Prayer to get back together with my ex-husband

by Bute (Gaborone, Botswna)

Dear lord, i have repented and read the bible, i read 1 cor 7. it has shown me that in God’s kingdom, i cant marry another man, atleast i have to reconcille with my ex.

I still love him so much and our kids also want us to get back together. the propblem is that he is now engaged to someone else of which i know is still not good according to the bible.

May you the all mighty help separate this man from this lady and cancell the engagement so that he comes back to me in Jesus name. I am praying this for my kids and our family.

I know he hurt me and i failed to forgive him and i also went stray which was not good in God’s eyes. Dear lord i did that because i did not have Jesus in my life.

Dear God can you please help him realise that this lady is misleading him as he is not taking good care of his parents and kids now. he is spending so much money on this lady.

Dear lord i pray that he comes to his senses and follow the right direction by coming back tome. I promise to be a good wife and i wont leave God out of my marriage this time.

In Jesus name i pray,

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  1. Prayer to get back with your ex-husband.

    My issue:both Were Christians, he had a dominating personality like his morher! Inlaws would visit (they were Salvation Army low level ministers) but they caused issues too!) i could never do anything right, just because i did not have a College degree made me worthless as years in marriage went on. I did work l, but ex mother in law said she prayed against me working which answered why i had such problems. I kept very clean tidy home i encouraged my then hubby to lets move state to inprove his career.. Now we divorced, he has gone against a personal promise, if left out of legal financial agreement. His new wife i have known for years earlier, she has bad mouthed me on FB. When will God intervene and take control??and bring my children back to me? When will so called friends family eyes be opened to his deceite over the years? A lot of outside factors contributed to our divorce, we tried to keep it together for 10 and we divorced nearly 20 years marriage! A shame to see it hurting my children hurt and he still tries to hurt me plus his new wife! I came out with next to nothing he got our $700,000 home and all in it.., if he stuck to our agreement,now he says no such deal made! Im totally broken and in distress. His family and combined friends think ive just ran off with someone else and ignored and abandoned my girls! Not true!
    Please pray this whole situation is turned around!!

  2. Love again

    Please lift me up as I attempt to reconcile with my ex husband. We are still in love, and I want to make the proper attempt to love him and respect him as the head of the household. To love him as Christ loved the church. I am currently praying over him every day. I believe God will bless me and bring him back. I claim this in Jesus’ name.

  3. Me, my ex Husband and beautiful child

    I’m in desperate need, Two years today me ex left me son and I. I have prayed and prayed and prayed to be reconciled with him and only him. I love him dearly. We are divorced… But I didn’t want this to happen. My life has flourished in other ways but the loss of a husband and a father no one can replace. I am at breaking point. Maybe i supplicate using the wrong words. I am so upset and broken sometimes I feel there is no hope two years on. Clear his mind make him see the truth. God please make him approach me please make a way. I don’t want to live like this anymore. I am not in control of this situation. Please deal with my situation which I have no control over.

  4. I want my ex husband back

    Me and my ex husband were married for 15 years. He cheated 4 times during our marriage which led to our separation. We are separated for 6 years now. He has a girlfriend back home. Until now I haven’t move on. I’ve been in and out of anxiety and depression. I pray that The Lord will speak to my ex husband’s heart and make him realize that he should be with his family (me and our 19 year old son). I love my husband so much. I want our family to be whole again.

  5. I know how you feel

    My husbanhad a drinking problem and I did not know how to be with in that way. I was so fed up I loved God but did not know how to love out f the I divorced him.a year later he married some one he was seeing before we spilt. I had a lot f growing up to do.I know he still loss me.but its been awhile. After all this time I now feel God is sending him back to me. No one is more surprised by this then me.I thought this was over. Maybe we are to old to start againbesides he’s .what is God up to Iwant t be obedient

  6. My husband divorced me and I want him back.

    My husband and I were separated for about two and a half years and since he’s found someone else he went forward with the divorce. I am broken to the core and I want him back. We were married almost twenty four years. I’m praying that we get back together and serve the lord as one….

  7. My husband divorced me and I want him back.

    My husband and I were separated for about two and a half years and since he’s found someone else he went forward with the divorce. I am broken to the core and I want him back. We were married almost twenty four years. I’m praying that we get back together and serve the lord as one….

  8. prayer for my exhusband

    Dear heavenly father I ask in your name to change me and make him the man that God wants him to be. We both have sinned and committed adultery but Lord I believe in the covenant that God set before us to remain man and wife til death do us part. Lord I ask in Jesus name for reconciliation and restoration. We are one in your word Lord and let no man take a part what God has put asunder. Thank you Jesus

  9. Get my ex husband back and remarry him

    Dear Lord,
    Please pray with me and guide my ex husband back to my life. I still love him and I know he loves me. He made bad mistakes with women in his life. Get these demons and evil women and people away from him. Lead him only to my arms, my life and our kids life. Make us stronger than ever. Open his heart, eyes, body and soul to only me his ex wife. I am his ex but not by choice. He did not leave me no choice. It can work if we both try hard. AMEN

  10. spell scammets

    All are scams that are looking for desperate women who are trying to keep a family together. they Promise youand once they get there money they disappear. If they were real they would have him call the with telling her he is thinking of her and then maybe you can trust them and wire them money.

  11. Mrs. TPF III Prayer to get my ex husband back

    Lord, I understand that I was under so much pressure at the time , I pushed my husband away. He wanted to marry me again, I had a terrible attitude, that pushed him away from me. I still love him and desire to be with him every day. He knows that I love him, but he recently told me, that he has moved on. I went to visit him, and he stills cares about me, I feel that things are not over between us ,and he’s only using that relationship in to get over me, because I hurt him so many times. I pray that God restore our love for each other, and bind us back together in heaven, and on earth; according to MATTHEW 14:19, and loose him free of that woman or anything, that keeps us from together again as husband and wife.

  12. Reconciliation

    Please pray for my husband.He divorced me recently but I still love him.He is also a non believer.May God save him and bring him back to me so we can marry again.Thank you in the name of Jesus.

  13. Reconcile

    My Husband recently divorced me and I am asking for prayer to get back together and for God to help our relationship grow stronger and put love in our hearts for each other In Jesus name I believe it. Amen

  14. Prayer for Ex-Husband

    Please pray for our family. We are divorced 2 years after spending 14 years together. We have been trying to reconcile and this past April we made that step and fell happy in love until a young girl of ill repute got in between our relationship. I am 7 weeks pregnant and we have 2 children (girl 12, boy 4) we need him to lose sight of that distraction and focus on what is important and spend the rest of our lives together as one.

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