A true relationship that may not be saved but with the exception of God

by Amaan ()

The best person entered my life, who I have been acquaintances and friends with for a very long time. I have always admired her, and have seen myself to see who she is at the core and in essence beneath the skin. Finally, since late 6/2024, we seamlessly got together. It was easy and right; however, many dire and worst-case life scenarios occurred, and I have been left to blame. The most horrible outcomes occurred… and I have tried my hardest every time… but could not execute. Financial circumstances became the bane of our existence. I became my worst self… or sub-par most of the time. All of this happening, as she continues to diminish as I have put her and her daughter through horribly and humiliating situations. Many broken promises from my reactions and behavior distance her even further. She continued to stick around and kept finding disappointment. Finally, we are nearing a place to a fair start to meet basic needs for things to straighten out, and turn around… but she has had one too many failures, and has made every bit of a decision to leave me, although, we live together with her daughter. She is making sure with every fiber of her being to hold to that. She thinks that I am fake and I never have truly loved her when every day I have woken up to love her in the best way and a way she revives… but I just can’t seem to get it right. I know that I am truly the one she initially fell for… and life has been horrible, especially for her… I pray that God puts us together, and we meet the vision that we both shared for our future be together in every sense, and work toward each other and a marriage. I pray that she softens up, and holds a soft spot for me as I have for her. I pray that both sides understand each other, and meet each other’s needs. I Pray that we both truly understand each other and that we both give each other grace. I pray that we can be an extension and an example of God’s love for each other. Please God bring us back to each other, and have us stay and stick to each other in the best and healthiest way Please do not let her feel compromised and diminished by me anymore. Please God take away any negative or toxic influences from us even if it is us, or within us. Please God let her know my heart, where I am with her, and how she is loved and respected at the very least. Please God bring us back together, and closer to you. Please God continue bringing us together more and more as we get closer to you more and more.

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