it has not been easy for the kids. They want our family to remain but he left two.days ago and is unsure if he is willing to come home. He lost his grandmother and his daughter is going to college in September. I have had several major emergency surgeries this year and my wages have been reduced as I’m on disability. We love each other but are struggling. I ask for prayers so he can find the strength to come home and rejoin our family. I noticed his promise ring was removed today… God help us, please.

  14. anxious

    I’m a 21 years old woman in a relationship with a 26years old man
    I’m worried about our relationship because it feels as if I’m the only one who cares of its prosperity…
    Please help me pray for my relationship because I want it to work as I love my boyfriend and one day want to be his wife and have a family with him , as hard as it is I sometimes want to give up and forget about the relationship! Not because I don’t love him anymore but because I’m hurting.

  15. emotionally unavailable partner

    I met this guy through my boss bcoz he is a friend of him. we’re dating about a month and then we fall inlove each other and decided to put into the next level. i’ve shared with him about my life experiences on how much God care me when i was broken. He told me that he was so amazed and wanna get to know me more bcoz he said his life was already moved to me. he had asked me to visit our church and been worship thrice with him. but after a month ago his father died from acute athritis i noticed he’s acting cold towards me. im trying to comfort him like what i used to do but he is no longer accept it and i felt his coldness trying to push me away. im still praying to God to give me more wisdom and guidance to understand the situation and give him a time and space for his emotions. but i hope that the more time im giving to him he will be guided above and heal his emotions. im praying our relationship will work even for now i can feel that he is withdrawing and discouraging me but still im loving him unconditionally.

  16. love restoration and marriage

    thank you Lord for the gift of Edmund in my life.
    we have beeen dating for 10 months and surely have been in love untill his family came into the picture and disorganised us causing us to break up…we got back after three weeks and surely i can see he loves me but he has started lying to me about petty issues to do with mum(is it because she doesnt like me?)..he says he wants to marry me amidst the opposition from his family …he does things that impress but not as he use to…
    lord i pray that the good work you started in us leads to accomplishment.i believe there is no storm u cant calm…reunite us,favor us ,,put love in both our hearts because you are able.i rebuke every negative word,power of withcraft ,generational curses ,lineage problems that could be a hnderance to our ralationship.NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US AND OUR RELATIONSHIP SHALL PROSPER IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS.

  17. amy & trevor

    this is for my daughter and her boyfriend. they have had a long distance relationship for almost 3 years and have known each other for 13 years. the time has come for them to make the next step of moving in together in the same city and he is now having doubts. a lot of time and money has been invested in this relationship. she is almost 34 years old and doesn’t have much going for her in her life. she was ready to move to a new city and start a new life. i don’t think she could survive another breakup. please help them to both realize that they love each other and all relationships take work.

  18. praying for my man

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been dating this guy for almost three months now. I have fallen in love with him. For the last week and a half, he has been pulling away from me, and I am not sure why. I am praying that we stay together and continue to develop our relationship. I really want this, and I thought he did too. I will be devastated to lose him. I pray to God that my guy figures this out, and realizes that we are good together. I just want to grow closer together, and be with each other forever. We were heading that way, but I am not sure what happened over the last couple of weeks. I think he wants to date me and date other women, but I don’t want that.

    I pray for peace and wisdom in this relationship.

  19. relationship prayer

    Lord i pray that u can change him and make him the good daddy to his baby,i know things havnt been going right between us bt i need u right now plaz take ur place in our hearts and let ur will be done lord.and plzz make our family’s get Gods grace and in Jesus name i pray

  20. prayer for my relationship

    Through you all things are possible. I love my partner and want nothing more than to have a meaningful and loving long lasting relationship with him. I pray he opens up his heart and allows you in. with your blessing and guidance in our lives so that we remain genuine and loyal to one another and look to each other.


  21. New relationship

    Heavenly Father,

    Thank you for the opportunity you have given me in this new relationship. I am not sure where things are headed or if we both have the same intentions. I feel that we both have the same interest in each other most of the time. I’m excited to hear from him and in look forward to our dates. I ask you to guide us and help us to understand if we should continue to nurture this relationship. He deserves a good woman in his life and I pray that I may be that woman for him. Help me to be patient and not get anxious when I do not hear from him. Today has been a tough day because we have had little communication. We usually talk often.

    I pray to you to help me accept your plan. I trust that you know what you are doing.

    In Jesus name I pray.


  22. New relationship

    Heavenly Father,

    Thank you for the opportunity you have given me in this new relationship. I am not sure where things are headed or if we both have the same intentions. I feel that we both have the same interest in each other most of the time. I’m excited to hear from him and in look forward to our dates. I ask you to guide us and help us to understand if we should continue to nurture this relationship. He deserves a good woman in his life and I pray that I may be that woman for him. Help me to be patient and not get anxious when I do not hear from him. Today has been a tough day because we have had little communication. We usually talk often.

    I pray to you to help me accept your plan. I trust that you know what you are doing.

    In Jesus name I pray.


  23. Feelings coming quick...but asking God for guidance

    I meet an older man through an online dating site, but the moment I saw his picture I knew I liked him. We’ve been communication by text and phone. I feel in instant connection to him. I want God to lead me and guide me and give me the rights words to say. I fee myself falling in Love with this man. He tells me that he doesn’t make much money, but I don’t care. I just want to share this closeness and love I feel that he has to give. I know God does answer prayers. So I just want God to continue to be in the mist of this relationship.

