Prayer for my sister

Need prayer for my sister who is battling mental illness and addiction. When she is good she is the best but when she is bad it is really bad. She thinks she has control because it isn’t everyday but she doesn’t. My mom is getting to old to deal with stuff like this and I … Continue reading “Prayer for my sister”


I’ve been in the same relationship, job and home for over 10 years. After leaving my full time job for a new chapter in life where we were working actively with a realtor to get out of our rental house. I worked part time and was so excited to use the free time to pack … Continue reading “Grounded!”


I’ve been in the same relationship, job and home for over 10 years. After leaving my full time job for a new chapter in life where we were working actively with a realtor to get out of our rental house. I worked part time and was so excited to use the free time to pack … Continue reading “Grounded!”


My daughter Erica has lupus, depression, anxiety. My cousin Christine has colon cancer and is in her final days. Please pray for Erica to be cured of these problems. And please pray for a miracle for Christine. Thank you Jesus.


Please pray for my family. We tried to fight my son’s addiction (my last prayer request) We lost my precious boy. He is with Jesus now. We are all hurting feeling vulnerable and depressed. Please pray for my husband, my remaining children and myself,. Thanks PEACE ✌️❤️

Healing my health

Gracious God our father I come before your thrown of mercy just as humble as I know how, asking for your forgiveness. I am asking in Jesus name that you heal my legs and make them strong again so that I may walk again and be able to take care of my self! You have … Continue reading “Healing my health”


I lost my only child, Meredith, 5 years ago from drug abuse. She was 30, not married and no children. I’ve been really struggling with this for the past several months and have gotten to the point of not wanting to live anymore. I’m on depressives, insulin and several other meds. I’m just tired of … Continue reading “Meredith”


Please pray for me my Mother in-law hates me for no reason and pretends like she likes me and it is so hurtful. I will call her and check on her and will get no reply I will message her and she will not reply to none of my messages.. I never did nothing to … Continue reading “Help”

I feel like giving up

I am not coping well. I live life constantly depressed and afraid. I trust God and I know He is a God of love, but I think that I messed up and does not show enough faith. I pity myself too much. God is tired of me. Please pray for my family. I don’t know … Continue reading “I feel like giving up”

For my son

My son suffers from depression and it is getting worse. He had attempted 3 times to take his life in the last 45 days. He’s been committed twice but offer no real help. Please pray for God to comfort him and ease his mind – pray that God gives him a glimpse of the joy … Continue reading “For my son”


Lord you are an Almighty and loving God. I pray for our grandson’s grief over his Mom’s death and his boss firing him on the first day after the funeral. Lord remove this turmoil that has caused him to sink into a great depression and drinking alcohol to alleviate his feelings. Lord we know that … Continue reading “Intercession”


Lord please help me to get through this battle of depression in my life. It seems that I’m so all alone but I know you said you would never leave me. I pray that somewhere down the line you touch my wife that she might see what I’m going through. Amen


Please God give me peace but even more so I ask for peace and love for the family who just lost their remarkable son in a sudden accident and who also lost their father 10 years ago when he was running a race with this son who just died. Peace be to them!


Lord Jesus i pray that you will heal me from my ptsd ,depression and fear of people and going outside. Give me the strength and calmness to be able to drive again. Lord Jesus I pray that you will give me the strength to walk the path you wish me to walk and to witness … Continue reading “Help”

inspiration in difficult times

strength I need to have for busy life and how to keep myself uplifted for the days stressors from housechores and organizing for the holidays and our children’s home schooling,my job.Just so much to do in a day and try to get ahead of my depression.

Regaining Relationship

Brother, how are you? My name is Ivan, 28 years old Christian from Taminadu working in Dubai. Recently I met a friend 46 years old lady from Palestine Muslim. She became very supportive to me mentally because during those days I was broken financially and mentally. The lady is unmarried but very talented so that … Continue reading “Regaining Relationship”


lotd you know whats troubling me and my childtrn my family is fslling apart and ill take some of the responsibility but it’s George too. Please give me strength courage confidence peace calmedd to change me from the inside out i can’t do it alonr. You’re all I have. Guidr me and my childrrn to … Continue reading “surf”


I really need God’s help. Ive held on to anger, bitterness and resentment. Its causing me to pray wicked prayers and I don’t want to pray wicked prayers i want to break free from the anger and jealousy. There even times i feel like running away because im afraid i won’t be able to succeed … Continue reading “Help”

Need Help

W/my marriage of 37 years & my stressful job of 37 years & a husband who hasn’t had a steady job in 37 years but I have & am resentful & angry & don’t want to be around anymore… but have 3 amazing kids & wonderful grandsons… how do I forgive my husband when nothing … Continue reading “Need Help”

plz pray to end work

my name is aaron jude named after u jude arch angel i hope that well bertha s lujan has taken away my money along with everything that belongs to me i recently won the lottery with over 77 million dollars anyhow if i ever get it back i hope that she gets no money at … Continue reading “plz pray to end work”

God please help me

My prayer is for my exam tomorrow. I pray that I pass this exam with a 40+ or higher. God said to be specific in our prayers. I know he did not bring me this far to leave me. When I am weak, he is strong. My heart is heavy. Being a single mom, in … Continue reading “God please help me”

Someone to help learn more about God

Would like to find a person to read Bible with and grow in the Lord. Am disabled because of stroke and left my former relegion (Jehovah’s Witnesses) now I find myself alone and no one to turn to for guidance or communication. I pray the Lord will send someone my way to guide me.

