Heal my son

by Rachel ()

My 43yo son takes ativan lithium clonedine etc
We’ve realized he’s thinking he hasnt taken his meds and takes them again and again so has been running out half way thru the month
He was living in his car for 2 months but we talked him into coming home during the 20┬░temps here
All was good then mid Jan he started having mania episode and thinking he was being lied too etc
His legs swelled up twice the size and he called 911 hospital gave him antibiotic but he never remembered to take them
He went back to living in his car
Bystander thought he was unconscious and called 911
Yesterday he drive himself to ER because leg and groin pain
ERcalled and gathered info and asked if he was danger to himself and I said yes he’s been talking bout stepping in front of truck suicide by cop, too tired to live etc
His psychologist says he’s bipolar but what if it’s all the meds
I’ve been praying God send angel to guide him and help him be healed, to help him be able to get away from wrong people wrong meds and make good decisions and choices
Please help us pray for him
Thank you

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