  24. Help to strenghten our relationship

    Hey everyone,
    im askin that you please pray for me and my boyfriend. We have been friends for a year and just recently we have started dating. Right after we made it public my family started drama with our relationship trying to break us up.
    We have finally gotten back in regular contact and recently i have been asking God to prove to me whether what my boyfriend tells me is really truthful. We have both came from hurtful previous relationships and i do really love him. He even told me that he asked God to show him the perfect woman for him while he was with his ex and not too much sooner I came along.
    We both wanna wait until marriage for sex and i will admit we have done things ( not actual sex). Most of the time- its because my body is unrelenting and even when i dont wanna do anything its still there and sometimes I do because out of fear he will leave me even though he has reassured me he will marry me and never leave me. I gave him my word that i wouldnt leave or hurt him because I know what hes been through cuz i was there…
    I dont want anyone else or wanna start over in another relationship its been too much pain. I want this man as my hubsand.

  25. help us both have a strong relationship with you God so this can work

    God I just ask that you draw me and the guy I am dating closer to you. I notice that him and I were saying a similar pray he asked for you to fix him because he is lacking you. And I pray that you help him have a more meaningful relationship with you because through you our relationship will work because you are a miracle working and I have seen what you can do. I just wanna thank you for hearing my prayer this morning and blessing me and the guy I’m in a relationship with give both of us strength also help us to be able to tolerate each other during our dislikes in Jesus name I pray Amen

  26. Praying for marriage

    I want my my boyfriend to love me and care for me the way I do,I want it to end in marriage please pray for me…Nelson ojeriakhi and Evelyn tega otomewo…I’m believing God for this miracle..thank you God bkos it’s done

  27. New relationship that started with Doubts

    i love James so much that i can even imagine losing him
    I know we started on a bad start filled with doubts but am ready to do anything to make this work out.
    Please guide us and let love be our portion unite us both with undying love For each other.
    Please let this work out for the better by guidance power and your love

  28. Please God

    Please God save us. We have been together almost 4 years. I love this man and just want use to get back to where we use to be. I want us to be k and j again badly.

  29. You are my only hope

    Please help give him and I the guidance to get through this difficult mountain in our relationship. Please help ease our anxiety and help us get through these next four weeks of being on a break. Please don’t let her be pregnant and please help him get the answers we need so we can continue our relationship. Please give me guidance in doing the right thing and keep a clear mind these next few weeks. Thank you lord for everything you do.

    Amen <3

  30. J&L

    Dear Lord,
    Please help us with guidance and strenght to get through this difficult path we are now on. Please remove all anxiety , jealousy, envy and trust issues we might feel for one another. Help us walk a healthy path filled with love and respect for eachother. Teach us to be more like you and help us understand that we are nothing without you. I pray that you open up his heart and help him understand. Help us both with patience and acceptance. We need you more than ever and we thank you for blessing us far more than we deserve.

    In Jesus name I pray.


  31. Fallen Out Of Love

    Please, God, i Beg you, help me find the spark and love i once saw in my partner. i pray you help us restore the most amazing relationship we’ve both had. i pray that you hear our prayers and allow us to be happy for the rest of our lives. i pray that you allow me to get over these negative thoughts and emotions and let me know the true meaning of love.

  32. Relationship

    Thank you Father God for all you do and things to come..i come before you asking you to touch freds mind and heart to contact me. Give him the knowledge to see we are meant to be…that i love him i will not leave him…wipe away his fears bring us closer together. My intention is good my heart is of him..Protect him father…all glory and honor belongs to you Father Amen

  33. KP

    Father, I pray that you bring Kim and I together in love and romance and respect and care for each other. I love her with all my heart, and she has left me and suddenly turned her back on me…My heart hurts; I pray that she loves me as much as I love her and that you repair our broken relationship and that you bring us together for the rest of our lives as loving partners. Please show her and make her realize I am a good man, and that I will do anything for her and her boys. Show me signs that we are growing back together strongly. Thank you Father. Amen

  34. Relationships

    Please for my relationship with boyfriend. I’ve loved him for quite so time now. I don’t want to lose him. Everything was going good until I left for college. I pray for understanding and healing in our relationship. God I ask cast my cares but you.

  35. Please pray for my relationhip

    I met a girl from Church on a dating site. Initially she was not interested in me. But I think as time goes on and she doesn’t meet anyone else and we’ll see each other in Church maybe she’ll come around. Plus I’m on the site for 6 more weeks so we can still chat occasionally. I try to leave her nice messages so maybe she’ll look at me differently. It seems like a perfect way for 2 people to meet and I can’t imagine there being a way for 2 people who worship God would be kept apart.

    Dear God please bring your beautiful daughter MaryAnn into my life. I want to love and cherish her and share our faith together. Please help MaryAnn see that I care for her and want to share my faith and my life with her. Please help me to say and do the right things to make this possible. MaryAnn is so loyal to our faith and I want to share that experience with her. What a beautiful blessing it would be to attend Mass together as one and hear the kind and beautiful words of the bible and know God is talking to us and giving us the wisdom to have a long lasting and loving relationship. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me and I hope I am worthy of this amazing blessing that I request with all my heart. Amen.

  36. New relationship

    Please pray for Jose, we’ve met on a dating site, he sent me text messages and we start communicating, he said we live too far apart, but its only more or less a hours drive from where I live, there is a connection between us, please God changes his mindset in Jesus Name.

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