Prayer to make true friends


Dear god, please bring true friends into my life, i am tired of being lonely and alone, no one seems to wnt to meet me or be with me unless they have a problem to solve and wish to meet me for that.

There is no one who i can go to when i need someone, i need a home dear god, i have a very nice comfortable roof over my head and no dearth of food, and i am grateful for the same, but please god i do not like the guilt that goes with living under that roof and eating that food.

you know it all dear god, please send a couple of good friends in my life and help my find my purpose in life so that i am rid of all the suicidal thoughts. i need love dear lord, please love me.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    True fiends for my granddaughter

    Please Hod let my granddaughter find true fiends and acceptance. Let her feel the comfort of knowing she has a true friend to count on and cares for her. She is lonely and being ignored.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Jesus I thank you for my wonderful children but I have no adult connections. I try to socialize but nobody seems to want to be my friend. I don’t understand why I have been forgotten. No family or friends to talk to or go shopping or out with. Please help me to form a friendship with someone and keep it. People just seem to drop out of my life. I pray for my daughter who just had her heart broken by a boy who didn’t deserve her goodness. Please bring her a nice boy who just wants to spend time with her and not anything else. Please mend her broken friendships with girls and please bring more true friends into her life. Bless my younger daughter with true friendships. May the toxic friends go elsewhere and she can have a nice circle of friends. Sometimes I feel the only thing to live for are my children but there should be more in life to look forward. Adult conversation sometimes. Please give me the tools to make connections and friends. Thank you for all that I have.

  3. Anonymous says:
    prayer for good friends

    you know that i feel lonely sometimes. i pray that you will change this current state. i pray that you will send people in my life, who care about me and even lead me closer to you. i want them to be a blessing in my life, i want them to be something i am so grateful for. lord i pray that i may be also a blessing in their life. i want to make a positive impact on their life with your help. father please help me make friends with who you want in my life. amen

    god bless

  4. T. Stahr says:
    Not Be Lonely

    Pray for me to have more friends and to be social. I want to have friendships and hang out doing positive things to keep healthy, but nobody wants to join me or they never invite me anywhere and it makes me so sad because I see other people And I am glad that they’re are happy, but me I am lonely & have to no friends to hang out with to actually do things when I have time.

  5. Anonymous says:
    I Pray For A Best Friend In School In My Year

    Dear Lord in heaven,

    i thank you for everything you have done for me.
    Lord i just pray for your help in school please Lord, I pray for new people, new friends, and a new best friend in my year. I have hard times in my year because i don’t have a best friend and everyone has one and has some of there best friends. And Lord its really hard for me.
    i just pray you would help me in school and i pray you would help me out with a best friend in school in my year i just pray their were new kids in school and a best friend for me and i also pray to make long lasting friends and true friends froever. Please god help me its really hard in school 🙁 please lord.
    I pray this all in jesus name, Amen.

  6. Anonymous says:
    Please Lord no more Loneliness

    I have a sweet little 9 year old boy, who needs other kids his age to play with. He is an only child (he would love a sibling, but we are too old) we have no neighbors his age and he is having a rough time at school. Please he is well mannered smart and loyal, qualities that are not valued, please St. Rita, St. David, St Anthony and Holy Mary as as mother help me make him less lonely and have a happy childhood. I need to make the right decisions for his future: should we move? At home there are health problems (Dad, grandparents, uncle) Please this is too much for him and for me. I need help.

