Prayer for a long distance relationship

by Megan (Portland, OR)

Dear Lord, I know that I have been beautifully and wonderfully made, and I thank you for my life and for Your love.

Thank you, also, for granting me a partner who is also beautifully and wonderfully made, who shows me some of Your character, and who brings me joy and fulfillment in ways I didnt even know I needed!

You are a gracious and loving God and I thank you for giving us the gift of being able to share that love with one another.

Lord, You know my heart, and You know that I would much rather have my partner from far away than not at all.

You also know that sometimes my heart aches with the desire to be near my partner: to share lifes joys and to comfort each other when life is hard; to laugh together, to play together, and to be able to look one another in the eye and say I love you, even when resolving conflicts.

I know that You have a plan for us, and that Your plan is much better than one that I could devise. Right now it is so hard for us to be away from each other, so please, Lord, fill us with strength for the journey.

Help us recognize the value in each day, and to see each day as a new opportunity. Fill our hearts with compassion, understanding, and creativity to keep us strong when the pain seems too difficult to bear.

And please, Lord, if you will, help us find a way to be together soon.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen.

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  1. Helping and saving my relationship that we work out dear lord please help us thank you Ilove you amen

    Dear lord I’m praying to you asking for your help opening up to you with my heart please help my relationship stay strong and that me and my girl can fix things and that she comes back help us stay strong through what we are going through bless us with your love and help us get by as a couple thank you Lord I love you amen!

  2. Keep us close together

    Dear Lord,

    As your humble servant, please grant my partner and I the wisdom
    and understanding so that we could be together soon as in your will lord. Grant my partner and i the patient to serve you in your will. I pray that my partner and I will last long till marriage and forever. Although we are far apart keep us safe from danger and temptation that we might go through in life. Help us to grow together as a couple and coup with whatever difficulties that we might go through as a couple.

    I love you B.


  3. prayer

    Please lord its been five months without my boyfriend and I pray everyday to bring us together soon amen

  4. Lord, I need him by my side

    Lord, I know he loves me, what I don’t know is if he will ever want to settle down in one state. I don’t know how much longer I can handle feeling this way. Please give me peace and strength while we’re apart. Help me focus on my daughters, myself and on my job. Lord, ease give me peace, I miss him so much and I don’t want to feel like this anymore.

    Don’t leave my side.


  5. God bless you

    Thank you so much Megan, I wanted to for my relationship pray for my relationship, I had the word but didn’t know the right way to formulate the sentences lol. But thank you again and I was able to personalize it too. God bless you.

  6. Words of strength

    Thank you for this beautiful prayer that i niw say every day till im with my girl. We hwve known each other for over a year and long to be together for the rest of our lives, until that time i will draw comfort from these words and pray that we will be together soon.
    Miss you Hunny xx xx xx

  7. Lord please

    Dear lord.
    Please help me with my boyfriend we love each other so much and we are great full that we meet lord.I humbly come before you lord please help us to be close strength us lord guide our hearts and minds lord help us to be strong in times of difficulty. Lord I ask you let this year be the year I meet my partner family lord I beg u let this be year of blessing for us bby .Leave everything in your hands in Jesus name I pray amen.

  8. prayer

    Thank you for this prayer, me and my boyfriend are going through the strains of long distance, and I pray that we last if it is your will Gos. I pray that we continue to grow and not give up on eachother even when it seems hard and challenging…Guide us Lord and this relationship to one day find a way to be within the same location and be strong enough to face the challenges until the day comes.


