Heal what is broken in me

O Most Beautiful Flower of Mt. Carmel, Fruitful Vine, Splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. O Star of the Sea, help me, show me herein you are my Mother. O Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you … Continue reading “Heal what is broken in me”

Relationship with J.S.

Hello, thank you for taking time to read my prayer request. I hope this is not too much of me to ask. Please pray for my relationship to work out with a Korean person (I call her “J.S”) whom I am about to meet soon, and if possible that she can become my spouse in … Continue reading “Relationship with J.S.”

🐝 More effective

I got a boat load of unsaved in-laws, sleepy saved children who seem to be more Churched-Up and obviously confused. Prayer #1. I and a good saved friend, like to go out daily and find our way into conversations since the pandemic is over, our true motive is to find out “are you saved or … Continue reading “🐝 More effective”


Please help me pray for my daughter, Brae M’s to be released from the clutches of Demarkus B, who is too old for her and is a bad influence, and from Ayriana W, who is clinging on to her and draining her financially, and mentally. Please help me pray for my daughter to stop smoking. … Continue reading “Relationship”

Dear God

I praise your Holy name. Thank you for bringing a spiritual friend in my life I can relate to. She is wonderful to hang around, even though she is 12 years my senior. She is very helpful when I need it. She listens to me and forgives me of my past, thus far. She is … Continue reading “Dear God”

God’s Grace & Goodness

Dear Lord thank you for your many bountiful blessings. Thank you for the breath to live life. Thank you for the opportunity to continually do your will. Forgive me when I don’t. I know there are many times I have been silent with you Lord. Please forgive me. Deliver myself and Kendrick from the things … Continue reading “God’s Grace & Goodness”


My adult son is an alcoholic, and struggling financially, spiritually and emotionally. He was raised in the church but, no longer trusts the Lord. Prayers for his salvation. I’m involved with an unsaved man. He needs to give his heart to the Lord. Maybe I need to step away from him?? Or does God want … Continue reading “Direction”

Who is the one for me?

I am recently divorced. I’m 64, and I’m very concerned about the rest of my life. In my heart I believe I’m going to live a very long time. I’m asking for prayer to help me find who God might have for me. I know that God knows me better than I do myself. The … Continue reading “Who is the one for me?”

Sanctifying Challenges

I have had some things happen in my church that have saddened my heart. While I understand that churches are made up of humans just like me, some behaviors among leadership have raised my “be alert” senses. I ask for prayer to discern where I have unrealistic expectations. Some of these I would consider friends, … Continue reading “Sanctifying Challenges”

Needs respect

Please pray for me I am 84 years old and in a very abusive relationship since I married 54 years ago. My husband claims he is a Christian and he water baptized, but mom to sun he buys alcohol and have all men in our garage drinking from 4.30 pm to 10.00 pm some nights … Continue reading “Needs respect”

future spouse, financial breakthrough, spiritual growth, sacred heart, family salvations

shalom, happy resurrection of JC!although its a bit late, its better than never right;) please pray for me(michelle salim)and my future spouse(Fajar Santoso) to be able to united, have a healthy holy full of love ,grace and serenity harmony in our Godly relationship, always put Jesus as the centre of our lives, to be able … Continue reading “future spouse, financial breakthrough, spiritual growth, sacred heart, family salvations”

Relationship Breakthrough

Lord, I stand in the gap for my future wife (Faby) and lift this request up on behalf of both of us. Create in us the desire and urge for a stronger and deeper relationship with You. Remove all bad company, negative thoughts, addictive behaviors, and distracting things from our lives. I am declaring a … Continue reading “Relationship Breakthrough”


Dear lord just as things started to work out between my child’s father and I …we were back on good terms but now we are back at square one …dear lord I tried to let my guard down with him and trust him again but he showed me once again that I can not trust … Continue reading “Healing”

Relationship Confirmation

Please pray with me I need a confirmation I have been seeing Solomon for some months now although it’s a long distance relationship also I have been praying for God to reveal to me if Solomon is the right man for me. But I am not getting any confirmation about him, I love Solomon deeply, … Continue reading “Relationship Confirmation”

Please help me lotd

Dear Universe, God. Saints, Disciples – please prayer for me. The man I live has strayed with many women during our relationship. This time he has really fallen hard. I am begging you to have his heart find mine again and get Jennifer out of our lives. I am at my lowest of lows and … Continue reading “Please help me lotd”

Heart healing

Heavenly father in Jesus name I pray and pour out my heart to you almighty God. Today was hard. I wanted to have a conversation with Mike about our relationship and my feelings but he turned it around on me with the usual gaslighting response response and made me feel worse about myself and our … Continue reading “Heart healing”

Prayer to Jesus

Dear Lord Jesus i come before you and ask you to please Divinely heal me and this baby please help me and have mercy upon me help me throughout this pregnany to be Divinely protected of Gallbladder infection issues and Gallstones complications please also Divinely protect me from Gallbladder rupture and remove from me the … Continue reading “Prayer to Jesus”

Prayer to Jesus

Dear Lord Jesus please help me and my partner to forgive one another please help strengthen the bond and love between us help us to grow it everyday please help us to be open honest and loyal to one another please help us to grow together and make allowances for eachothers faults please help us … Continue reading “Prayer to Jesus”


Marrying for wrong reasons of lack and knowing there is something unequaled I have never had a support system and struggled I look bk at tapes of the children I see pain aloneness I got sick I felt I had no choice to keep making the best my husband being disconnected and now 25 yrs … Continue reading “Regrets”

A Grandmother’s Desire

Please pray with me that my husband and I are allowed to spend time with our 5 grandchildren. Three of the grandchildren are our deceased son’s and the other two are our other son’s, who doesn’t get to see his daughters but two or three times a year. All and all, my desire is that … Continue reading “A Grandmother’s Desire”

Broke Up With Girlfriend

Broke up with my girlfriend, Diana. She had a rough upbringing/ADHD. Very sinful past. We had some things in common, but although she believes in God, she thought the Bible was corrupt. I was ministering to her, but change was slow to little (along with sin). I’m mailing some of her small things back to … Continue reading “Broke Up With Girlfriend”

Great pay job

Please God Heal Cody of his health problems. Make him hansom and good looking. Please let it work out between me and him. Please make him an ideal good looking guy. God please restore nice beautiful hair to Cody. Make him strong looking and stay strong in his life. Help me understand Cody. Change Cody … Continue reading “Great pay job”

Miracle relationship

I asked God to really blessed Chris to let him be a better person for Keisha to open up his heart in the right way to let him focus on God first and Keisha move all females or anything that’s around this relationship away from him let him change for Keisha let him get closer … Continue reading “Miracle relationship”

Sarah wisdom

I Praise God Almighty, Our Ancient of Days, Creator of heaven and earth!!! All praise to the Most High God!!! Please Jesus, Lord, help N.M. reveal himself to Sarah, let Sarah understand where he is coming from. LORD if this relationship is from You, please bless it, if this relationship is not from You help … Continue reading “Sarah wisdom”

My Children

Please pray for me and my relationship with my children. We are being under attack by the enemy. Trying to hinder my relationship with my adult children and my daughter as well. I have this strong feeling in me we are being attacked in this area and I need help in prayer for protection over … Continue reading “My Children”