  7. Anonymous says:
    True friends

    Oh lord,I’m so lonely right now my family and friends are so far away in Tanzania and I’m in USA new environment people and culture and I miss them so much omg I’m lonely too lonely,you see my other fam is in New Jersey and New York City I miss them so much 😥😥,lord grant me new good friends that I can share my problems laughter cry they could support me because it’s so lonely out here ,pls lord you have always done wonders in my life,I know I’ll get the true friends soon and will support me and contribute in my daily growth in Jesus name I pray Amen😇

  8. Anonymous says:
    prayers for new and true, loving and lasting friendships

    Dearest Father, Please send me a few, if not at least one….loving true, honest faithful friend. I so desperatelly need a confidant and someone to express my feelings to. Someone to enjoy things with and share my family with. I am a true and loyal person. I have been left and betrays so many times, not to mention taken advantage of. I am 44 years old and have always been a likable person, but now I feel I have no one to trust. Please I so need some true, loving and loyal friends. In Christ name…..thank you, Jennifer

  9. Anonymous says:
    Please pray for me

    Dear god,
    Please send me couple true friends, I’m tired being alone and I think 8 months is enough to be alone. Send me someone who won’t change like a leaf, or break like a branch, I want someone who is a root of a tree, someone who stick there no matter what and love me for who I am. Thank you amen

  10. Anonymous says:
    Pray for me

    It seems as if God isn’t answering my prayers, so I am hoping someone will read this and touch and agree with me in prayer. I am a young lady that at one point in time had a lot of best friends. As a matter of fact, we all were so close, we were considered a family. One by one, each left, and I am down to only one friend. But this friend is going through so much, I cannot speak with him or go out or enjoy the friendship at all. To be honest, these friends have all left because I have chosen to live for Christ, and I chose not to be influenced by sinful lifestyles. I’ve cried so much about this, and it breaks my heart to be alone. And it feels as if God doesn’t care about my tears of loneliness at all. So please, pray with me, that God sends or at least helps me to come across some good Godly people I can be myself around, so I can smile and be happy again. In Jesus name, amen.

  11. Anonymous says:
    son's friends

    Dear Lord,
    please help my son find true friends: he is an only child, we haven’t any neighbors and school is almost entirely ignored. He is a sweet, loving and caring child.. please help him find friends who appreciate him. I thank you so much

  12. Anonymous says:
    True frindship

    Dear lord,

    As I sit here and look at my beautiful daughter I can see her loneliness and sadness. She is so sweet, smart and kind but has such a difficult time making friends. All of her childhood friends have turned their back on her with no reason and it really traumatized her. I have prayed and cried many nights for a true friend with good intention and kindness to come into her life. Lord I don’t know what else to do but continue to pray that you will help us. I worry she we will become so sad and just give up and that thought is unimaginable to me as a mother. Please look upon her lord and bring a friend into her life.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Dear God,

    I Thank you for all the lovely friends you have given me till now, but I am in a new place and feel very lonely my lord. I am far far away from home and need someone with me by my side lord. bless me lord with nice caring friends


  14. Anonymous says:
    Prayer for true friends

    Dear God, I come to you in the Holy name of Jesus..through Him I ask forgiveness of all my sins.I am sorry for them and humbly accept your forgiveness. I thank you for my loving family and ask You to please bless me with a caring and kind friend who I can share myself with. Help me me in that relationship that it will be one for a lifetime. .an angel of peace,laughter and love, who will care for me and my family like You do.In Jesus’ name I ask.Amen!

  15. Anonymous says:
    Friend for my son

    Dear Lord,

    Please bless my son with the ability to make a good friend. He is young and making friends doesn’t come naturally to him. You saw him today crying to me today because he doesn’t feel liked. Please bless him with a little boy who will love him unconditionally and be his childhood friend. He is such a sweet boy and deserves a friend. Also, I could use some girlfriends that I have something in common with. My life has changed and I need to find a friend who has healthy goals as well. Thank you for all of your blessings.


