Lord Deliver Me

Where do I start first I want to say thank you all for your prayers prayers are effective well I’ve been fighting an addiction for quit sometime I relapse but I get back up an start over I don’t let it lose my focus of where God is trying to take me but it makes … Continue reading “Lord Deliver Me”

Family in need of prayer

A couples addiction to drugs is having an impact on 4 generations. They are now divorced but the impact of their lifestyle has been horrendous. The woman was raised in church and was a very good student until she became involved with him and family members who all became involved with drugs. Their 21 year … Continue reading “Family in need of prayer”


Hi there, I need prayer please. Without going into to much detail. I have been a Christian for many years, but have had addiction problems through out. I feel it’s a viscous cycle that I can’t seem to get out of, the guilt, fear, shame, anger I feel is real, Please pray for me to … Continue reading “Ashamed”

Deliverance and Healing

Hi please continue to pray Jesus will deliver Marc from the bondage of addiction, soul ties and strongholds that are in his heart, soul, mind and body. Marc struggles with his mental health and when he is feeling overwhelmed he turns to alcohol and other things to give him peace and comfort. The enemy wants … Continue reading “Deliverance and Healing”

Needs to be saved

I have an friend name is Tyson that is part of the LGBQ community that has gone to do adult entertainment and I been praying constantly that he would change his life around and reach out to me on knowing Jesus so I pray that someone could be that light for him and he becomes … Continue reading “Needs to be saved”

Prayer for Isaac

Please pray for my son. He is struggling with drug addiction, and the enemy is attacking him when he’s under the influence. He has purposely tried to overdose himself to end his life. However, thanks to our Father in Heaven, he hasn’t been successful. Last night, he got physical with me, and I was scared, … Continue reading “Prayer for Isaac”

Quit Smoking

I need some prayer warriors to join in together with me to quit smoking! I know they are so very bad for me! I’ll quit for a day or two. The longest time I’ve not smoked was 3yrs ago. I was in the hospital for 2 months! And I lost my right leg, the first … Continue reading “Quit Smoking”

For my son

Dear Lord, please hear me. Please do what you know needs to be done, please put the things in his path that you know should be there. It doesn’t matter what it is, please dear lord, please let your will be done so that we can move to serve you in the next part of … Continue reading “For my son”


I’m a drunk please remove my obsession to drink alcohol. Since as long as I can remember I’ve managed to push people away. I isolate and ruminate punishing and blaming myself. I’d rather sit on the couch watch movies and cartoons rather than be with people. Eventually I’ll say or do something they won’t bother … Continue reading “Forgive”

Delverence and healing

Good Morning 🥰Please keep my Daughter Pearl liendo Camerena in prayers she in the hospital right from alcohol addiction she got sick this is her second time in the hospital I’m praying for her delverence and healing she’s in a lot of pain 🙏 The doctors says it could be her kidneys she’s a little … Continue reading “Delverence and healing”

Drug addiction

Please pray for my son who is heavy drug taker. He always fight and swear. And I as a mother don’t eat or sleep well. Worrying for my son.

My son and I

Please pray for my son and I as I feel so helpless as a mother not knowing what to do I found out he was on Molly and mushrooms he just turned 18 and his actions are going to lead him to his grave and I need God to turn his life around and thank … Continue reading “My son and I”

Our son

Our son has flown to our home at the request of his wife for help dealing with mental health. He has major depression, addictions and feels worthless and states his wife makes him feel like less of a man. Praying for coming back home to God for his strength and not the world.

Delivered from people pleasing

Lord, I’m asking that you deliver me from the sin of people pleasing and the addiction of approval from others, I’ve become so overwhelmed, tired, financially depleted emotionally drained and exhausted by constantly trying to prove my worth to others or make myself a resource for others simply to be liked and to feel needed … Continue reading “Delivered from people pleasing”


I need to confess my sin! It’s evil and awful. I’ve been going to online chat rooms to meet women for sex, like over the phone or just in text messages in the private chat rooms. I’m feeling like two people lately, I’ve lost a terrible amount of sleep, and now I’m in danger of … Continue reading “Confession”

Prayer for my children

Lord I bring my children to you, all 9 of them. Lord cover them and keep them under your wings. Lord have mercy on them as they have strayed from you. Forgive them, convict their hearts and lead them back to your loving embrace. I claim Psalm 91 and Psalm 23 Lord and I ask … Continue reading “Prayer for my children”