  9. thanking almighty..

    thanku Lord for everything in my life…. and thanku so much for sending this wonderful man in my life…. who made my life worth living… it’s all because of ur blessings…. I thanku fr always being with us our family, friends and relatives…. n thanku fr each n everything in our life’s…. lord, be with us n guide us in each n every step of our lives… we need ur presence…. In the name of Jesus I pray.. amen…

  10. God bless us - Pravin Roggers and Christal Jeya

    Thank you Lord for giving me Pravin Roggers. Guard our relationship. Bring us closer in love and faith during this period of engagement. Lord, help us with our wedding too, to be in union soon. Bless both our families. I receive this prayer in the name of saviour Jesus Christ. AMEN 🙂 <3

  11. prayer

    Dear God,
    i humbly ask and pray to you r lord to save my relationship to my important man in my life i dnt knw what’s happening to him but as i say with all my heart what changes is he saying i would understabd him listen to him with all my heart. i love my man and i hope and pray thts its not what i am thinking of tht he loves someone better than me. but if it does so i would set him free instead bcz i want him to be happy and if tht so i knw it will very difficult for me but i know you will guide me and give me whata the best for me guide me Papa jesus i love mymani wanted to save what we had for the second time that he give me a chance to come into his life.i hope and i humbly pray to you our God.


  12. Opportunity and Plans

    Thanks for the prayer as it points out so many things, but more particularly to me is the acknowledgement of opportunity and God’s master plan for our lives. I agree that each day should be looked at as another opportunity – a time where we can realize that its another opportunity to focus on Him and not so much on ourselves. Because if we keep our minds on Him, He promises to give us that perfect piece. Be that He said it, then we can count on it. But yet, nature’s way is for us to focus on our feelings and it gets in our way of taking advantage of that opportunity.

    His plans are for us to prosper and to give us a hope and a glorious and abundant future. Therefore, if we believe that than we must receive it in our hearts. Its not good for man [woman] to be alone. That is why he created us for each other. With my separation I share those feelings of loneliness some days more than others. It’s very difficult, but some how, God renews us, (even its just while we’re sleeping) to make it through another day. May God feel the emptiness in your heart and bring you and your soul mate together.

    Blessings on your life.

  13. Thanks/prayer request

    Thank you for this beautiful prayer. I pray it everyday. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years & we’ve been through ALOT together. Recently he got a chance to go live out his dream and play college football, however this meant he had to move 21 hours away.. This is extremely difficult especially because all our hopes,dreams, and goals involve eachother.itll be devestating if the distance ruins us which i pray it doesnt … I pray that we get through this and I would be ever so grateful if someone prayed for us also. Thank you

  14. Thank you :-)

    Thank you for this prayer. This is what I needed to read at this moment. I have had a long distance relationship for about 3 years and it is really wearing on us. We pray a lot to be together. I just need the help of others to pray that he can find a job where I live so we can be together and don’t have to stress and worry. I believe it’s meant to be. We both love each other very much. Thank you for your time in reading this!

  15. god is good always

    Dear Lord. You knows us inside out. More than we can ever learn about ourselves. You created us from nothing. You have our desires, wishes, dreams engraved in your heart. You know exactly what Daniel and my struggles and tribulations are at the time. And it seems as is every time there’s a change for us to unite there is always something in the way of not letting it get fullfilled. You know he is a good person with a kind heart. All I ask you to touch him and let him feel you next to him in these times of struggles. And give us strength to bare what is your plan for us. And know that your plans are all of good. Let him know that I love him Lord. Please bring him home safe. For we trust in you. We both ask you in Lords Jesus Name. AMEN.

  16. May the Lord answers our prayer very soon.amen


  17. Patience and commitment

    I absolutely love this prayer because I can relate to it very much. I would so much rather be away from my love than not with him at all. After 2.5 yrs of dating he joined the military and our time away has been very hard for me. He is the love of my life and I cannot express in words or feeling how much he means to me, I cannot ever imagine my life without him and pray that I never have to. Dear Lord, please bless and protect the love my boyfriend and I have for each other and help our relationship to grow with each other together so that we may spend an eternity together. Help me also to have the patience and understanding that it may take him time to fully commit. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and good things happy to those who wait. Please Lord, let my patience and my boyfriends love be the key to our eternity together

  18. Thankful .

    I’ve been in a LDR for almost three years now. And it is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. It tears me apart having to say goodbye to my boyfriend after he leaves to go back to school in Alabama (he comes home to California for breaks). I truly find comfort in prayer, and ultimately I know God has plan for us. I am excited to see what our Heavenly Father has in store for us. God bless all of you, coming from a person who understands whAt you’re all going through! Stay strong and hopeful.