  16. AnonymousLP says:

    Dear God.
    I have great faith on you..
    Pl grant good friends for my daughter and bless her soul..she will be a happy person with your blessings..
    have mercy on us and her..she has gone through get turmoil..
    please bless that she may do we for herself. .
    thanks so much

  17. Anonymous says:
    Faith in Silence

    Lord it is when You are silent that I know You’re working hardest in my life.
    Thank You in Jesus name

  18. Anonymous says:
    Faith in Silence

    Lord it is when You are silent that I know You’re working hardest in my life.
    Thank You in Jesus name

  19. Anonymous says:
    I need a friend

    Lord, I love you with all my heart but I need a friend. Someone to talk with, eat with and pal around with. Male or female, I don’t care.
    I am so lonely. Just as it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone it isn’t good for any human to be alone.
    Father you have blessed me in so many ways and I am thankful. My life would be nothing without you. Can I ask that you bless me with a true friend as well?
    I thank you in the name of your son, Jesus. Amen.

  20. Anonymous says:
    Thanking The Lord in Advance for Godly Friendships!

    Dear Lord,
    I am praying for Godly friendships that will enhance my life.
    I am praying for people who know and love you with all their
    Heart & Mind. I am praying for my finances & friendships.
    I thank you Lord for you give me the desires of my heart.
    In Jesus Name

  21. Anonymous says:
    I will be your friend

    Dear Friend,

    I offer my hand in friendship. I am in the same predicament as you are. Maybe there is something we can share our thoughts.

    In Jesus who is our ONE and Only Friend, I offer my friendship, if you will accept it.

    Please let me have your email id .

    In Jesus Name.
    Jesus Is Alive

  22. Sherin singipuram says:
    Need my friend back

    Dear God, I thank u for all the wonderful things that u have given me…I am asking u for my friend back with whom i was happy all the time i ask u that please change his mind and make him my best friend and I need all the fun and happiness that we had together…please let him not fall in love with me but i need him as my good companion and best friend in my life…I need a person to share my worries and not to feel lonely at times..Thank u god for listening to my prayers..

  23. Sherin singipuram says:
    Need my friend back

    Dear God, I thank u for all the wonderful things that u have given me…I am asking u for my friend back with whom i was happy all the time i ask u that please change his mind and make him my best friend and I need all the fun and happiness that we had together…please let him not fall in love with me but i need him as my good companion and best friend in my life…I need a person to share my worries and not to feel lonely at times..Thank u god for listening to my prayers..

  24. Anonymous says:
    i'm in solitude and i'm helpless.

    I always ask for God’s help to give me true friends. i pray a lot of things. i find friendship very important in life but why doesn’t anyone want my company? i am always alone and sad. Lord please help me find true friends that would understand and love me. i am longing for a friend and i don’t know what to do. i really need to find myself.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for my daughter and son which they are having a hard time finding true friends. Please pray to take away all the envy that kids have at school towards them. Please pray that they find better friends. The kids at school are very mean, selfish, back stabbers, not nice at all. Help my children have confidence in themselves, peace, protection, and have manners… Please pray for our children to have a good childhood.. Thank You

  26. Anonymous says:

    Dear Allah(lord of the universe) heaven and the earth
    Please hear my prayer.

    I lost my best friend of 16yrs two days ago. I feel lonely n sad. I know she is in your security n happy. I sm now left with Lonliness and sadness. Please please give me skills and help in making new friends please send new friends my way whom love understand n are my soul mate.


  27. Anonymous says:
    Need someone to fellowship with

    I pray fora fellow companion with whom I can pray and read the Bible on a daily basis. Be it through chat or phone. A good clean unadulterated companionship

  28. Anonymous says:

    When I was younger I had friends that I was very unappreciative of. I now long for good friends. I had a really bad experience in middle school and literally sat in class and talked to no one for three years. For those three years I was so unhappy the most unhappiest and I am so thankful that that time has passed. I have an amazing boyfriend. But there is still saddness and lonliness, I envy those who have ugly personalities yet still have these friends. I dont know what is wrong with me, I dont know why I dont have any friends or why no one wants to be my friend. Whenever I try to be friendly or be in a positive mood, it goes to crap. Please God, please bring me a group of friends that will support me in my film aspects and love me for me.