Stronger Faith

Lord Jesus thank you for Loving me watching over me ðuring these times. Once again I ask for your help with this demon,addiction.Pray you keep me in your Word and help me to become a doer of Your Word.I thank you this is my last battle with this demon. Ask for strength, wisdom,and favor in … Continue reading “Stronger Faith”


Jesus please heal my grandson, protect his mind and his body. Soften his heart and strengthen his mind; Let him hear you and see you during his struggles with alcohol and drugs. Jesus guide his footsteps, lead him in the direction he should go, let him bring honor to his parents. Heal his broken heart … Continue reading “Grandson”

Prayer to The Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father please remove demonic strongholds from my mind that are bringing thoughts and desires for fornication and masturbation please help me be set free and my partner of this in Jesus Mighty name Amen

Obedience and financial freedom

Asking God to break my addiction and continue to help me and my family financially. Praying for God to also release my children from addiction and continue to give us our health and our strength and to bring my family back in the church

Pray In Jesus Name Please

Please Pray In Jesus Name For Father God To Remove Now And Forevermore The Generational Alcohol, Drug, Tobacco And Party Lifestyle Addictions That Have Been Causing Destruction And Damage In All Our Lives In All Our Family On All Sides . Thank You For Your Prayers.

Plea for prodigal’s surrender to Jesus

Dear Heavenly Father, Please touch the stony heart of my 37 year old addicted prodigal, Peter, and draw Him back to you. Cause Peter to return to his senses, and seek your restoration, transformation, and complete healing. Heal and restore Peter’s relationship with his father, mother, and precious daughter. Amen.

Restore Friendship

I ask the Lord with all of my heart to restore my friendship with Louanne. I am recovering from addiction to drugs and broke her trust. I have never been more heartbroken and sorry. I miss her so very much. I feel like I have lost a limb. I cry every day and the pain … Continue reading “Restore Friendship”

Deliverance from the spirit of lust

Family deliverance. Financial breakthrough. I want God to open my spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear His voice. Healing for my family. Job opportunities


GOD I pray for my family member that has strayed away from You. I ask that he can remember the problems caused by addiction i.e. prison and other issues (then changed his life with clean and sober for 30 years) that you show him the way again and what is creating the financial, unhappiness and … Continue reading “Clarity/wisdom”

Broken marriage

Please pray that my husbands addiction to alcohol would stop so we could strengthen our marriage. He is coming to church with me and I pray that the Lord would soften his heart, open his eyes and give him the wisdom and conviction. We’ve been married 32 years and the drinking is only getting worse. … Continue reading “Broken marriage”

Daughter and son

We pray that our daughter who just graduated from high school with high honors and is leaving for college next month can get her life together. She has fallen in with a group of girls and are vaping, staying out late, and wearing skimpy clothing and who knows what else. She has absolutely no respect … Continue reading “Daughter and son”

Salvation, healing and provision

Adult sons & their mom need- *Salvation & surrender to Christ, freedom from addictions & spiritual bondage (from new age & occult) *Mental, emotional & physical health; Son and his ex (w/toddler) need life-plans, jobs/income, training, resources, mentors, structure, godly wisdom, maturity, relational healing, salvation, caring Christian community; Protection, provision and healthy development of my … Continue reading “Salvation, healing and provision”

Help me help my sister

My sister is struggling with addiction, dishonesty, depression, anxiety, jealousy etc. I’m a very faithful woman of Christ but I’m having a difficult time getting through to my sister as she becomes very defensive which results in negativity and anger towards me pushing her further and further. I know God has a plan and I … Continue reading “Help me help my sister”

Prayer for Prodigals

Dear Heavenly Father, please touch/soften the heart of stone of my prodigal son, “Peter the Rock,” and draw him back to you. He’s somewhere on the streets of Seattle, lost and addicted to fentanil and other drugs. I’ve not heard from him, or seen Peter, for 6+ years. Please heal Peter’s (and other prodigals’) hurts … Continue reading “Prayer for Prodigals”


i thanx God in advance for deliviring Shaquel Nycol Leon from practicing witch craft and i thanx Jesus for binding and casting out spirit of divination, i thanx God for giving Shaquel Nycol Leon an encounter with Jesus Christ Himself, i thanx God for Shaquel Nycol Leon getting washed in Jesus Blood, i thanx God … Continue reading “Jude1v9”

Deliver from addictions

Please pray for my fiancé ZC for deliverance from all addictions. He has so many demons that will not let go of him. He went out on me for years with prostitutes and sexting. He is a recovering alcoholic and now sexual addict that I just found out about. Now that the sexual needs are … Continue reading “Deliver from addictions”