  19. Military relationship

    Hi all, just asking for you guys to keep my relationship in your thoughts and prayers. I have dated my boyfriend on and off for 7 years. I am 23, he is 24. This year he joined the military and it has been a struggle as of lately. He is the absolute love of my life and I can’t imagine a future without him. I’m praying and hoping everything will be okay between us.


    It is so beautiful and touching prayer for those lovers in a far distance relationship,just like us.we have been in sweet relations for a year and wish to be together soon with YOUR WILL O LORD. We both love each other so deeply that most of the time I even dreamed of him and longing for his presence. Lord,I keep on praying that one day or in any way you may give,please help us to be strong enough to face whatever may it takes .IN JESUS NAME.AMEN.

  21. marvin and. michelle. lord make it a way for us to togather

    I have been in a long distance relationship for a. Very long. Year she is asian flipino with. michelle i meet her online. But i care about so much ilove her so much i know she love me so much she is a nurse from the phillppines i wish we can meet we do wechat on line but i wish we can. Live togather have kids. She is so lonely im am so lonely im a black man. But i care so much about her. I wish we can be togarther have a family. Even. More in life hevenly lord and jesus christ make a way for us. To be togather. A men

  22. Thank you so much.

    I recently moved to a small town in Montana that feels like I am in the middle of nowhere, and I have a wonderful boyfriend in Washington State and I miss him dearly, and I feel like I am millions of miles away from him. This prayer will come in handy for me, so thank you so much.

  23. Well stated <3

    Dear Heavenly Father, At times I find my partner in I in moments of a desire to be with each other. But right now with financial problems I can not do anything about our distance at this point right now. As we may be blessed enough to be together soon if its in your will Lord. Lord, give me all the strength I need to live through out each day to continue in your word and serve your Holy name. And Lord, as our situations are right now, I know you have something planned for us Lord. What ever that is I will accept and love. And what you have planned it will be superior. And Lord please gives my partner and I the love to continue between us as the journey continues. My faith hope and trust is in you Lord!! May we be able to continue this blessed romance until our last breath through you. If it to be in your will. Thank you Lord, Amen.

  24. LDR prayer

    Thank you for this beautiful prayer. I just started an on-line relationship from a distance and it’s hard, but I have never felt this way before, loving someone before actually seeing him face to face. I know this was an answered prayer because I have put my life on hold for so long from the dating world and took care of raising my kids as a single parent and then they got older and I ended up caring for my aging parents until the end of their life here on earth. This man came into my life just weeks prior to my mom went to be with our Lord Jesus and now she is with my dad in heaven who had gone 2 years before she did. They are both in good hand with our Lord Jesus and I am blessed to have this man in my life now even though it is from afar for now.

    Thank you Lord for sending me to this site. I did not know how to put my feelings into words, then you show me the way. May god bless you in all that you do. Amen

  25. Thank you GOD

    Very strange I met this guy unexpectedly. AS i always ask GOd to give me a Man that can give a pure LOve and he came to my life. LOrd, Just wanna say thank you for giving me chance to love again and to trust again. And bringing this man to my life. He has anxiety problem , but i never take it as a hindrance to have a relationship. LOrd God may you bless us and give more strength in our first journey as boyfriend and girlfriend. May you lead us into marriage and to be forever. May u keep us strong as we going to be far awaya again. THank you so much lord for everything. In this way i could find time and share my thoughts .

  26. Thanks Megan

    Thanks a lot for this beautiful prayer.. Its really touched my heart.. This is the perfect prayer for our LDR.. May God always Bless you and all of us.. Amen..

  27. a love that will never be mine.

    I know he is not my boyfriend but I pray this everyday for we are still in a long distance relationship. I always pray for us to be together as soon as possible. I pray this for I am alone here in US with my family and seldom go out. I have no strenght but God himself. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IN HIS WILL. Though I know our distance and though I know he wilk never be mine, I always ask for God’s guidance for the whatsoever relationship we have. Papa God, plwase always hear my prayer. I hope to see him soon. I love you.