  29. Anonymous says:
    Need A Job Daycare Friends Money Car

    Please pray for me and my 3 children we need a 3 bedroom townhouse apartment house that we can afford. I do not have any friends. I feel lonely & sad. I need some positive friend. I need more income to support my family. I need a job. I need to get my License to drive a car. Need money to pay for Driver ED school. I need money for so many other things it hard. I try everything to get help. I feel like my back against the wall. I need a breakthrough

  30. Anonymous says:
    Girlfriends got boyfriends except me

    Dear God help me please! I used to have a social life which I still need but do not have. all my friends are dating but me! It is as if they have no time for me I feel depressed alone and used. Worst feeling ever, can you help me find my path I pray every day yet you have not answered I beg you help me to move forward find me true genuine friends who won’t use me and I could not care less being single but if it is your will may you help me find someone who loves me in an honest way please. Put people in my path to help me deal with obstacles I cannot do it alone


  31. LD says:
    Need a friend

    Father God, I ask for friends, companionship of a confidant. Someone you choose for me…I have been searching for a human friend for many years who I can I have outside of my home and I have been unsuccessful. With You Lord all things are possible..I am tired of searching and I ask you to bring this person/family to us… so that we can come closer to you through this relationship. I wait in faith and anticipation knowing this time it will happen. I ask in Jesus’ name, my eternal friend!

  32. Anonymous says:
    prayer for friends

    lord god, Please bless me with friends who can love me and support me. i have a social phobia and i find it difficult to communicate with people, lord i pray for healing from this disorder and be full of confidence and energy. lord i have been lonely and socially except for a long time and i feel like i have no support and no enjoyment, God, please help me break out of my prison like shell and form friendships with people. I need friends now more than ever. I pray in your Holy Name. Amen.

  33. Anonymous says:
    what to do about friends?

    dear god,
    i thought i had a couple of good friends and as time goes on it seems i don’t. but only you can determine that from where im standing. iv cried over these girls and still value their friendship, i just don’t know if they value mine. i’m not sure if i should let them go or keep hanging in there. i do love them. i’m starting my junior yr in college and 1st yr in university and i just really want to make new friends and have connections with people. i’m very shy. lord iv been unhappy for a long time and its just so hard for me to feel happy but i know you have a plan for me and i will be happy.
    lord i’m very alone and i feel sad and anxious every single day. i need you to heal my heart and help me see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    in Jesus name i pray amen

  34. Anonymous says:
    god please help me to find true friend.

    thank u so much god to give me this time that i can write u,and share my feelings.i know there is nothing hide from u in this world,then please god read whatever in my heart nd come fast to help me.either take me with much and how long i can live alone?since 15 years i am looking for a true friend.god please now help me to come out of my loneliness.and help everyone who need U.thank u god.amen.

  35. Anonymous says:
    reaching out even when it is hard

    Lord, I know there are so many lonely people. My child struggles with friendships and it breaks my heart to see him have difficulty. Please help the lonely connect and feel understood and comforted. Please help the friendless reach out and enjoy friendship. Please help those with friends to reach out to someone new and enjoy the blessing of Christian friendship. You know our hearts Lord and only you can answer prayers. Please help those that can be a wonderful friend to serve you and befriend those that have much to give but are lonely.

  36. Anonymous says:
    Prayer for true and longterm friends

    Heavenly Father,
    I come before You as your lost and lonely child. Father be my best friend, and bring True friends into my life. Father give me friends who will be there for me in times of joy and in times of sorrow. Lord I need friends who would be ready to give and focus on receiving. I pray for the friends that I’ve lost, may they find true friends to comfort them. Father I am tired of being alone, I beg you to give me friends who would be more like sisters to me, someone who would look beyond my flaws and accept me for being your child. Lord I sincerely thank you for heeding to my call, I pray that my new friends will stay in my life for ever. Amen.

