Prayer for Healing a Broken Friendship

by Richard (San Antonio)

Lord, please assist me with my lost friend. I only wish for him speak to me again. Please soften his heart, and remove any resentment, anger, bitterness, fear, or whatever else is blocking our communication.

It has been over a year now, and I still miss him everyday. Please grant me the peace of mind to accept my crosses in life as You accepted yours, and grant me the grace to hold no bitterness or resentment in my soul towards anyone.

As in all things, may Your devine will be done and may I never loose trust and faith in You.

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  1. Heal my friendships.

    Dear God. in Jesus name I love you so much. I have faith in you. I have ost my very best and she shall not return. I pray that you will heal a positive communication with them and let the rainbow pass my way again. please bring them in droves in aww of me. loving me again in my brokenness. please heal my husbands abandonment of his friend. we are extremely deperate in dispear. we need help fast yet we could die inside. please give me a shout out and feel ther guilt and come back to us. as we have done nothing wrong. If God can heal an love Judus Shirley he can heal my and our sin and retore the feelings we have had for each other. I completely fell free in your name. I need a bit of approval from the spirit or I could surely die amen.


    Dearest Lord, I humbly beg you to heal my friendship with Nna. I have severe depression and she is not only my best friend and only confidante but THE MOST IMPORTANT AND HAPPIEST PART OF MY LIFE! BOTH she and her pet are my only source of joy,strength, hope and inspiration.
    I am broken with so much remorse and grief right now and I know I can not fix this without your Divine Intervention. Do please Lord, open Nna’s heart and mind to forgive me and know that it’s NEVER my intention to hurt her
    Please Lord, God our Father Almighty in Heaven- please HEAL and strengthen my friendship with Nna.
    She means the WHOLE WORLD to me ( together with her pet). Please help me Lord, I humbly BEG you.

  3. i miss you judy

    God please I come before you today humbling myself.I want to admit am a sinner .I want to admit I’m the one that caused my friend to walk away from me.I gossiped her,hacked to her acc and posted nasty things…but God please forgive me.I will not try and justify what I did because I know there is no justification whatsoever.I pray that you mend our friendship..I pray that u soften her heart and we be friends once again.I pray you show her in your own mysterious ways that I miss her in my life…I pray you bring us back together in your own best time.

    I also pray for other friendships I have made end that God you will make a way where there seems no way…make me also a better person so I be a better friend.Grant me this in Jesus mighty name

  4. I know I was wrong....

    Today is Christmas an I woke up with her on my mind again. God I pray for her to find it in her heart to forgive I know what I did was wrong an if I could take back that day I would. its been six months an I still think about her an our friendship everyday. please have her forgive me an get in contact with me I would do anything to have her back in my life.

  5. I know I was wrong....

    Today is Christmas an I woke up with her on my mind again. God I pray for her to find it in her heart to forgive I know what I did was wrong an if I could take back that day I would. its been six months an I still think about her an our friendship everyday. please have her forgive me an get in contact with me I would do anything to have her back in my life.

  6. Restore Friendship

    I have a friend that their seems to be a blockage of our bonding in a sisterly way. We both love GOD we both love people we both love life. We encourage each other in a positive way, but anytime we decide to celebrate a BIRTHDAY a Holiday or a Business venture something negative always happens. Father God I ask you to show us what is standing in the way of us carrying our sisterly friend ship to the next level. And I you to stop it in Jesus name Amen. Thank You Jesus for healing our friendship and covering it with the BLOOD of JESUS. Amen

  7. I miss my friend

    Please pray with me I miss my friend the one I loved so much and still love him maybe our freindship were wrong but I love him so much don’t want him to forget me he’s always in my heart, in my mind I love him I care about him. It’s been 9 months now I didn’t hear from him don’t want this year to end without him talking to me I’m just asking about forgiveness if I done something wrong to him.
    Pray for L

  8. Prayer for Restoration and Growth

    Dear Father God, Dear Lord Jesus Christ

    Please dear Father, I thank you for my gracious friend and his forgiveness of my transgressions and for my ability through you to forgive him.
    I belive he is my Godsent friend I prayed for and I pray that you would heal and restore our friendship, that you would make it even better for your Glory. That you remove what was not right in your eyes but replace it with only that which will glorify you.
    Please lead him to you through Christ Jesus in time.

    In your Sons name I pray

  9. Broken Friendship

    I hope my friend T can forgive me and we can be friends again. I have tried apologizing in a letter and my plea has gone unanswered. He of course has the right to refuse to forgive me and I have no choice but to accept his decision. I can wish for as many wishes for us to reconcile but if he doesn’t want to then I will abide by his decision even though it will be hard for me. I wish he could really be honest with me about all that he is going through and to voice that out to me in whatever way, his feelings, hurt,anger and disappointment that he might or may have with or even towards me. What he expects from me, what I can do to repair the rift that I might have caused between us. What happened was not deliberate act. He is an important precious person in my life. I love him dearly and truly. I wish I had just shut my mouth but how could I because I was driven only by love and concern for him. I wish he could see that. I wish for God to let him know that I both love and care for him and wish him only the best in his life as I always have.