  28. Thank you Lord

    I thank God for letting me read this prayer. Honestly this is what I wanted to see. I have a hard time expressing my self, specially with words. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 yrs and 2 months. He lives in Texas and I love in El Salvador. All I want is for the distance to be over. It’s so hard, specially when all those feelings you mentioned I’m your prayer happen all at once. Today is his birthday, I’ve missed his graduation and three other birthdays. If we are lucky we see each other every six months. I have faith in God and I know He will make us stronger! Thank you, God has giving you an amazing gift!

  29. thank you for this wonderful prayer i will copy this and send to my seaman husband i hope u dont mind.. godbless

    Thank u fot this wonderful prayer I will copy this and send to my husband hope you don’t mind…. godbless

  30. :)

    Thank you for this beautiful prayer. My boyfriend and I pray this everyday and it really helps to give us the strength. We usually end our day with this prayer and it fills us with an immense feeling of gratitude and love for each other. We have been away for 3 years now but we will be finally meeting in December and that is by far the best gift Goad has blessed me with. I pray for all of you in the same situation as me. Be strong since it is worth the wait. Amen.

  31. Gods Grace and Glory in mine and Waynes Long Distance Relationship

    Oh what a powerful Prayer it came just when i was about to give up. We havent known each other for very long but he is just the man i had been praying for his gentle his loving his kind he adores my children he treats me like a queen and knows wen to say the right words….I care for him deeply and do not want to loose him I want to take care of him father and treat him like a king…I want to teach him to know you more Father and trust in you as i do…Father I pray that our love can grow even stronger and may we not hide wat Wayne and I feel for each other strengthen us in love and in Faith Father… Amen. And once again God Almighty thank you for bringing Wayne into my life I know there is a reason a good one…help us both to be strong and patient. Watch over him Father in Jesus name Amen.

  32. Prayer for a long distance relationship

    Hi, thank’s God i found this prayer, my fiance is in SA now and im here in the Philippines. Pls. allow me to copy this and paste to our facebook.. I really appreciate it. and it help me to enlighten.

  33. Safe Arrival

    Thank you for this prayer. It touched my heart and soothed the pain I feel specially when love is constantly being put to the test by distance and lack of constant communication.

    Dear God,

    Help me get rid of this pain and useless anxiety
    And let him finally come to me
    And as his arrival draws near
    Help me get rid of my fears

    Please help us be together
    And make our lives better
    Help us to remain faithful to you and to each other
    And let no temptation bother

    Let our love stay pure and true
    And keep us from feeling blue
    May we be together soon
    As he promised me last June

    I pray for his safe arrival
    For our relationship’s survival
    Help us to love each other more each day
    And not go astray

    All this all I ask of you, oh Lord

  34. Thank & Bless U, Megan.

    Megan, peace be with you. Your prayer made me cry because you seem to have read my mind. I will pray for you, please pray for me too. I’ve prayed this same prayer nearly everyday. I know how you feel and im with you sister. I live in the USA and my Beloved (Toba) lives in Africa we met almost a year ago online but our love is real; didnt know what loving/being loved truly was until Toba came into my life. He is everything I’ve ever wanted/needed and more so everything I didn’t even realize that I wanted/needed…so surprised when God sent Toba into my life nearly a year ago. Yes, God works in ways that we humans cant imagine. Although I waited my entire life for the man God planned for me to love it was worth the wait and HE brought Toga to me when I thought I’d never have the kind of love that only God designs. I love Toba more than romantically, superficially, conditionally. I love him as a person, friend, a man, my future husband & father of our children (God willing)-exactly as he is, unconditionally…for his character, passion, drive & focus, openness & honesty, his gentleness & understanding & respect, strength, and his support & comfort for me/us in all things (especially concerning our LDR), but most of all for his love/fear/faith for Our Almighty Father. The Holy Spirit has told me that this is the man that I’m meant to love, support, and be committed to. I couldn’t stop loving him if I tried. He is the man of my heart & always will be even if it has to be from afar. No one can ever take his place and even if we never share a life in the same location my heart will always be his. He complements my spirit. LDRs are so difficult because we want to be with our partner like other couples we see but with faithfulness to our partner and to GOD & by HIS grace nothing is impossible.
    I claim the promise of GOD to answer HIS children’s prayers for our LDRs and give HIM thanks/praise/glory for the good times as well as the obstacles/trials we experience in life and in our LDRs. Be at ease for God IS GOOD! HE makes all things turn out for our betterment. Thank you Father for your love and always hearing our prayers, giving us joy, providing strength through hard times, and for protecting our faraway loved ones. Amen.