  37. Anonymous says:
    Friendship Please♥

    Dear God,I pray that I make true friends next year because I have no true friends I have a group of associates I socialize with in school but outside of school,I dont talk to them or visit them.And im going into my junior year and I wanna have fun with a group of girls that have same interests as me.Because Im tired of being lonely please bless me please. Amen

  38. Anonymous says:
    true friend

    Dear God, please send my 15 year old daughter a true friend. She has had so many disappointments in friendships and I am worried about her. She feels alone and sad. Help her to find true friendship. Please send someone to reach out to her. She is afraid of rejection and doesn’t want to be the initiator. Please help her. Amen

  39. Anonymous says:
    friendship prayer

    Dear lord, please send a true friend into my life. A friend who will want to spend quality time and do things together. I know i am young and will have time yo make many friendships but i need a true friend who will always be by my side and have my back. I know that you know whats best for me so please guide me to happiness. Amen

  40. Anonymous says:
    True Friendship

    God, I have friends but I wouldn’t consider them as true nor real friends. These are friends that want to know things that are going on in your life, especially bad and then spread it to others. What I want is a true friend. Someone who I can talk to and not worry about everyone knowing what I told them. A sister who understands what I’m going through and will give me some encouraging words. Lately all of my friends have been showing their true colors…lying about stupid things to just lying saying I said this. I’m praying.

  41. Lilly Richard says:
    Need Jesus

    Dear Jesus,
    You are the best friend to me. God you know my friends are blaming me without my mistake and they are saying that i am a fool. It hurts me lord. When we fight i should compramise at everytime with everyone. I am tierd Jesus please help me i nee You. I love you more than anyone else . In this sinful world its very difficult to have a friend who believs you.most of the people are pretending that they are good but i really and deadly need only your love.Help me to spend more and more time with that i can forget all this people and i can be your beloved child.Love you dad…

  42. Anonymous says:

    Dear Father, I’ve been awfully alone lately. Ever since middle school, i haven’t even come close to forming friendships compared to back then. I ask that you give me the ability to make friends wherever I go, and to form close bonds with everyone around me. Help me break out of my shell father. I’ve been trying my best and progress is surely, yet extremely slow. Even when i try to rekindle friendships from the past, they seem so indifferent about the situation. If I had one wish, sadly this is what it would be. I ask that you bless me with this undeniable ability to make friends, and to give me the confidence to let my true personality shine that i haven’t seen in ages. I honestly don’t know what happened, but I’ll do anything. Talk to you soon Father. Amen.

  43. Arlett says:
    Prayer Request

    Dear God
    Please send me some new good friends. Recently, my so called friends have ditched me and they haven’t talked to me. This startes whenever we started high school. I feel very lonely because they don’t talk to me anymore, and i am always left out. They have become really mean as well. Please send me friends who are funny, kind, and always there for me like my old friends were. Please help me God thank you.

  44. TLG says:
    Praying for Best Friends

    Dear Lord,

    I am so lonely. I keep begging you to bring a best friend group into my life, but to no avail. Please, listen to my request and bring me a new group who welcomes and loves me. One with friends who will always be there for me and in which I can be myself. It is so hard to be in college so far away from home and friends, and I need a family here. Lord, you know the importance of having close friends. I pray that you will bring me special people to help me in this time of need.


  45. Anonymous says:
    Please, God

    Dear Father,

    Please bring a special group of friends into my life. I am at a college far across the country from my old friends, and am feeling very lonely and upset. I have friends here, but no core group who will always be there for me, and nobody to live with next year. Please, bless me with the close friendship I so desire, and soon. In the meantime, help me to be strong and appreciate what you have given me.

    In Jesus’ name, I pray.

  46. Anonymous says:
    Pray for less fortunate

    Please Father let people know that God is love. Let people find and comfort those less fortunate. Look at the homeless, the sick, the poor children, all abandend animals, and the abused. Let us who have something to offer (love) and volunteer just a little to help those who cannot help themselves. Jesus pray for us that we may look past our selfish ways and love the less fortunate.

