Prayer for trust and a strong relationship

by Karen (The Netherlads)

Dear God,

I am offering You this prayer to change my current relation situation. I have been hurt so much time Lord, now You brought this light in my life and I am so thankful Father. I am asking You to take this relationship into Your hands and guide us trough what ever and where ever we go.

I am asking You Father to fill my partners heart with so much love for me Lord, draw my partner close to You. Let us not be tempted o Father for your will. I am asking for permission from You to allow us to be together for ever and meet You at the Heaven gates. Take away the hurt and pain out of my heart and fill it with love, patience, understanding and peace.

It’s You i trust and it is on You i build. We will keep on glorifying You, thank You for hearing my prayer, I love You. In the mighty name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit I pray for me and my partner Amen.