  35. Thank you!

    These words are exactly what i want to say as my prayer to god, i am now in a 3 years ldr, We love each other so much and we both feel low because of the distance right now as im typing this, i was looking for some encouraging qoutes and i found this prayer,while browsing the internet. I am going to copy this and paste on my email to my boyfriend, if its okay! this is a prayer we can share will help us…thanks again for this prayer.God bless

  36. Thank you for this wonderful prayer

    I just started having a long distance relationship after knowing that my girlfriend will be moving from another school which means we cant see each other since she lives far away from my place and the only time I had to meet her was during school days. We’ve been hanging out for almost 4 months now and I’m truly happy that the lord gave me such a wonderful partner to have. I prayed this prayer every night because it really hurts so much to be far away from my girlfriend. My heart aches ever since, this prayer gave me more faith that hopefully we will soon see each other again. I miss the times we spent our time with each other….. Thank you for this prayer.

  37. thankful prayer

    Thanks for the shared prayer.We are almost 1 year with my boyfriend, love and trust always makes our relationship last till now.Sometimes, we have communication and sometimes there’s a months or couple of months we can’t talk or chat, but still I trust him. I wish that one day we will be together as what we promised..

  38. Pray this prayer to the one I love .. 2700 miles away

    I thank the almighty lord above for
    All he has given to me and is still
    Giving .. I thank him for my son
    My car / home / food/ job
    My family/ My Lover..
    Please Dear Lord always be at my side
    I love you and need you – Amen

  39. Thank you

    thanks you for this wonderful prayer because for sure this will help to anybody who is longing for a wonderful and special thanks.

  40. Thanks

    Thank you very much for this prayer. My boyfriendand i pray this together atleast every week to ask God for guidance in our long distance relationship. He is in SA now and im still in the US. Hopefully we will be seeing each other soon..

  41. thank you for the prayer

    me and my husband are far from each other because he is a seaman. I am 39 weeks pregnant and anytime i will deliver our long awaited baby boy–YANIS.

    We got married last 2008, and we have been apart since then..we see each other only for 2-5 months and sometimes 2 months only. however, we are well communicated through facebook.

    we are close to each other via electronic and we long to see each other to hug and kiss each other especially now we have a baby.

    I love my husband so much and I really thank GOD we got chance to be together and every moment we spend together we treasure it and we always remember it in our hearts.

    i like the prayer you created and i pasted it in my letter for my husband….im sure he will be happy because of the words used, really can touch his heart….

  42. thank you for the prayer

    me and my husband are far from each other because he is a seaman. I am 39 weeks pregnant and anytime i will deliver our long awaited baby boy–YANIS.

    We got married last 2008, and we have been apart since then..we see each other only for 2-5 months and sometimes 2 months only. however, we are well communicated through facebook.

    we are close to each other via electronic and we long to see each other to hug and kiss each other especially now we have a baby.

    I love my husband so much and I really thank GOD we got chance to be together and every moment we spend together we treasure it and we always remember it in our hearts.

    i like the prayer you created and i pasted it in my letter for my husband….im sure he will be happy because of the words used, really can touch his heart….

  43. Thank you

    I really needed this. My man doesnt pray but i know that if he loves me as much as he says he does this is a prayer we will share together. Thank you for your words… i felt even closer to it since your in Portland as well. thank you again!

