Lost in love

Please dear God, please help fix what I messed up, i love this man with all of my heart and soul. He completes me and my love.. We’ve been together for so long and yes we have had good and bad times but our story can’t over yet.


Please pray for my wife. We have two very young children together and she’s completely walked away from God. She has some friends that are really bad influences. just pray she will come back. thank you.

Please pray

I am struggling to get out of debt. I work and live paycheck to paycheck. It has been very difficult. I am 61. Raised 2 sons i am tired. I ask God to help me through. Thank you.


Dear Lord, in your word you say we should not be in debt to anyone , dear Lord Jesus, I am in so much debt, please forgive me & please help me, as only you can, thank you for answering my prayer Lord Jesus Amen

Lost carry on bag

I need a miracle….my carry on bag was lost on a Delta flight…..Asking the Lord for a miracle..of the carry on bags return to me….I’m asking the Lord to protect the important financial information it contains….

Prayer for fun in my life

Thank you so much for today’s devotional on fun. I am 62 years old. I work full time and take care of my five year old grandson Sunday through Friday. This only leaves Friday and Saturday night to do anything with friends. Unfortunately, I am so tired after such a long week, I don’t have … Continue reading “Prayer for fun in my life”

Prayer For My Birthday Celebration

Today is my birthday! I would like a happy fun weekend with my family, friends & neighbors here in Tampa, Florida. Lots of food & gifts with fellowship time as we celebrate all together all weekend, thank you!

Prayer For My Birthday Celebration

Today is my birthday! I would like a happy fun weekend with my family, friends & neighbors here in Tampa, Florida. Lots of food & gifts with fellowship time as we celebrate all together all weekend, thank you!

Prayer for my family

Father, I thank you for reminding me that you are ever present and all knowing. I thank you for the blessings I receive but sometimes fail to notice. I pray that you help me to trust you more and lean less on my own understanding. Help me to have faith in your works and less … Continue reading “Prayer for my family”

Healing for a friend

Please pray for Trudy and her daughter Elizabeth. Trudy has 2 inoperable brain tumours ( she is in terrific pain and going blind in one eye) and her daughter Elizabeth(19 yrs ) is dying from anorexia. They are believers . Praying for their salvation and the Mighty Healing Hand of God to rescue them from … Continue reading “Healing for a friend”

Prayer for a management position Job

Prayer request for a new job management position. Financial stability , career progress New house, Admission to medical school. Remove spirit of stagnation, prayer for business. Prayer for wisdom and intelligence and to be innovative.


I need prayers for my adopted son without getting into too much detail, he suffered a severe trauma and he’s in bad condition and is shaking a lot hes on heavy medications but we’re going to go through all the prayer centers and request for prayer at any churches willing to pray with us across … Continue reading “Healing”

Please heal me

I have rheumatoid arthritis, with this comes severe fatigue and pain. I have 2 small children that i want to home school. I really need a healing touch from Jesus. I know there is power in numbers and prayer! Please pray for me.


Please pray for healing for my family and for us to walk right with God.

Please hear my prayer

Please let Jared find a job and let us stay in this house with no bad mail this week.

God’s help

Please pray for me. God knows my needs and my heart. He knows my sickness and he can heal me.

Minister Needing Opportunity

Female minister shut out from ministry opportunities due to gender. Asking for open doors within this denomination where I serve for myself and other women with such a calling.

Butting Heads

Lately, I have been butting heads with some of my gymnasts. They have stubbornly refused to conform to my expectations for the team. They ignore my warnings to work out safely, and, instead, practice unsafe gymnastics. Their resistance to complying with my instructions makes me grouchy. Every day when these athletes arrive at my event, … Continue reading “Butting Heads”

Prayer for porn addiction

I need prayer to stop looking at porn. Everynow and then I get an urge and I need Strength to overcome evil. God knows who I am because I am embrassed to give name. JRS

Ready to End It All

Lord help me. I am tired, I am ready to give up on life. I wish I could end it all. Yes (suicide) at least my family would be financially taken care of and the stress would be over. I have failed as a mother and as a wife. I don’t have the faith to … Continue reading “Ready to End It All”

For strength to get my children back

Lord please give me the strength and the ability to do good by you and live the life of the truth and lord please give me the strength to get my children back and help me and guide me to a good job to support my children:)Amen

I need strength Lord

Dear Lord, I turn to you now, when I am most in need of you.With everything going on right now, I feel I need your help like never before. I need strength Lord, strength to get by in everyday life, as well as strength to deal with the hardship me and my family are enduring. … Continue reading “I need strength Lord”

Liewe Jesus

Liewe Jesus Vandag gaan ek deur n rowwe tyd. Ek sit in n vreemde land en voel so alleen. Ek weet nie wat om te vra nie want ek voel depressief omdat Jak nie sy werkspermit kry nie. Liewe Jesus ek weet nie hoekom U my hierna toe gestuur het nie ek werk elke dag … Continue reading “Liewe Jesus”

I pray, help me

I am a single mother going through a very difficult time..everyone has turned their back on me even my own family all I’ve ever done is to do the nest for me and my kids but do in it alone with no help is very difficult I barely see them because I work alot and … Continue reading “I pray, help me”

Prayer to have Happieness

Dear Lord, please help me find my way. My husband is so terribly verbally abusive. I have lost so much confidnece in myself. I am so depressed and lost. My children are in an environment that they don’t deserve. My husband has turned me into a hateful person, as much as I try I can’t … Continue reading “Prayer to have Happieness”

12 Christian Love Poems

There is no better way to express feelings of love, than with a beautiful poem. Below, we’ve collected some of the best Christian love poems to help get your creative juices flowing. These poems are perfect for weddings, boyfriends and girlfriends, or to celebrate an anniversary. If you write your own poem, make sure to … Continue reading “12 Christian Love Poems”