Prayer to restore trust in relationship

I have wronged my husband of 19 years and we are in despair. Despite our love for each other and our desire to work things out, my husband cannot let go of the hurt that I have caused him. Please pray for my husband, that he find peace and is able to once again trust me.

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  1. forgiveness for cheating

    I have been with my boyfriend for five years and he recently found out that I cheated on him during the first year of our relationship. I have asked the lord to protect me from the devils lies and deceit but them keep finding their way into our relationship. I am afraid I’ve lost him for good this time and I’m so scared. He says he forgave me but he is so bitter about it. I want to just ask the lord right now to restore my relationship with trust and love. I ask the lord to mend my boyfriend’s broken heart and I also want to ask for forgiveness for cheating and for lying. Please help me lord.

    In Jesus name I pray, Amen

  2. Prayer to restore trust

    I am in a similar situation, we have been married for 10 1/2 years and I can never seem to do anything right. Then I did something horrible and we tried counseling and everything. He said he has forgiven me but the first sign of a fight, he brings all of it up from the first wrong doing to the current. The counselor even told him that he needed to let it go but for him, he can’t. Even now, I try to make things right with him and I can’t seem to do it. When I think i am doing right i gets thrown in my face that I am not. I pray that God will help us heal together.

  3. Dear Lord please give our marriage your blessing

    Dear Lord please remove the pain and hurt I have caused to my marriage. Please remove my husbands pain and the intrusive thoughts that he has. Dear Lord please help my husband to trust me again and forgive my wrongs. Dear Lord, please give our marrige your blessing and help up to see each other through the love that we have.

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    I will definitely give that a try

  5. May You Both Find happiness in love

    I to had to deal with the horrible pain of what happened to you both.
    To your husband If you love your wife let go of the images that bring you pain.I still 23 years later have urges to think about the hurt in my case but I love my wife and I had to decide If I wanted her in y life. If I did I have no right to punish her forever with my own issues regarding this horrible thing. I will pray for you both and remember you have your wife and children think about that God has blessed you both.
    I pray for your love to be strong and real forever.


    This is exactly where my life is too. I pray for Gods power to let go of the devastating pain of my wiife’e affair. I love her oh Lord, and want her back in my life. I s this you? Is this my beautiful wife of 19 years and four children? If so, there is nothing I live for more than you and our love and our children.

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