  44. Long distance

    Thank you for this prayer.We have been in a long distance relationship and we only see each other once a year!it’s really very tough but with the Lord’s guidance and blessing we know that we can conquer any storm that come our way!LOVE is not enough..PRAYER is a very powerful tool to keep love alive coupled with trust and faith to each other..
    GOD bless you always and to GOD be the glory!

  45. thanks

    hi, thank you for this wonderful prayer..i will copy this and send it to my husband. hope you do not mind. thank you so much..

  46. You never let me down

    Just when I was breaking down debating if my long distance relationship with my boyfriend is even worth it anymore lord u brought to me the comfort I been praying for thank u for this prayer it’s everything that I feel and lord knows my hearts desires to be with my boyfriend and first love who my Herat tells me was sent to me by god I thank u! I know we will make it with gods guidance and strength we can make it thru this and start our lives together the way the lord intended us too Jesus works in mysterious ways but u never let me down thank u for ur love,guidance, and mostly ur mercy! I don’t wanna think about where I would be without u I feel thank u isn’t enough but I kno for u it is god I pray he omens back to me soon and our love is sincere and gets stronger so we can last and grow together thank u for this prayer we will make it in Jesus name! Amen

  47. Thank you

    Thanks to the Lord who made it posible for this prayer.maybe you were reading my mind.
    I am married and my wife is far a way from me as in in china and she is in africa.
    i have been praying that God makes it posible for us to join each other and i know in God.s Name its going to happen soon.
    Thank you God bless you

  48. Thank you

    My boyfriend and I have just started our long distance relationship and I really want it to work between us. Thank you for this prayer. Its powerful.

  49. Thankful

    thank you for that prayer, it made me want to drop a tear… I have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for 3months now, sometimes I feel sad, but after reading this prayer, I feel even stronger… I feel we can beat all the odds with my boyfriend if we kept this prayer spirit till we see eachother

  50. inspiring prayer

    Would like to thank you for such an inspirational prayer my boyfriend and i are going to be in a long distance starting beginning of next week and i was feeling so lonely but when i read this prayer i felt uplifted and we are going to use this prayer as our daily bread so that God be the strong pillar of our relationship till we meet again

  51. Thank you for posting this

    From now on, i’m going to start praying this everyday. I’ve been in a long distance relationship for 1 year and 5 months and i still dont know when i’m going back to see my boyfriend. this is very helpful.

  52. far far away

    This prayer was jus wat I and my boyfriend are a new couple and neither one of us hav ever done the long distance thing. He called last night saying how his heart hurt so much from missing me. I told him we need to pray but I wasn’t even sure where to start. This prayer sums up everything that we need right now. Thank you for posting this

  53. Thank you for this prayer

    I have been looking for a prayer that is specifically for couples on a long distance relationship. Thank you so much for posting this prayer. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for about a month and a half now, he’s in the Philippines and I live in Los Angeles, I know we are just starting out but this prayer encourages us to keep holding on and wait for the day that we are together. We may be far apart but we feel close at heart when reciting this prayer.

    Thank you so very much.

  54. Thanks a lot for this wonderful prayers

    thanks a lot for this wonderful long distance prayers it really helps bring to lovers together even though they are far away from each other, thank you very much who made this prayer, ill always use this prayer for my girlfriend, i always send this to her so that even we are far away from each other we can be closer in heart and spirit. again thank you for this wonderful prayers you have created for those relationship who are very far away from each other..God Bless!

  55. Thank you for posting

    Thank you for posting this. I have been in a long distance relationship for going on 3 years now, and really needed some encouragement. Thanks!

  56. Thanks for this

    Hi! Thank you so much for posting this prayer of yours. I have been in a Long Distance Relationship for 5 yrs now. Yes, that’s right, 5 yrs. He is in the Philippines, we migrated here 5 in Canada 5 years ago. I, myself, could not even imagine we lasted this far but I thank God for being there for us all day to keep our relationship strong. For 5 years being away from him, I made sure to visit him every year. It is really hard for us. Seeing your prayer gives me more hope and strength once again. Thank you so much! For God be the glory!