  47. Santhi says:
    I am so tired of pretenders and manipulators. I need a True unselfish, soulmate friendship.

    I am looking for a True Friend/Soulmate, I am tired of people making use of me. I am 48 and I am still looking for that one friend who would understand me , give me space when I need, knows what i want and think even before I do.

    It has been 12 long years since my best friend my husband passed away and ever since I decided to end my widowhood and come out to the world, I have been meeting nothing but people who want to use my alone state and my loneliness to their benefit and leave when their mission is accomplish. Sometimes I just feel God had created me just to help all this poor souls, but for how long , i am human too, I need love and to be loved in return. But LOVE is the exact thing people use against me.

    God when will I ever meet that one uncondtional friendship and when my worries of dying lonely and alone and insecure feeling will go away.

    Dear Father God , in Jesus name I pray , end my meaningless life soonest. Amen

  48. Anonymous says:

    My Holy Father God. Thank you so much for my best friend Raimonda and my other friend Susan. Please help those who are extremley lonley.
    We all need to know that if we follow Jesus and God; we will be rewarded in Heaven, where we will not even remember the word lonely. I ama proud Catholic and will pray for all my brothers and sisters who are lonley and in need of a friend.
    Remember, the greatest friends we have are God, Jesus, and Mother Mary.

  49. Anonymous says:
    Friends ♥

    Dear God,
    Please bless me with friends who love me for me. I lost my best and only friend through a tragic accident and now I have no one. He accepted me and shared in my interests. Now that he is in Heaven with you, I am more lonely than ever. I need friends to help me deal with this, but there isn’t anyone. People don’t like me because I’m “quiet”. They don’t care to look beyond that. God, please help me break out of my shell and form friendships with people. I need friends now more than ever. I hope you are listening. Please. I pray in your Holy Name. Amen.

  50. Kristine says:
    A friend indeed

    Dear Lord I pray to you asking that you will bless me with a true friend. Although I have children in my life, I am so loney and hungry for a friend who will like me for me and want to do things together. I am grateful for all you have blessed me with and I know all things in your time. I ask your blessing me and those around me and that you grant me the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of all those I touch. In your name…Amen.

  51. Anonymous says:
    A Friend

    Dear Father,
    Please being a true friend into my life. I know this may sound dumb, but I am 13 and I am starting a new camp tomorrow. I don’t want to be alone all summer like I was last summer and the summer before that. Please God, let there be someone new there, like me, who is a true friend. Please, I don’t want to be alone again.
    In the Lord’s name, Amen.

  52. Anonymous says:
    A Friend

    Dear Father,
    Please being a true friend into my life. I know this may sound dumb, but I am 13 and I am starting a new camp tomorrow. I don’t want to be alone all summer like I was last summer and the summer before that. Please God, let there be someone new there, like me, who is a true friend. Please, I don’t want to be alone again.
    In the Lord’s name, Amen.

  53. Anonymous says:
    Friend needed

    Dear Father, I pray that you may bless me with a friend.I need someone to talk to with common interest, someone that will not judge me and someone who knows you and loves you as I do. I am 53 years old, I have lived my life mostly without a friend in it. I became pregnant at an early age when developing friendships were crucial. I am very lonely and sad. Please Abba send someone to me. Please give me whatever I need to be a good friend. In Jesus name I pray Amen

  54. Anonymous says:
    Friend needed

    Dear Father, I pray that you may bless me with a friend.I need someone to talk to with common interest, someone that will not judge me and someone who knows you and loves you as I do. I am 53 years old, I have lived my life mostly without a friend in it. I became pregnant at an early age when developing friendships were crucial. I am very lonely and sad. Please Abba send someone to me. Please give me whatever I need to be a good friend. In Jesus name I pray Amen

  55. Anonymous says:
    prayer for a friend for life.

    Dear Father God,
    Over the past 2-4 years I have lost friends left and right. Though recently father you have blessed me with job opportunites, a great boyfriend, and a 1 female friend I I never thought I would have, I have lost old long time friendships and some common sense within myself. Even thougg you have blessed me with so much father god I pray for a group of friends I have common interest with and who I can myself with. I pray you watch over me and all the new and old company that I keep in my life. Everyday I’m learning something about myself and I pray to apply that to new true friendships. I leave it un your hands father as u just continue to work hard and find my purpose on this earth. In all things I pray deeply in your name lord.


