You Know My Heart

Please Lord remove Everything within me inside my heart that is negative. Please heal me of these illnesses. Help me to be a more positive and strong woman for myself. Give me the wisdom and knowledge to heal myself from these illnesses. My body is falling apart I’m losing my hair from these medications. Encouraging … Continue reading “You Know My Heart”

Food Bag Fair Foods

Hi, I’m at Te Ata a mental health club. I arrived before 7am I think. And the doors don’t open until 9.30am. I come early to get my food parcel. Im the second one to arrive so I should be number 2 to get a parcel. But other people go before me because others have … Continue reading “Food Bag Fair Foods”


It will be 8 years since the day my son Jabril went home to be with the Lord. I’m having a hard time dealing with the loss. I cry as I’m praying asking the Lord to help me get through each day. I’m experiencing anxiety and depression. My doctor has me on medication to help … Continue reading “Grief”

Encourage me please

My father died recently. I have always struggled with depression and he told me the worst thing that could happen to a parent is that their child dies before them. I took that to heart and I am still here, but he died three months ago. I take care of everyone, but no one checks … Continue reading “Encourage me please”

Desperate help from God

I truly repent of my sins, forgive me for making too many mistakes, please help me resolve on what I’m going through with ConRep right now, for the time being l’m not allowed to see my family because I forgot to do some of my homeworks, I’m struggling a lot on things I need to … Continue reading “Desperate help from God”

Self conscious

Please help me with my low self esteem. Sometimes I feel the devil knows where to hit to make it worse. He knows my insecurities and I will obsess and focus on them. Please help me to overcome my fear and anxiety when it comes to my insecurities. Also pray that I have strength when … Continue reading “Self conscious”

My life

I lost my 49 yr old son 4 years ago heart attack then a year later our only daughter 39 years old cancer. She was a very strong Christian Lady. Then a year later my precious husband of 45 years to COVID. Then a few months later my step mom then a year later my … Continue reading “My life”

miricles eclipes 2024 ,greek healing ,major issues in life finances and everything protection ,time repeat ,prayers

please pray over healing of my life life and body heart ,time seems to keep repeating and everything is terribly wrong i need you to fix and heal it you can only guess what happened also for help in areas im so weak in Lord deliver us from every thing thing seen and heard and … Continue reading “miricles eclipes 2024 ,greek healing ,major issues in life finances and everything protection ,time repeat ,prayers”


Loneliness has been a condition I’ve been suffering of all my adult life. It can be crippling, almost kill yourself, or make you wish that you could die, not wanting to live anymore. It feels like a severe punishment. Isolation. Not being able to connect when you need to, nowhere humanly to turn. Yes, I’m … Continue reading “loneliness”

Direction and Clarity

There has been quite a bit going on. I’m off work right now on a leave, I had a motor vehicle accident end of October and a concussion. I tried to push through at work but I was spiralling downwards. Suicidal thoughts have even come. The doc took me off work in February. It’s been … Continue reading “Direction and Clarity”

Healing n Release

Urgent. Please pray urgent complete healing liver n mentally . Speedy release hospital . And speedy release from very dark situation…..pray escape. Problems outside hospital do with flat n finances etc miracoulsly resolves self quickly n easily..favour landlord to stay. Have insurmountable problems n live by self. Please pray amazing support, i accept it, nice … Continue reading “Healing n Release”

Seeking God’s quick help

I am going a lot right im even having suicidal thoughts. I am 52 yrs old , leaving with my mother because i dont have a job and cant find out resulting from having a criminal record. My life’s choices have made my family detest me,understanding they.regars me a failure. Last month pf February has … Continue reading “Seeking God’s quick help”

Weighs heavy on the heart

Father God I humbly come before you asking first and foremost for the forgiveness of my sins please help turn away from sin father and to live a more righteous life . Please help save my relationship heavenly Father this woman means the world to me and is a woman of faith. The strongest and … Continue reading “Weighs heavy on the heart”


Pray for mom that she gets healed from her sickness an that all her pain goes away pray her heart liver kidneys sugar eyes gets healed and healthy pray that I teach Jermill how to drive soon pray Jermarion gets the help he needs at school so he can get his grades up pray that … Continue reading “House”


