Prayer for my cheating boyfriend to stop cheating

by Yvone (Windhoek)

i am a single mother blessed with two beautiful daughters, and i was recently together with the father of my last born who is a yaer and 3 months old, but we are now seperated since he was always cheating on me with different women, i loved him and was always taking him back after he did so many things to me but i have decided to come closer to God and pray for help for both of us sothat we must get help because he may have a big problem which we cannot solve on our own, because it is not healthy for us and i need urgent help. please pray for us sothat he must stop running around with other women

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    Lord, I pray and ask for your anointing to stop the evil spirits of chesting in my boyfriend, the man I love. O ask in your grace to please help me to be strong, wise and patient as your work starts. Please father stop him from cheating on me now and in the future, please Lord I pray. Have mercy on me father, have mercy on my soul, please help me.

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  3. Prayer for the cheating boyfriend/father

    Heavenly Father,
    We come to you now in bumblebees and a sincere heart. Please go forth on and let your plans prevail. May the cheating boyfriend/father stop at this instance and realize his wrongs. May you make him to see know and do what’s right. Lord let nothing feel comfortable to the man doing this and not realizing he is hurting more than the woman but the children also. Please remove ALL ungodly and unnecessary individuals out of his life permanently and replace with people that would coach guide and support him in the proper direction you have ordained. At this moment, please STOP all if his unrighteous ways. Instantantly. Without Fail. Heal the hurting woman and children involved. And allow the man to come and apologize privately and publicly. Thank you Heavenly Father. I believe and receive this to be done in your name Jesus Christ!

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