  10. Pray for my change and a brken relationship

    God, my father!

    I am a sinful being and I confess this. I confess every sin, every wrong thing. I am prepared to change but please help me. Bring friendships that I destroyed, back. Especially a friendship that I destroyed a couple of days ago. I confess, I did a bad thing and I am so sorry. She was so close to me and I ruined everything. You have the power to heal our friendship. Help me my God. Help me Jesus, help me everyone. I am lost without her Lord, my God, you can move mountains, move her heart. Through suffering we are strong, but you want us to be happy with other people too. And I repeat, help me Father, my God and your Son Jesus. You are the Most High, there is no one like you. Use your power of love to heal our friendship. God, my Lord, bring her back to me. Thank you 🙁

  11. Broken Friendship

    Please pray for me and my friend Julien. We met several months ago and got along really well. However, all of a sudden I noticed a change in his attitude towards me. He no longer seemed interested in me and stopped contacting me. I just wish that we could start things fresh.

  12. broken friendship

    Dear Lord,

    I know that I am sinful and not perfect. Sometimes I want to feel that I am special to him, and now I really realize that I am not. Friend is the only thing that he can offer me and not best friend he cannot offer to me. Now I really understand that he only call me or get my attention when he need me all I need is to restore our friendship please. That is all I needed now.. Thank you. Pls. heal my broken heart as well.

  13. Lost bestfriend

    Most Blessed Jesus,
    Please help heal my friendship w/ L. She is as close to a best friend I have & I miss her everyday. Please help heal us so again we both feel the fondness & friendship we shared.
    In Jesus’ name.

  14. miss my best friend

    I pray this every day. I lost my friend back in july. Love him dearly, I just wish we could talk again and start fresh. I’m hoping before the holidays. We’re both going through the same situation, and he’s been there for me since my issue started. I know God listens to our prayers, and I wish you all the best.

  15. prayers for me and my broken friendship

    Please pray for me and my guy friend, Jo. We had a disagreement and I don’t think he wants to be my friend anymore. All i did for the past 8 months was care for him and show him love. I admit that I had feelings for him(which may have been a little selfish to have in a friendship) but I miss him so much. I want him to speak to me again and be as close to him as we used to be. I don’t want to lose him. Please God help me fix my broken friend/relationship with my guy friend. In Jesus name, Amen.

  16. Angels and Cowboys

    Dear Lord,

    I pray that my best friend and I find a way back to one another. Many things have been said and worse actions. Please, Lord I humbly beg for your Grace and Mercy. I miss our laughter, trust and most of all the unconditional love between two best friends. My best friend is my other half, we are two side of the same coin. Each of us lost with out the other. I leave this path in your loving hands.

  17. broken hearted

    Recently there has been a strain between one of my best friends and myself, she is more like a sister. She usually calls or text me 3-4 times a week. Well, she has been different and says she is very busy all the time, which is probably true, but basically she has cut me off. We have been so close and she has helped me through some really difficult times and vise versa. I just can’t understand what has happened. I feel this friendship is so important to me. I pray it can be mended and whatever I have done, God forgive me and help me to be a better friend.

  18. Reply to my comment

    Me and Lockey are friends again! 😀

    A few nights ago he added me on Facebook and sent me a message saying some stuff then he said “oh and no hard feelings about the past?”

    Then was saying that we should catch up 🙂
    He said he doesn’t really have any mates and would be nice to make some he said. I told him I don’t really have any mates either.

    So I can see this as a fresh start now a rebuild for us 🙂

    Thank you all for praying and thank you Lord Jesus 🙂

  19. Miss Her

    Thank you soooo much for this wonderful prayer Richard. I am going to keep praying it everyday. It has been almost 3 weeks now and a very dear friend of mine from Vietnam stopped video chatting and messagin me online all of a sudden. I miss her so very, very much. Honestly, she is THE most sweetest person I have ever known. I’ve never met anyone like her. She is so devoted to God and prays everyday. I really, really hope to hear from her again very soon, in Jesus’ name. Amen. And I know what you mean George. I have been feeling and going through the same thing as you. And I really hope I get to meet her in person someday soon, as we had talked about it a lot.

  20. I miss my friend

    Lord Jesus
    I miss my friend Lockey
    We used to be the best of friends and now we haven’t talked for 2 years now
    I miss him very much. Please soften his heart towards me so that he will find a way to remember the memories we had and to forgive me. Your will be done and I will always trust you Jesus no matter what. I would like to lead my old friend to you 🙂

  21. Broken Relationhips

    I very recently loss the best friend and we called each other sisters, things seemed to break apart since April and it is also directly related to our church, so I have left the Church and am trying to move on to another. It is extremely upsetting as I ‘m sure you know too well, I feel like I have lost everything near and dear except my faith, I hope God either re-opens their hearts, and absence makes things easier unil healing takes place. God Bless you and yours.

  22. hope

    i lost my best friend and i want him back till my death as a good friend and brother and am going to pray with full faith.

  23. In tears praying with you

    I’m praying for the same. Every day. Thank you for this beautiful prayer. I hope we all find peace, forgiveness and healing with the people we care about.

