Help for my daughter battling addiction

by Albert ()

I am requesting prayer for my daughter’s addiction problem. She had been clean for about seven months. She smokes crack, and occasionally does meth to come down. My wife and I actually traveled from Orlando to Chicago to get her to live with us and get her some help.

She started going to some recovery programs and completely stopped taking anything. Unfortunately she didn’t like going to meetings though she eventually got a job about two months ago and was being praised for her efforts.

About three weeks ago she mentioned that she was going to Tampa to meet up with an old friend. My wife and I were not supportive of her traveling but she insisted that she would be back in three days. Eventually, we found out that she actually went back to Chicago for meet up with her old group!

Our prayer is that she get convinced that she does not need be around people that do not have her best interest, and more importantly, that she back to us and to repent of the decisions she’s made.

Thank you.

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