Prayer to forget

by Lady S (Kenya)

Dear Lord i thank you for all that you have done for me, i ask you now oh Lord to help me forget my ex-boyfriend, he really made me suffer and then he left me, i was heartbroken because i loved him bt with you i managed to move on but i never forgot how much i loved him.

Now after 1 year he came back to ask for forgiveness and i forgave him but a few days later he just changed and now i feel betrayed because i let him back into my life and he did not even care to know that he was hurting me again. I ask you Lord to take control and help me be strong and forget about him.

Help me to move on and find another worthy man. Touch his heart so that he may also realise his mistake and ask you for forgiveness. Thank you for listening to me and may your will be done. AMEN

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  1. Anonymous says:
    Remember Me

    Father in the name of Jesus, I stand before you, and confess my sins, it is I oh Lord, I am in need of you, to remove all thoughts, all memories of my lover, from my heart, mind, thoughts, and soul, Lord I ask that you remember me, and who I am and my love for u, Lord I made a great mistake for many years but I just want me back, Lord I pray for him, his family, his business and health, but Lord, I and my family need u to step in and heal me, my mind, and heart, give me the confidence, again . Lord in the name of Jesus, I know all things are possible through you, I also know u died on the cross for our sins, and rose on that third day with all power. Lord I need you, I plead the blood of jeses over myself right now, over my family right now, Lord I bind all negative thoughts, all thoughts of him in the name of jesud, Lord I bind all things which attempt to rise up against me, my family and your will. Lord I prayed and asked u remove me out of the situation, please Lord, don’t forget about me, Lord as I give this to u, I ask, you remove all thought, of him expeditiously, in the name of Jesus, amen.

  2. Anonymous says:
    Help me to move on

    My dear Lord…I come before you with my heart in my hands. I have fallen in love with a man I have no right to love.
    I am weak…I try to move on..but my heart keeps hoping to hear from him.
    I don’t want to think about him or love him…..
    I pray for you to give me strength to move on and not be sad.
    He is a wonderful man but belongs to someone else.
    I ask you to take this burden out of my heart…and let me think back of our time together as a faded memory.
    I ask for your help….for without you dear lord I am a weak person.
    I ask for your guide me.
    in the name od the Lord ..Amen

  3. Jesus says:
    Let me help you

    My children, I see your pain and I feel it with you, you are so special to me, I want to help you but you must let me. Find rest in my word. I know that this is not what you want to hear, you want me to give you all your desires but remember children, I know you better than you know yourselves and I protect and keep you safe not only from the plans of the enemy but from yourselves, from your own plans. I have plans for you that you, plans for good that will do you no harm. Trust in me. If you would seek to find rest IN ME, delight IN ME, you will find that you begin to heal, that you realise you are my first love and I AM yours. I know how painful rejection is, truly take time to ponder on this. It is in your weakness that I AM made perfect. Our relationship grows stronger in your tears as you learn to lean on me and into me. I long for us to have a deeper more personal bond with you, one where you will hear my voice, heed my words as I breathe them into your being through the Holy Spirit. You can do all things as I strengthen you. Take time to learn from this experience. I will never leave nor forsake you. In the world you will have trouble, but take heart; I have overcome the world. I love you very much. Stay close to me, even when it seems like I do not hear you. Your faith will grow and you will realise just how close I AM. Draw near to me and I will draw near to you. This too will pass. Lovingly with you, always, Jesus.

  4. Anonymous says:
    I love you God

    Lord , enter my heart and illuminate the darkness of my mind
    I know I have sinned by going against your love
    Now that I have realised my mistake of being in Lov with someone who doesn’t love me back
    But u r one such wonderful GOd who lived and died for me
    I ask pardon for my mistake and grant me the strength to move on and finally let go of my past …..
    May I see what is good and preserve what is holy .