  57. Thank you Megan

    Megan thank you so very much to help me put into words what I struggle every day to ask. I am certain if it wasn’t for the Good Lord I would have never met my love and I enjoy praising Him for the gift.

  58. Encouraging prayer


    Thank you very much for much for posting this prayer. It means a lot to me when I read and encouraging me everyday of my life.

    I have been in a long distance relationship for almost 3 years coming this September, me and my patner have been blessed with a son too. But we live about five hours apart..and we only see each other very few a year. As he’s working seven days a week, sometimes it’s so difficult being away from him and my son too..But I love my partner so much and I know God has all the good reasons for us to be together. And also on my side I have a work that I have to travel so much both within and outside the country. Iam now six hours ahead of him…and it’s even harder that my cell it’s not working only I depend on my email..or land line..He’s working almost more than 15 hours a day sometimes…But I’m praying for him and for us..that God to keep us strong in this time until I see him again. And I again am asking God for his protection for my patner and my son too. I someday, sometime God will do miracles and he will get a job in the same City with me.

    Thank you again for sharing this wonderful prayer with us. God bless you in Jesus name Amen.


  59. (I'm the author of the prayer!)

    Hi there, thanks for your comment. My sweetie and I have been in a long-distance relationship for well over a year at this point, and we just keep praying for him to get a job in Oregon!! (He lives in Illinois!!) I’m in grad school, and he’s post grad school trying to find his feet…we’ve come to the end of our “money to spend for fun” to see each other; previously we were seeing each other about every 6-10 weeks, but now we’ve decided to save that money on trying to get him moved out here :-/ So it’s hard…but like you, I believe this is the man for me!! It’s hard to be in a long-distance relationship, but think of it this way: we are sooooooooooo blessed to have found someone that is worth the strife and the wait!!

    Blessings and Peace!

  60. A helpful blessing

    Thank you so much for posting this prayer. I’ve been in a long distance relationship for almost seven months now with the man I know in my heart is the person that I’m suppose to be with for the rest of my life. We live about 5 hours apart and see each other about one weekend a month. In the next few months his job might take him even further away and I’m praying for the patience and strength to face any challenges we meet down the road and to look foward to a time that we can be together all the time. Thank you again, this prayer is a blessing.

  61. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing that beautiful prayer.
    Thank you Heavenly Father for opening my broken heart to a special husband to be one day.
    Very Greatful for the love of my life that has shown me so much love and kindness through out this long distance journey. There’s always some days that go by where my head and heart fight against each other but I’m so very thankful my heart always wins. Hasn’t been easy learning patience. But I pray every day that the man I love will be coming back soon so we can both continue of God’s beautiful journey.
    I humbly say this name in Jesus Name Amen.

  62. thank you for this prayer.

    Thank you for this prayer. I truly love this boy that’s back in my home country so much. He is my reason to keep going everyday. I really hate being abroad, I never chose this life but God did sp I just hope God gives me the tools I need to come back and settle in again and to be with him. I truly love him. I’ve never met him but we have such an amazing connection so please God, bring us together soon. Amen.

  63. Thank you for this prayer

    My girlfriend and I have known one another for one and a half years. Recently her mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer and it has been very difficult for her. We met on Instagram and we have had a wonderful relationship. Despite everything that had happened to us, I promise to be there for her through thick and thin. She lives ten thousand miles away from me. I pray that God stays with us and helps us through good and bad times. I pray that God protects us and our relationship. I pray that our hearts stay strong through ups and downs. I pray that the distance becomes bearable for us.

  64. Relationship with My long distance boyfriend

    Lord my boyfriend and I have been in contact by video chat and phone everyday since I left to come back to NY 3 months ago. He calls me everyday, I just get anxious when he does not call me right away. Lord I know he is struggling living with his parents because he is 53 and would like to have his own place. I love him and want to be together with him. Lord guide him to the right path always be there for him. I pray that our relationship gets stronger and no one meddles in our lives.

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