Prayer for my Boyfriend

by Cambria Burton ()

Prayer for My Boyfriend

Father, I just want to lift my boyfriend up to You for healing. Lord, there are some things that I only know a little about, but You know the whole story! You know him inside and out and know what his heart and soul yearns for.

Father, I pray for strength and wisdom for him and to take the madness and angry from his heart and I pray that we can weather the storm together, that he will rejoice for the redemption of his soul by coming to know You personally as his savior. Father God, help me to let go of worry and give it completely up to YOU.

Lord, give me the words to say and let Your Holy Spirit guide each move I make. Father, I trust You and am so thankful that You are a God of justice and peace. Please come into our relationship and our lives and help us to be the man and woman you intended and to make us strong and come together as one In Christ’s precious name, Amen.

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  1. Prayer for my boyfriend

    Dear lord, help my boyfriend to able to trust me and understand me .lord I give him to U to change him and help him to stop being angry with me, please I may have done things am not aware of plz forgive me and forgive him too. Our relationship was built on a very uncomfortable grounds lord U R the all make and I pray for U to make it a comfortable one for us. Help me to gain de love he has for me because U are the all loving father. I know my prayers has been answered Amen

  2. My boyfriend is giving up on me..

    Lord please help me.. my boyfriend is giving up on me. We are in a long distance relationship and I think he’s getting tired of it. Please don’t let him give up on us I love him so much. help us find a way to be together, I wanna be with him for the rest of my life. Enlighten his mind and remove all the worries away. Lord God I know nothing is impossible to you, help me Lord.. please help me.

  3. Hurt and angry boyfriend

    I request prayer for my boyfriend. My boyfriend who recently. Started living with is full of anger and hurt..I don’t know exactly what caused that in him but. He is very sensitive and gets annoyed easily.lord I love him and want to be with for a lifetime, he even have alot of women he’s been texting it makes me angry and hurt and it’s not likely he would understand how hurt I am.please with prayers help us to restore our relationship because alot of his just waiting for us to fall apart.please help me with prayers .

  4. prayer

    Pray for my boyfriend, we are having a baby together and want father god to show me who is this guy because I am having bad dreams I don’t know only God who knows this man in and outside his heart

  5. Prayer for My Boyfriend Otis

    Lord I’m asking for prayer. For him his mind an soul is lost. He cheated on me in April of this year with an 18 yr old an she gave him an std he sent her home. He came back home an he’s been there besides work . Now the girl is back an he’s left home again. I pray that she go and find her own man.. She don’t have anything to offer him he has 8 kids an those are my step kids an I love him. I’ve been with him 2 1/2 years. My children call him daddy . Our life was ok until she showed up. Lord I’m asking that u open his eyes to see an realize what he’s going to loose if he don’t straighten up his act. I’ve always had his back through any situation that he’s been in.. I just want our love an life go back to where we was in life. I want you to change him for his kids himself an me. I love him but I know he loves me . Take the drugs away. Take the selling drugs away. He got shot Father’s Day an could of died an I was right there by his side. Open his eyes to see what he will loose hanging out in the streets an cheap hotels with other women cheating. Lord only you can fix this..

  6. For my Boyfriend Kais

    I love my boyfriend kais alot, and he is been cheating on me since 3 years with his ex girlfriend, and that girl always compliants to police about my guy just because he is with me ,he tells me everything and i forgive him, i love him alot and dont want to loose him as he is caring, loving person, and also i want to marry him, please pray for him whatever he is doing he should stop doing evertyhing, and be a good person like before, he also has habit of drinking, smoking, taking drugs, he dosent support his family like dosent help financially to his family, he is completely changed person, please save my boyfriend help me and my relationship,

  7. Healing and peace in our relationship

    Father I ask that you remove the anger and uncertainty in my boyfriends heart and mind. Only you as his lord and savior know his struggles and what is best and I ask you to guide him and protect him. I ask that you come into our relationship and mend the hurt and remove the worry -bring joy understanding and patience as we can be together as one. I ask that you give me the right words to speak with wisdom and let love come forth. I thank you for all your praise and help me let go and lean in faith to allow us to be a strong couple and spend our lives together

    In heavenly name I thank you and I praise you

  8. prayer for the above request

    fear God,I knw u familiar wth our desires our problems too I pray that you may soften n enlighten ,and deliver those who r enduring difficulties on their relationships,may u restore them again and give them the joy they deserve .in Jesus name I pray

  9. pray for my boyfriend

    Pray for my boyfriend to remain wit an to takes me for his wife .i praying for our relationship to work out .an for honesty between both of us

  10. Help

    Trials have Ben occurring back to back.
    Unemployed,lost home, miscarriage last week, just now he says he’s leaving me.
    I try to have faith but I don’t know why I feel so broken and alone.enemy has attacked me from every area of my life.ive become a born again Christian and after I baptized a month all. And crumbling down.need prayer please as I too will pray for u

  11. Miss him

    I’m going through a hard time with my boyfriend we no longer together but I pray that we can come as one

  12. Love will abide

    I pray for all of us out there having a difficult time with our boyfriend or significant other.. I am saying the prayer as well.. May God heal us and bring us closer together through the most difficult times. I’ve been with my guy 6 years and the past 5 months have been in turmoil. I pray for all of us to make it through especially with the holidays upon us.. God Bless all