  5. Anonymous says:
    Cleanse our hearts

    Dear Lord, I’ve sinned against my boyfriend and you. I’ve regretted everything I did. Every night I cry myself to bed because I allowed the devil to use me. I know you being a forgiving Lord has forgiven all my sins and will not remember them anymore. My boyfriend however is human, he cannot forget, I would do anything I can to make things better but he can’t forget, please cleanse his heart and mind off the pain I’ve caused him. He’s such a wonderful person…I feel you sent him into my life. Please help me…you’re my only hope. I have nobody but you. Please take the pain from his heart and his mind, in Jesus name I pray Amen.

  6. Anonymous says:
    Prayer to forget my ex-boyfriend

    Dear Lord Jesus,

    Thank you Jesus for what you have done to me,i know that you are with me no matter what so please help with my current situation. I need to forget my ex-boyfriend he made me suffer. I am really tired Jesus.

    I had never forget my ex and when he came back after 1 year and said that he loves me…i believed him and loved him with all my heart i was praying for him and us…i did anything to make him happy and then he left me after 5 months and now 1month after our break up he is in a relationship with his best friend that he always used to convinced me that they are only friends..I feel betrayed jesus i can’t believe he lied to me, please jesus help me to be strong.

    I don’t want to think about him anymore i just want to move on…
    Jesus you are my father and my savior heal me from the pain and don’t leave my hand..don’t let him hurt me again..he is enjoying his life while i am here crying every night…i love you jesus and i have faith in your presence please hear my cries…

    In Jesus name..amen

  7. Anonymous says:
    Lord help me to forget

    Lord please help me to not think about the things he did to me all the pain he caused me and hurt I have been through. Help not to think about him, remove him from me mind, thoughts, heart, and soul. I do not want to think about what he is doing, who he is with, or who he is doing it with. I need your help to just not care about him no more. It may sound cruel to put it this way but all it is doing hurting me. Lord help me to get over the past. I need closure. Lord give me strength make me strong please. I need your help.
    Thank you Lord.

  8. Anonymous says:
    help me to forget him

    God pls help me to forget him.. I love him lot.. I’m not able to forget him.. He left me and went.. He does not need me now.. He loved me so much but I don’t know was he loving me truly or not.. I really do miss him lot.. Make me feel strong.. And move on.. I feel him everyday everywhere everytime but he doesn’t care for me..

  9. Anonymous says:
    prayer to forget

    Heavenly Father, you know why everything do happen. I believe its always for our own good but we are always so myopic to see. Heal me from the pain I feel right now and guide me to seek your love as opposed to love for men. Amen

  10. Anonymous says:
    please help me god

    i am in a very bad situation. i can’t bear my pains anymore. lord, now i need you more than ever. please dont leave my hand. i am in bad depression , i am tiered of everything. please please help me

  11. true angel of plain says:
    please pray for me

    Dear lord,I pray that you help me forget about what happened over the past 20months, I ask that you help me learn to move on with my life and stop saying “if only I had done… maybe things would be better”,i lost someone very close to me and everyday I have to suffer in pain as I see her having fun,enjoyimg her life while I face loneliness and depression. father I ask that you look after her and keep her safe and I also ask that you stand by me as I go through this painful life experience,i ask that you help me find true happiness in life so I can stop pretending to be happy. I pray this in your holly name Amen…

  12. Anonymous says:
    God please help me to move on

    God, please help me to forget him, to forget past. I am tired of crying. I wanna move on, I wanna be happy again, I wanna be alive again, I wanna move on. Help me God to forget him.

  13. Anonymous says:
    Please hear my cries o mighty lord

    Heavenly Father i pray that you hear my cries. I pray that you help me overcome this pain in my heart. Please help me forget and provide me with the ability to move on. Please guide me on the right path to the man who will always put me first and will never cause me pain. Allow me to forget my ex and use the love i have for him to love myself. Allow me to find the happiness in myself so that i can attract the happiness in my life. I have faith in your presence and faith that my prayers will be answered. Thank you lord for listening to my cries.

