Prayer for a non-Christian girlfriend

Dear Lord,

I have been dating a non-Christian girlfriend for several months now. However, we both know that due to our differences in religion, a future together in marriage is simply impossible.

As such, we have had to break up today, as we’ve decided that it would be easier to end our stressful relationship earlier rather than later.

Forgive me, Lord, for not praying as earnestly to you about our relationship as I should have and as I have attempted to. Forgive me also, Lord, for misleading her or causing her any and all of the stress that we have been going through.

Most importantly Lord, I do not know what the future holds, but I thank you for bringing her into my life, because she has been nothing good to me.

I pray that she does not harden her heart against you, and I thank you that so far she has not, yet I pray that You soften her heart and that, despite the many negative examples of Christians out there, you will reveal yourself to her, and that she will in her lifetime witness many testimonies of good Christians who will sow seeds in her heart that will eventually bring her to You.

Lord, we may never get back together, and only You know the plans you have for us, and they are only to prosper us, to give us a hope and a future, so I pray that I can put my trust in you Lord, no matter what.

Most importantly, Lord I pray that You will save her and that she will some day see the light and give her life to Christ.

Thank you Lord,
In Jesus Name I pray,

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  1. For my ex non christian girlfriend

    Dear Lord Jesus,

    I regret for following my sexual desires and committing fornication with my ex girlfriend whom I love very much. But you love her incomparably more than me – a sinner. Please forgive me for my sins with her and cleanse me from my evil desires.

    Please also forgive her for opposing you. She is in completer darkness and bitterness has closed her eyes from your light. She is a spiritually blind woman, because her upbringing was not good, men whom she met with were not honest, and me was unfaithful to you. Forgive me and her please.

    Dear Jesus, can I ask you intervene her life and help her to come to you, please. She can’t do her way to you, because she is under a complete darkness. She is surrounded by temptations and can’t get out of them if you just leave her alone. Please intervene powerfully.

    Please help me to commit her onto your hands and not be an obstacle on her way to You. Please save her and let me marry one her. Otherwise, help me to forget her until I see her with you in eternity.



  2. Dear Lord

    Dear Lord,

    Actually I don’t want to seperate with her, we had happy time and sweet moment while being together. I treasured the moment of being with her.

    But knowing that, she really doesn’t want to go to church, visit my family and discuss about the future of our relationship.

    I sincerely hope and pray to you that you will bless her and wish her all the best. Jesus, I remember that I said before, I would choose to seperate with her rather than still be with her when she is a non-believer.

    Jesus, I cannot control what she think and how she act, but I sincerely pray to you to save her life and allow her to be a Christian.

    Jesus although she does not believe in you and admit your existence. I truly rely on you, I pray for her and her family will believe in you one day.

    At last, it seems that our relationship comes to the end, I wish we can meet each other finally in the heaven one day.

    Follow your guidance rather than my own feeling.

    Thank you for listening my prayer,


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