Feeling Lost

Please pray for me that God lifts this feeling of being all alone,struggling with debt and just overwhelmed.I can physically feel a pain inside and don’t know how to get out from under this cloud of hopelessness.

My life my Daughter

Hello my daughter is 16 years old suffering from A Depression been hospitalized 5 times this year some volunteer some not she’s also been having a hard time with body disforia since the beginning of the year please need prayer to God heal my child and be free again I give my life to Christ … Continue reading “My life my Daughter”

for my people

I would like to pray for my daughter Sophie, for becoming healthy and well. Protect her from wrong people and from drugs. For Farhad and her child: heal her and protect from witchcraft. For Lethezgy: give her power & money to pay the doctor for her hip & bones. Thank you for your help. Glory … Continue reading “for my people”

I Trust in You

Dear God, Right now I feel like I have lost everything. I’ve been gambling for over a month and through that stretch, I’ve garnered more than $12,000. I felt on top of the world. But this dreadful night, I lost almost ALL of it. I feel so empty and worthless right now. I always knew … Continue reading “I Trust in You”


Please pray for me I’m going through a horrible divorce. I prayed to God that he would set me free. My soul seems as though it’s broken because I can’t move on. Thank God that I love the Lord. I already know that I’m protected by his blood

Success in career

Lord please change my mind from uncertainty to surrender. How can I see His Mercy in everything. Why do I keep struggling and fighting. Why do i Not give up and accept defeat and simply obey.? It must be a genetic disorder. Am I responsible for this automatic resistance? I only remember the bad times. … Continue reading “Success in career”

Unchristian Home Owner

I’m praying that God will move me somewhere where I can be comfortable that is affordable. I am renting a room and it’s not comfortable. The roommates are rude and the people who own the home are doing nothing about it. I just started 2 management courses for my job. I work late at night … Continue reading “Unchristian Home Owner”

Give me the strength

Father God you know my struggles. I’m hurting and I’m numbing the pain the way I have done for so many years. Forgive me again. I know I’m wrong and all my trust should be in you not in a temporary fix that really makes things worse. it’s a very short term help where as … Continue reading “Give me the strength”


I don’t know what to pray. But need to pray for: Orlando L Mitchell III – Bully. In the hospital due to an overdose last night because I broke our relationship off and wouldn’t let him explain why he had lied to me. Please pray for him as I do love him even though mad … Continue reading “Overdose”

Help free me

I’ve been unable to drive my car lately due to anxiety and uncontrollable shaking which started almost 2 months ago. I was just diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I know all of this is happening for a reason. I just need to be delivered from this grip of fear and helplessness so that can have … Continue reading “Help free me”

Need of prayer

I’m scared so bad I’m 48 recovering alcoholic my health is failing stay in pain Haveing back surgery on October 14th2020.I am saved just need some extra prayers.Dr Stanley I watch every Sunday amen what a difference he has made in my life.Hopefully when covid gets better gonna make a trip to attend his church.Ive … Continue reading “Need of prayer”

financiers threat

PRAYER REQUEST (We believe in conversing with GOD) Fade-in It’s not something similar to some screenplay or fiction…It’s real, pertaining to those, whose lives are almost live less, (I’m an a/c holder of face book & linked-In, similarly the concerned characters mentioned in this also having FB Accounts), Request to pray for us I’m Prasad … Continue reading “financiers threat”


I am hurt. This wound from a friend is almost unbearable for me. I tried calling to talk to him but no response. I want to say I forgive you and to feel at peace. Soften my friend’s heart toward me and let him return grace to me too. We can grow past our mistakes … Continue reading “hurting”

To stop complaining

lord God i ask that you help me. My depression is trying to consume me. Im overwhelmed by life. Between being a single parent of 4 and one with autism and bills and loss of work is taken a toll on me. Lord God help me to be reminded of the things that I do … Continue reading “To stop complaining”



God’s View Of Me

I have struggled with prayer since childhood. I. attended religious schools and developed a sense of condemnation that God hated me personally because of the way that the authority figures treated me. I concluded that must be the way God thinks of me. Please pray for me that God help me to believe that He … Continue reading “God’s View Of Me”