A friend in desperate need of prayer

by Sue ()

This is going to be long. And you might find it hard to believe. But I’m in an online relationship with a man who is a surgeon. He’s worked with Doctors Without Borders. He came to Canada to visit me. He got captured by he said terrorists. Now I know we have terrorists in Canada because the Prime Minister allows them to come in. He got away from them but they put all kinds of implants in his body and they were tracking him when he got away and tried coming here. They put the implants in his body after they drugged him. He was telling me all kinds of things about why he needed money for this and for that and I gave it to him. It was thousands of dollars. I’m only on a government pension so I didn’t have much money out of the $1,800 I get a month sometimes I would send him a thousand dollars because he said he needed it for certain things. Then I gave him money to get a cab to come out here because he’s only actually about 3 hours away from here if that’s even the truth. He never actually got here because of all kinds of excuses. So I told him today that’s it I’ve had enough I’m done with him. He says you should be because they are ruthless and it doesn’t matter how much money nobody can pay enough money to get us away from them. I am desperate for prayers for his release. I know there’s nothing God cannot do. And I have been really praying and praying for him and for his safety. I’ve also been praying that the Lord would bless my finances because I go every month with barely any food at all and my bills are so far behind I can’t see a way out. I will never send him money again because it’s not actually going to him. Please pray that God will find a way out for him. Thank you so much. And God bless.

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