by Garry ()

I pray for 13 year old Jayden L Boone because he has an addictive personality. If he does something one time, he thinks he’s supposed to do it all the time or every day. He also allows people to use him. He’s 13 so when someone uses him, that person is using his family. His grandmother, great grandmother and aunts pay for all of his stuff. One of his friends has relatives that live in a 900k home. This friend has never bought or offered Jayden anything. I pray because it is not a true friend that expects Jayden and his family to always pay. I pray for these parents. This is how children are getting drugs without knowledge. When I was growing up I wasn’t allowed to take nothing from people not even relatives. Now, children are getting drugs that look like candy from friends in school. They are getting sick. I pray not only for Jayden but for all youth.

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