  14. Anonymous says:
    Lord hear my prayer

    Father, it has truely been a journey, I have felt pain and anger, confusion, I have been discouraged and lack love for myself. I read the other prayers and see that I am not alone when I ask, please help me Lord. I took a chance and have tried desperately for years to make him love me in return. I have belittled myself and taken away my own right to happiness. God everyday is a struggle in my heart. I have never loved or cared for someone this much before, but it has left me bitter and alone. I have become a danger to myself. In the midst of it all it has even caused me to question your presence and love for me whichI should never do. I humbly ask you father in jesus name help me. Help me to move with my life and appreciate every moment. Help me to be strong and be a victim any more. Help me to put you first in my life and to love and respect myself enjoy me. At this very moment my mind is all over the place please hear our cries and grant us peace in Jesus name Amen. I love you God thank you for always being there for me.

  15. Anonymous says:
    Lost My First Love

    Dear Lord God please help me give me the strength to move forward from an ex boyfriend that I help on to for 7 years of my life. He came to me as a rescue from a previous bad relationship but help me seek you Lord and not my ex. He listened to the lies of me from jealous people that wished me and him broke up and it happened. Something spiritual I can’t let go and I feel unworthy of life because I don’t have him. Lord you know the situation between me and my insecure ex but please allow him to forgive me for whatever his hostility was due to the lies that others told against me. Give us strength to realize the truth but also to move forward in life and I pray that all of those people that told lies and wished our downfall Lord God they will seek you and I forgive them for the pain they caused between two people that loved Eachother … I Thankyou for the time I had with him but I can no longer cry, find me happiness in life, help me grow and move on and if its in your will let us work out… I send him blessings peace and prosperity but help me Lord no longer be in pain over my first love of 7 years!!!

  16. Linda says:
    I just can't stop thinking of him

    Dear God, please help me get him out of my head. I love
    Him, but apparently he don’t even like me. So
    I need to get over him because I already have
    A bad heart and this is just breaking it even more.
    Please. He is a good man
    I just need to move on. And not be so in love
    With him. Please make this pain go away.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Dear God, I made a huge mistake in my life being married and getting evolved with another man.We both loved each other so much and I was getting ready to live a husband who is a great provider,great father but for some reason just forgot about me, not caring ,not paying attention to me. But after few months my lover decided to leave me he couldn’t waited anymore.I was so lucky that my husband forgave me but the only thing is Lord that I can’t take my lover out of my mind and I am so hurt that he has a new girl. Please God help me clean my heart from all of this love that I have to my lover ,help me take him out of my mind , help me love my husband again or help me being honest with him.Please Lord ,forgive me ,I beg you for your forgiveness ,show me the right way to be and most of all I want to feel I peace in my heart without thinking about my ex. I need you more than never .

  18. Anonymous says:
    Prayer to forget my ex and move on

    Dear Lord, I pray that you help me forget R and not feel bitterness in my heart. I felt 6 months ago that you put the idea to leave that situation and I did. However, I question and feel doubht and miss him terribly. I know there is addiction in the house and he himelf battles with this now. I felt like you were protecting me from bigger problems to come. You know I love my children and didn’t want to put them in that type of environment. I chose the kids. It has been so difficult because R was my best friend. He was one of the sweetest and thoughful men I have ever encountered. Why did it have to be this way I ask??? I am walking in faith and pray that you will help me get through this and go forward without him. On Christmas I heard he got engaged to a woman he’s only known for 12 weeks. I am feeling so hurt and betrayed. My body hurts physically from this news. I feel completely paralyzed. Why would he do such a thing? Please Lord take him from my thoughts and my heart so that I can be happy. In Jesus name, Amen.


  19. Anonymous says:
    forgive and forget

    I totally feel what you’re going through been in the exact same situation. Do not curse him or wish him bad. Its hard I know. Turn the other cheek walk away. Love yourself so you can find love again. Keep your mind busy with serving God. Time will heal. One day. have faith God will avenge your pain. Be strong and move on dear trust me. I pray so God gives us all the strength.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I understand this completely. I’ve been through a similar situation. I pray for you from the bottom of my heart that you will heal quickly and so very strong.