  56. faisal says:
    Prayer to make true friends

    allah please help me o have true friend as a keighley girs and she never make fun of me and she is my long time friend and she is nice and she is decent ans she is kind and she is helpful and she is good looking

  57. faisal says:
    Prayer to make true friends

    allah please help me o have true friend as a keighley girs and she never make fun of me and she is my long time friend and she is nice and she is decent ans she is kind and she is helpful and she is good looking

  58. Anonymous says:
    I pray for true friends and a boyfriend.

    Lord, I am so very lonely. I don’t have any friends or boyfriend. I pray that you help me to show myself friendly so I can attract some postivie people that will turn into life long friends. I know with you ALL things are possible because there is nothing to hard for you. God, please help me fill these empty spaces in my life. I don’t really feel like I’m living it, I just feel like I’m just going day by day. Thank you in advance Jesus!

  59. Anonymous says:
    Prayer for friends

    I pray for everyone on this page in need of a good friend. I too am in the same situation. But your prayers and comments have given me joy because I am not alone and wont be for too long. I am hopeful. I pray Lord that I may meet people that I can be myself with and vice-versa, like-minded people who love you Lord, people who will uplift me and my relationship. Who will bless success in my life as I will in theirs. True sisters in Christ with pure motives. Teach me also to be a good friend. Thank-you Lord for loving us you said, you would never leave nor forsake me. I know you hear my prayer and I trust you in Jesus Christ’s Name I pray Amen V

  60. Anonymous says:
    Lonely College Student

    I left everything I knew behind. I left my friends and my family. Even though they aren’t that far away and I’m meeting people here I can’t help but feel alone. My friendships are nearly gone and I have maybe 1 or two friends. I’m lonely and lost. I’m reaching out to people as much as I can but even this is making me feel lonelier because I get very little attention. I pray for others in similar situations and I pray that we are able to keep up the fight against depression. People are here but they seem so distant. Just please help us Lord. Please give us strength. Amen.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Every since I got married, I feel like I have lost my friends. Jesus, I ask you in your name that you bring me a very special friend. I need someone who is like minded and shares my love for you. I need someone that will be willing to help me. I am tired of the being squeezed dry or feeling like a burden on others. I just want a reciprocal relationship where I feel loved, appreciated, and can build a sisterly relationship with. I ask Lord that you don’t bring me someone that continues to compete with me or is annoyed by me, but someone I can cry with and enjoy her company and likewise. I want a sister in Christ who is married as well to become my friend. In Jesus’ name amen! I trust you Lord.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Dear Lord, Help me to attract the people you want to see in my life … I need more friends who believe that Jesus Christ has died for our sins. I need brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m tired of friends who take advantage of me and manipulate me for their selfish needs. I’m tired of friends who don’t see You for who You are and what You mean to me. I feel that I am condemned when I try sharing Your word with them. Guide me and lead me Lord.
    In Jesus’ name I pray.

  63. Anonymous says:
    Dear God

    Dear God,

    Please guide me on my path so that I might meet people who nurture and support me, who share their interests and talents and inspire me to develop my own, who enjoying living life without the use of drugs, alcohol or nicotine, and who bring joy, peace, laughter and light into my life for the Good of All.

    I ask this in Thy Name.

    Blessed Be.

