See me through the darkness

by Ralyks ()

Our heavenly father thank you for your word for your love and for each day that I awake and am able to enjoy and live. As well as the Free Will that you allow us to determine our lifestyles and etc I asked for your guidance always, this last year and now this new year of 2024 I have really beenstruggling with my own interests inhabits of addiction and it’s affecting my well-being and mental focus and I see that it’s holding me down and holding me back for my true potential of succeeding and growing and learning and appreciation to all the other great things in life. It’s inevitably had a cause and effect and always it’s never let anybody in the right path. It’s damaged important relationships I’ve lost significant partners that I took for granted it’s withheld me from my children and let me recently legal situations that I’ve never experienced. I’m not this type of person and I know that you know that Lord and whenever you have a better path for me and plan ultimately I understand I have to learn and live and learn and live and learn from my choices and repercussions of choices. I know that I’m fully capable and I know that this isn’t the life dial that I seek and this isn’t for life for me that you set out I asked for guidance as mentioned signs that further back up what I am just now seeing as far as what this life style has given me in return and what I’ve lost. Can I see you show me mercy but also continue to show me the right way and to leave me away from this demon that’s unfortunately affected my soul and has touched others around me as far as hurting them being negative in that regard. Please continue to show me positive thoughts and or open up things back in rebuttal or fight this you going out of my way to keep my addiction. I’m at the worst spot in my life but I know that’s for a reason overwhelmingly and most of the decisions and things in my life aren’t necessarily controllable but I didn’t help my circumstance by putting me in that predicament or giving me this option based off of this path. I also sincerely ask of you to help restore my health and my approach on the road to recovery. I love you and appreciate it overhearing my prayer I pray that my family their health been plentiful and heavenly with your love and spirit. I also want to just pray for anyone that hasn’t accepted you in my heart yet that some way or somehow one day you do or they allow it to be because I know that you do and you’re already there you’re just waiting to be accepted because you feel so much love and positive things too show those people don’t say allow you in like I did recently in the last few months. Just a recap but I just wanted you to look after me and the continue to show me what’s right because it’s starting to slowly but surely not just accommodate my life but incomplete reverse fix what pieces of my life that need to be fixed for the future to have a well-rounded and healthy heart and healthy acceptance by past my problems my addiction etc only prayed a few times so far since discovering your word … I don’t want to apologize for overly praying.. but I hope it just emphasizes how much you’ve impacted me and just this year. So in just a few months hope that it emphasizes just how much I’m trying to recognize all that you do give me life and all that you can take away as well. But it’s all for a good reason and based on faith I’m believing I’m starting to see. Thank you again for hearing my thoughts and prayers and blessing me with recognizing what is my problem identifying what I need to do how it has affected me where it’s leading me and where I want to be. Bless you …and me from my sins and you have my word my Lord Jesus Christ if I can get out of this rut baptized myself in the name of you and continually pray like this because I really haven’t in this way or in depth since I have attempted to. My soul heart and body and mind already trying to allow you to access that to bless me further and I’m going to do my very best for about all this can be reality and I can further see just how powerful and merciful and patient of a God that you are. I pray for everyone with an addiction as well that are part of your children that they ultimately discover calling your word but what it is to live a sober life and to live a much less stressful and exhausting and damaging lifestyle and get ultimately a much brighter and happier and more rewarding life. Thank you I love you I couldn’t be more blessed to have found you when I needed you the most. Amen

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