A prayer for this relationship to be a forever relationship

by Tlotlego (Pretoria)

Dear Lord

I pray that You bless our relationship to be a forever relationship. Father help me to be a strong, faithful woman, fill my heart with love and compassion. Father fill me with understanding. May I be the ideal woman to my partner, Father I pray that I never forget the power of a praying woman

Father I pray that You fill my partners heart with love for me and our family, Ipray that he will grow to be a supportive, loving, faithful and understanding husband to me.

May we never judge eachother, lead us away from temptation, may we stay together forever in faith. Father help us prosper and grow old together. Bless us with children, health, wealth, wisdom, love, peace and happiness oh Lord.

Let us always put You first.
I pray for this in the name of Jesus.