  64. Anonymous says:
    For My Son

    Dear Lord:

    Please help my son to find some true friends. He is so lonely. He is a good son and tries to stay clear of trouble. His peers do not appreciate him. Due to a slight LD and shyness it is difficult for him to socialize. He will be transferring to a new college and this too will bring on a more difficult situation. Please help him to realize and embrace a nice young girl as a companion.


  65. Anonymous says:
    Please help my daughter

    Dear God,
    Please help my daughter to connect with others and develop close friendships. She is bullied and unappreciated by her peers. Girls are mean to her. No one sees what I see, which is a wonderful girl. She has endured enough, so please wrap your arms around her and guide her to healthy, loving, fun, loyal, respectful, and true friends. I know she is worthy.
    Thank you.

  66. Anonymous says:
    I need a true friend.

    Dear God,
    Now that I am in college it has been hard to move away from all of my close friends. It is extra hard because I am a transfer at this school and I do not know anyone. God please help me to find a core group of friends that who will accept me for who I am. I know that I am never alone because you are in my life. Please guide me along my college path and help me to find friends like me.


  67. Caroline says:
    Dear Father I know you can help

    Dear God my daughter is living on her own in a far away country and she is feeling very lonely. She likes the course she`s studying but during weekends she stays alone at home because she hasn`t yet found true sincere close friends. Please bring her way some sincere friends who have good moral principles and who care. I wish that she doesn`t remain alone much longer because today she was very weepy. Make her stronger too because she was feeling weak and tired today. Thank you heavenly father and I ask you this in the name of Jesus. Thanks for answering my prayer and I know you understand. C

  68. I LOVE GOD! says:
    Please pray for the lonely!

    I just started high school & have no true friends! Please pray for me & anyone who feels lonely! Heavenly Father, please grant me the gift of having true friends in my life.

  69. A child of God says:
    Sad me:(

    All my true friends live in different towns because I met them all at camp. My family doesn’t Understand that and they don’t appreciate the friendships I’ve made. These people bring me closer to Him, support me, love me, let me be myself, are kind to me, and will always be there for me. People in my town aren’t like that. Please pray for me that my family wil understand, and that someone or some people will come into my life that live in my town. Thank you(:

  70. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for my teen daughter who doesn’t have any friends now. She is so very lonely and feels no one wants her. She posseses a warm, caring personality but has never been able to connect with anyone. She doesn’t even want to get out of bed in the morning. Please pray that God blesses her with some true friends soon. Amen.

  71. Anonymous says:
    Prayer for friends

    Dear Lord,

    You have blessed me with wonderful friends all my life. They were the people I needed, sent to me by you at just the right time. I have never been without in this department. I pray that you would bless this poor soul with friends as powerful as mine. Bless her with people who will listen to her and love her and want to be with her, even when she has the same problems to discuss over and over again. I have been blessed by friends who love me and support me and listen to me, even when they don’t agree with me. But they do not abandon me. I pray that you will put people like this into the life of this person so that she is no longer alone. Bless her with friends as many times over and more, as you have blessed me.


  72. Anonymous says:
    u r special

    hi!! i know how u feel because i feel loonly too, even thought i have a fantastic boyfriend and familly, but i still have the need for friends they are a important part of everyones life, anyway my dear have faith that u will meet some new friends as i will, because you ar the son of god and u deserve it!!

    dont forget that you are very important!!

    love lu

  73. Julie says:
    Hugs to you

    I pray that the Lord will bring true friendship into your life. I pray that these special people will bring the joy and comfort you so deserve. Please open your heart so you may receive these blessings from above. Peace be with you now and forever

  74. HopeAlways says:
    The Lord Listens to our prayers and would grant u true friends


    The Lord would listen to ur prayer and grant u true friends in ur life. I hope u would not be lonely anymore and would have support in ur life. Don’t ever think of suicide, the Lord would be there for u. Please take care of urself and be patient as God works in miraculous ways, sometimes beyond our human understanding.

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