  13. Difficult Time with my boyfriend

    I’m going through a really diffcult Time with my boyfriend and I just hope God can heal his angry heart. I pray that God allows him to know we are going to go through struggles, but it will only make us stronger in the end. God please hear my prayer. Amen

  14. Difficult Time with my boyfriend

    I’m going through a really diffcult Time with my boyfriend and I just hope God can heal his angry heart. I pray that God allows him to know we are going to go through struggles, but it will only make us stronger in the end. God please hear my prayer. Amen

  15. one in prayer

    I am one with you in prayer. I am also going through a difficult time with my boyfriend. He is also angry and lost just like yours. Let us continue to pray for their healing. May the Holy Spirit both enlighten them and straighten their paths and experience the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  16. Sharing

    Im going through a hard time with my boyfriend who was going to be my husband.. I pray with you for both you and I and whoever is going through a bad storm. May jesus calm us down and give us what we deserve. His will shall be.

  17. Same prayer

    I just said your prayer and I will.continue. I pray that God will hear and answer in his perfect time.

  18. prayer

    I’m going through the same situation with my boyfriend but I trust God for our lives. I’m praying with you and let the perfect will of God be done.

  19. Beautiful Prayer

    I am going through the same thing with my fiancee. I am saying your prayer and praying for you and your man as well.

  20. Lord please protect us both

    My boyfriend and I have been together over 5 years. It had come to a point where we rarely had an argument, when we did, it was easily fixed and would never escalate.

    The past few arguments we have had over the past year, he has lost control with his anger, as if he is possessed, and has grabbed me with a force I can’t explain, easily angered over silly things in my century old house. Last night he grabbed me by the wrists and pinned me to my bed, and said he had to fight it and he couldn’t get himself to stop. He is a good man and treats me well, when he isn’t angry. It’s like it’s someone else and not him, eyes are the window to the soul and I don’t recognise this person.

    Please in the name of Jesus, help us. We love each other unconditionally and this only ever happens in my house, which I live in with my parents and I have seen things I can’t explain. For personal financial reasons I can’t afford to move out. Please protect us from this house in the name of Jesus and the holy spirit. I know we are meant to be together and we all are sinners, I know this isn’t him. Please keep the devil away from us and cleanse our spirits so we can be free together and live in love, hope and happiness. Amen! God bless all of you who are having difficulties. You are not alone

  21. Prayer for my boyfriend

    Dear lord, please hear our prayers for the men we love.
    I pray dear lord for Julio, give him peace, guidance , clarity and the feeling of self worth again . That all of the pain he has in his heart be lifted, I ask God that he find his way back to you and trust in your divine word. I ask for him to feel my love and once again we be reunited and to be one as man & wife. Together forever . Thank you lord for listening to my prayer .. Amen

  22. Prayer for my boyfriend

    Dear Lord, I pray that you give patience and guidance through my relationship.. I pray to you Heavenly Father to remove any unnecessary thoughts that cross my mind. I keep telling myself that everything is okay. And that its just me who is overthinking. I pray that you give me peace in mind and remove my anxiety. Remove anything thats not letting me be happy. You know what he thinks and you know him better than I do. Please have him in your prayers, give him patience and understanding. I pray that you make him understand that sometimes I don’t know why I get sad for no reason or why I act the way I do because frankly I don’t even understand it myself. I love him lord and there is a reason why you put him in my life and I hope you keep him in your thoughts. Give me patience and understanding. To be able to communicate with him. I have such a hard time communicating with him because I often feel like if I talk I’m just bothering him or anyone in general… Amen.

  23. Prayer for my Boyfriend

    Father God I humbly ask you for peace in the midst of the storm that is raging in the life of my Boyfriend and myself. Gird us with protection, fill us with your direction. Grant us peace which passeth understanding. Allow love to reign in our home, compassion and patience. Have mercy on him. Let no weapon formed against him or us prosper. I’ll be ever careful to give you the glory. In Jesus’ name I ask all of these things. Amen.

  24. My boyfriend

    My boyfriend Daniel lives in Texas and I am in California, this distance is hard on us. We both love each other but I think we are having a hard time because we are a new relationship, and we both have has bad past relationships. Please say a prayer for us.

  25. In your name I pray

    Dear Lord,
    The enemy is attacking our union from every angle. Please abolish the wicked and give my soul peace. In you all things are possible. Give me the strength and humility to pray for them and forgive them. I love my boyfriend with my whole heart and I know you placed him in my life, and I his. We can conquer all with your grace and guidance. Please lead us in spirit to the bible verses and provide us with divine guidance to effectively pray for solidarity in our relationship. In your precious name I pray, Amen.

  26. prayer for my boyfriend

    heavenly father,i commit my boyfriend in your hands.every spirit of anger i cast it out in jesus name.we have gone through alot.heavenly father i commit our relationship into your hands in jesus name.father let your spirit guide every of our steps.let no weapon fashioned against us prosper.father lord whatever you join let no man put asunder in jesus name i cover our relationship with the blood of jesus in jesus our relationship your way and our generation amen

  27. Pray for us

    Dear lord I come to you today because my boyfriend and I just found out some bad news. Please give him the strength to get through this tough time. Please oh lord watch over him and let him know I’m here with him every step of the way. I love you father god. I love him so much. Give us the strength and guidance to help us overcome this. In jesus name. Amen

  28. Heal his heart

    I pray that my bestfriend can forgive me and reach back to me so I can explain myself. I’m hurting so bad and I am so tired of the pain this is causing me. Please lord help me.

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