Overcoming ,addiction

by Deanna ()

Father,for being there ,beforei was even in my mother’s womb,and I.want to share with you that yes,there were times,when I was so alone and had no one.But even I noticed after we started to reconnect,my belief became way stronger,I know when all my family passed away, my belief dropped big time!..But I will say this I think I cannot or don’t know how to put my trust in anyone,?! I think that the part of me that might never get fixed, idk it makes me sad ..to think all ppl and things are good when clearly that’s not the case, So qs of right now today ,I have not read the Bible from beginning to end .So I need to get one that’s new & updated, so I can familiar myself with it ,cause anything I know is because of guessing or remembering,?!..So that’s not good. My understanding would improve 50 % more forsure,But not really sure where to get or buy myself one..and I guess 1 question I’d have is could I go to the Church let’s say where I was going 1 week and ask them ?! .lol.sorry but I don’t know..well good nite well talk tomm, Amen

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