  24. broken ffriendship

    lm going to pray this prayer everyday with alot of faith lost a
    wonderful female friend amd its hurts me so much that cry
    most every day because i miss her much its been 9 months that we stop talking lord please bring her back lord i trust in you

  25. Thank you for the prayer

    Thank you Richard for the prayer. I have lost a very good friend, she means a world to me. I will say this prayer. I hope God will forgive me and she will also find a place in her heart and forgive me. Amen

  26. praise the Lord

    That was what i needed . I wish and hope that my broken friendship is mended by the Grace of Lord .Thank you Richard

  27. Please help God

    i understand the pain of all of you. may God bless us all and help us to get our friends back<3


    What a beautiful prayer Richard I have changed the him to lher as I have mangaed to lose adear elderley friend that meansthe worldto me. I live with that with hope and prayers I can resovethis friendship and will use your prayer to help with this.

  29. Thank you, Hang in there

    I am sorry for your pain. I am rejected by 2 people now also instead of just one. It is more than I can understand.

  30. <3

    i feel terrible and I just want everything to be okay again not just with one but two of my friends, thank you i am here praying with you. god bless<3

  31. Thank you

    Thank you Steph. I will keep you in my prayers too. You know what a cross this is just like me.

  32. I stand with you

    God bless you Richard. I stand with you in prayer and ask you to pray for me as I am in the same situation.

  33. Mending fences

    I’m asking for help to mend fences with a friend I have been at odds with for 2 years now i was wrong with how I handled the whole situation and I wish I could do it over again I miss her a lot and I would love nothing more then to finally get to talk to her and work things out and apologize and I hope enough time has went by to where she can consider forgiving me

  34. Prayer to restorefreindship

    Please pray to restore my freindship with t
    She means the whole world to me

  35. I miss my friend

    I just want my friend back in my life well my old friend we we’re bestfriends before , I feel so bad for everything I always cut him off then want him back in my life and as a friend that’s something you’re not suppose to do Bt I’d do anything to have him back I pray that you soften his heart up a little to forgive me remove any anger and bitterness towards me or whatever else that’s blocking him from not even wanting to be cool with me I miss him everyday

  36. Please heal my friendship

    Dear God! I’m praying for a healing over my friendship with Sheedah. We’re going through a rough patch in our 23yr friendship and have both been guilty of hurting one another but I’ve always chosen to forgive without any grudges. Lord i don’t understand why I haven’t been given this same forgiveness. Come into her heart Lord and remove the anger and restore the love that I know she knows I have for her. I’ve apologized to her with the utmost sincerity and I’m praying for the day of restoration. I can’t see my life without having my sister by my side. In your name I pray,

  37. Please heal my friendship

    Lord please soften my best friend Christine’s heart to forgive me and come back into my Life. I am so sorry and never knew how much she meant until now. I believe you will bring her back to me since we are both Christians. Amen and thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.

  38. Bring my Bestfriends back to me

    Dear God,
    I’m asking you please to bring my bestfriends back in my life 🙏🏽 I miss them each and every day. We have fallen off for a whole year now. I just miss them so so so much. My life is different now since I don’t have them in it. I’m just asking you to please help me and them.. Remove anything that is keeping them from contacting me. Lord I pray that we can become back friends

  39. Pray

    God I pray n jesus’ name. Please help me better myself and become happy. Please give my lost friend the ability to loose all resentment, distrust, unhappiness that he has towards me. I know it’s not all my fault and everything happens for a reason but please god take away this guilt I feel for putting my baggage and unhappiness to one of the people I loved most. Please give us a path to regain connections and contact with eachother in person sometime over the summer.i pray this in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit

  40. Please Pray

    Please pray that my friendship with be repaired quickly. My heart breaks each and every day that we don’t speak. The days are turning into months now. I’m so lonely without my friend in my life. Please God. Please forgive me of all my sins and allow love and peace back into my life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


    Lord Jesus, I ask for a healing for any and all friendships. We have all fallen short of the Glory of God, but Lord, you are a God of a second chance. Please hear your children’s cries and heal their broken hearts. Thank you for your grace..Amen

  42. Dear lord

    I lost one of my dearest friends
    I hurt him really bad and i pray today that you keep him safe and happy
    I want nothing but the best for him in his life in his career in everything
    I pray for his happiness above all and may he someday forgive me and speak to me
    I do not want to force him to speak to me but if there is any chance he could i will take him
    I lost so many peaople in my life i do not want to lose him
    Dear lord help me heel and give me strength i need you everyday of my life
    Thank you for everything and forgive my sins

  43. Missing my best friend

    Lord, everything has changed so much between us. It just took one incident to change our whole friendship. We were once best of best friends, he told me everything about his life and so did I. All of a sudden he drifted away so far from me and when I used to share things with him, he no longer heard my voice. He stopped telling me his problems. I became his last choice. Jesus I forgive him for what he has done. He never has acknowledged what I did for him and he has forgotten my value. Lord I know you will help me through this. I miss being his best friend. Lord I believe that this has happened for a reason. Thank you Jesus for making him my best friend even though it was for a short while.

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