  21. Buttercup says:
    I am in agreement and am going through this now

    I am going through this now. Every holiday, birthday has been so much pain and drama. I loved him so much and would constantly pray for him and us and would bite my tongue to be accepting and forgiving and understanding. But the last time he got upset God opened my eyes and ears and I realized he has been the one rejecting our relationship since the beginning, he showed me that what is in our hearts really does come out of our mouths and spirits and he has pounded in my brain it’s not going to work or it’s over, we’re done so many times. And what is in my heart comes out too by me believing it will work out and we are going to make it. He didnt realize it when I told him he breaks up all the time and has told me so many times the things he has said. But I need to start believing him. I always hoped for a miracle and something great to happen, like he promised me in the beginning but now I see and even believe now that it’s not going to work. He yells and has anger issues and refuses to givel up unhealthy relationships saying they’ve been with him for 30 years verses our measly 2 years. If he cannot put our relationship first now, I feel he is never going to. He does not value the importance of our love or importance of each other. And I need the strength to let him go. I pray for a Godly man who knows our Father who loved us first so that he can love. I am suffering and want to be free if this pain and torment.

  22. Anonymous says:
    I'm with you all

    I am also in this same boat. I pray with all of you. I thought God sent me someone to love and to love me. But it turned out to be the Devil’s work. The devil sent him to destroy me. You see, before this I was praising God to everyone and I know the devil used this person to kill my heart. The past 5 months have been a nightmare – this person is cold and hot and I am a prisoner in my own life. I wait for calls, texts, and this person always seem to first say the most loving things but then followed by very hurtful ones which over and over have stabbed my heart. I am in a very dark depression now but know God will help me through it all. He’s “working on it” I feel God say. I’ve learned that when we find love, there is no pain, hurt, jealousy, doubt, worry. Real love does not know these things. If you are feeling any of these things, it is not love. Let us all find peace through this all. We will make it! We just all need to hang in there!

  23. Anonymous says:
    Forget the pains

    Dear Lord,
    Allow me to forget the pains that I went through when he left me to face the world alone after 15 years. I am coming to you for guidance to face the world. After 4 years of trying to heal, I am still feeling the pains, somedays feel as fresh as day 1! I now know that he has already moved on, will not be coming back for me. Finally,I know that I must move on and get healed, but I don’t know how! Pleas lead me on the road to recovery!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Dear lord jesus iam convinced mike s is not the rite man for me. He doesnt want to be with me, and has told me many times but i still love him blving he one day will turn around. I cant waste any more time on him, he is not good actually very cold and calculating very hurtful.i prayed and prayed for the lord to touch his heart and bless him to love and want to be with me. But he hasnt changed one bit so i must accept the lords decision and now i ask for me to forget him and move on and meet someone that is good for me. I hate what im feeling and just want me to go back to not falling in love with anyone, i am not interested and dont want to be. Nothing good comes of it, its good while it last but it doesnt last so why even bother. Its my choice i wish to attaina feeling of despise for him and for the lord to strike his heart soul and mind with a sense of guilt and a need for forgiveness, and may he too be hurt as i am now once he finds some other idiot to fall for him. Hes repulsive im even ashamed amd cant understand y the lord wld allow me to meet him and fall in love? I feel i was sleeping with the devil. Nthg good came of this, i didnt learn anythg, i didnt gain anythg, in fact i lost all faith in all men and love. May his never rest for what he caused me and may he not find love. I will then be a happy camper that will give me joy since nthg else has coming from him. I lost everythg. Good riddence please lord grant me this. Amen

  25. Anonymous says:
    You will be fine! God is with us..

    I’m in the same situation. It was happen many times. I always forgive him coz I so much Loved him. I want him to realize also for what he’ve done. I know I sound like desperate. but we can’t do nothing. We just have to wait for what plans that god has for us.

  26. Anonymous says:
    thank you

    I know where you are coming from and it hurts. Giving him up to God is not easy. Loving someone never really stops. I will be praying for you; please be praying for me too. Peace and joy and love and wisdom so that when this is over, and our husbands come, we are free to love them without any past hurt weighing it down. When two people gather (pray) in His name a third is present. May almighty God bless you and your path, amen.

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