Prayer for husband

Heavenly Father, I sincerely thank You from the bottom of my heart for your continued blessings on our marriage and for my husband. Lord Jesus, grant that I and my husband may have a true understanding, a gentle compassion ,trust, love and care for each other, and help us to be an example for our … Continue reading “Prayer for husband”

Prayer to defeat a habit

Hi I’m Ryan I’m 13 years old and I have a disorder called compulsive skin picking. I picked my skin ever since I was 5. I don’t know how to stop but I want to. So I pray to god that he will give me support and love.

Prayer for a good life

My dear lord Im always being surrounded by evil people who want to ruin my life and happiness… I have been so good to the people, being fair in whatever i do.. be it work or personal life… Why am i continuously being taunted, being tested…Why?? Why??? Why?? This has ruined my Christmas!!! I hate … Continue reading “Prayer for a good life”

Marriage Restoration

My wife has left me after 26 years of marrige. She says that she has too much hurt from the marriage to continue. Dear Heavevnly Father I’m asking you to heal the hurts, bring mutual forgiveness and love based upon the example of Your Son Jesus. Fill our hearts with love for one another. Please … Continue reading “Marriage Restoration”

Prayers – Organized by Type

Welcome to our directory of prayers! Here you can find prayers, blessings, and devotionals for every need and occasion. Discover prayers of all different types and topics for you to use in communication with God. Visit the online prayer request page to submit your own prayers to our community for support and encouragement. May you meditate on these … Continue reading “Prayers – Organized by Type”

Prayer to fix my life

Dear God, help me fix all the damage I have caused.My drinking and previous drug use have hurt a lot of people.Now that I need them they don,t trust me.God keep me strong not to relapse. Give me guidance. Help me with this new job I start tomorrow. Also let my other job be understanding … Continue reading “Prayer to fix my life”

Prayers for Easter Vigil

Here are a selection of prayers for Easter vigil. The celebration of Easter recalls the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ following the crucifixion, and so represents eternal life, and eternal hope for the world. The cycle of Easter is meaningful for us, because Christ suffered the torment of crucifixion on Good Friday, a somber … Continue reading “Prayers for Easter Vigil”

Lord, Please Help Me!

Dear Lord, I am struggling so much to make it through the day. I am having one of my frequent bad days which seem to be more and more each week. I am suffering and I know you know this. I am living in complete torture and hell right now. I keep worrying about my … Continue reading “Lord, Please Help Me!”

Prayer for Endurance

Dear Lord, Please continue to help guide and protect me throughout this trying situation. I am in a job that does not deserve my talents and I am in desparate need to find another job where I can utilize my talents and be fully appreciated. Please erase the negativity around me and provide me with … Continue reading “Prayer for Endurance”

A prayer for rough times

I need prayers. My life is rocky right now. Me and my husband are going through rough times. I’ve been praying and praying but I fear God will punish me for my sins. Me and my husband are not getting along. Our marraige is going downhill. I’m a stay at home mom and wife. My … Continue reading “A prayer for rough times”