Lord take away this connection with this person I can not take it anymore it upsets me way to much..I feel sick today because of this person I am to blame I am to senstive Lord please please Lord give me peace and not feel so upset I do not even what to be upset … Continue reading “healing”

help i am drowning

I come to you today with a heavy heart and a burdened soul. I am struggling with depression and it feels like my life is falling apart around me. I feel alone and isolated from the world around me. My friend and I got into a fight and now she is not coming to church … Continue reading “help i am drowning”

Failed in exams

Praise the lord 🙏 Myself Pravalika Evangeline iam studying degree final year.I want to clear my backlogs and main exams at onces and after my degree i want to go to abroad to study pray for good country and an good University and to grow more in the salvation my mba please prayer for me.pray … Continue reading “Failed in exams”


Lord I am weak bit here you’ve given Mr another say. I watch mu grandson tonight and tomorrow. I truly lost my temper at the MDs who are constany complaining about their hours morale is very low and I feed off that since I know how to complain but they signed up for this. I’m … Continue reading “Strength”

My don

Please pray my son Steve will get well and not have the depression and poor self image of himself. Pray that he passed his college courses. He got A’s on his tests and does wonderful in the labs but I found out he did not do any of the homework assignments the entire semester. He … Continue reading “My don”

Prayer for my daughter

I pray for my daughter EB who struggle from depression and anxiety. I pray for her protection from negative thoughts, pain, and sadness. I pray to restore her good health and live as normal and a happy daughter like before. I pray to restore her faith in You, Lord, Jesus. I pray that she woke … Continue reading “Prayer for my daughter”

Desire Peace and Love

God, I desire peace and love. The month of December has been hard for me. Feeling alone, having a sick pet and being confused about a man I really like and his feelings towards me. Please speak to me and help me make the right decisions. Help me understand the man I am talking with. … Continue reading “Desire Peace and Love”

Change in Life

Kindly help pray with me, broke up with a lady I loved wholeheartedly and of late have been in a depression with increased drinking and serious inconsistency in things I prioritized in terms of long-term goals. Would like to quit alcohol, start a new life with increased prayer life. Would love God to help me … Continue reading “Change in Life”

Feeling stuck

Dear Lord, I come to asking for your help and guidance. Give me the knowledge learn what you want me to learn in this season of my life. I’m grateful for all I have and thank you. The past few months have been hard. I’m feeling stuck not seeing a way up. I have faith … Continue reading “Feeling stuck”


It’s been years since a man I thought was a good person only ended up hurting me more than I can count. Constantly ruminating and I pray for tour love lord as you are all I gave. I’m blessed with 3 children a son in law and my grandson. I’m unlovable it seems. You’ve consoled … Continue reading “Joy”

Fighting depression

I am terribly, mostly by situations. My parents along time ago, but my only sister died 4 years ago, my only brother died one year ago and my middle son, Stuart, 49, died a year and a half ago. Grief swallows be whole, for I am estranged from my oldest son, and my son is … Continue reading “Fighting depression”

Husband’s mental health

My husband is suffering, he is overwhelmed, hopeless, depressed and easily angered. I need a miracle in his life. I hate to see him defeated, but also hate the emotional strain it puts on me and our daughter. I worry about how his behavior will affect her as she grows up. He needs the peace … Continue reading “Husband’s mental health”

Forgiveness of sins and be graciously heal all my diseases , and enlightening my eyes to see my destiny and future for had lost hope of life

Please my father, have mercy upon me to forgive of all my sins(masturbating and stealing) that I ever commit against your will of which you bear witness to it that I hate of doing it. Due to my incurable chronic venous insufficiency and vascular veins disorderness of my right leg just right of birth till … Continue reading “Forgiveness of sins and be graciously heal all my diseases , and enlightening my eyes to see my destiny and future for had lost hope of life”

Overall prayer

Lord asking for prayer for repentance of any sin I have committed knowing and unknowing, praying for peace, praying for mental peace, praying for a broken heart from just losing my parents, praying for my family as a whole. Praying for my finances, all needs be met. No lack, more than enough… overflow… bless my … Continue reading “Overall prayer”