Please answer my prayers

Mother, please give me enough strength to face problems. Its becoming very difficult for me to live amongst toxic people.Their negativity is affecting me & my family alot. Please keep away from my life Sheela Naik, Lancy Pinto & Valentine. Joining them are Mr & Mrs Pereira with whom I had cancelled the deal of … Continue reading “Please answer my prayers”

Prayer for my son

I need a prayer for my 21 yo son. He’s depressed and angry. He’s having relationship problems which is making his situation even worse. He’s a good boy and he was going to church and everything but as soon as he met this girl, everything seemed to change. His dad left when he was 6 … Continue reading “Prayer for my son”

Peace, Joy, & Healing.

I’ve been working in a new school for a month now. Seemingly they are very Pentecostal or a “fire group/Holy spirit base” or whatever it calls. I’m so stressed with all the rules and regulations, so much that I feel it’s an occult practices.. At the same time, I do need the job to provide … Continue reading “Peace, Joy, & Healing.”

Help Me

Lord God, Father Almighty, I praise You and honor You. You are God. Father I confess my sins of pride and unfaithfulness. I am truly sorry for my sin. You hate pride. Pride is a weakness that I possess. My unfaithfulness has left me open to attack from the enemy and his minions. Lord Jesus, … Continue reading “Help Me”

I don’t wanna live

Dear Lord Jesus, it’s been so difficult to live lately. I feel lonely, invisible, and disappointed by by own self, for not being good enough to live. I’ve seen people accomplished things, they have been rewarded by You and how you care for them, but it feels like I’m struggling with this brokenness and emptiness. … Continue reading “I don’t wanna live”

Hopeless depressed

I just had to go to homeless shelter my landlord house went up for forcloser im having hard time finding cat shelterI’m depressed shelter is in motel so I’m blessed I had some where to go I had 3 cats my kids have bipolar they got it from me me Oct 4 2023 I have … Continue reading “Hopeless depressed”

Mercy for Remembrance

Lived all my life raising my children. They are all grown up and it now appears I do not exist. Every good thing I do, even in the office, is not recognized. When reward is given, I am not remembered. God should please show me mercy and remove whatever covering veil and spell that is … Continue reading “Mercy for Remembrance”

I need help

I am struggling to get through the days, and I have become so burnt out on life. Where there used to be excitement and optimism there is now fear and pessimism. I’m not aware of when the change happened and I do believe that it was gradual, stemming from some very difficult situations that sort … Continue reading “I need help”


Hello, My spouse has been sober for 9 months. He has since started drinking again, he is in a spiral right now. Drunk daily. We have separated numerous times because of this. I have now moved upstairs to avoid him. I pray that God will make a way for me and my son. That there … Continue reading “Alcoholism”

No Tomorrow

After 12 years of incessant prayer, my life situation has only gotten worse. I’m getting older and I’m totally alone. Family have all died and my friends have either died or disappeared somehow. My only child moved 11 hours away but unsure of his future plans, so I can’t sell my home and move there. … Continue reading “No Tomorrow”

Fragile mind

I am a disabled person who is really really struggling with depression.and anxiety. I want to be positive but i am struggling. Some people in the city i live in are disturbing me. On my birthday i had to make a trip to the store ans someone i believe it was a woman started yelling … Continue reading “Fragile mind”

Depression and nausea

I woke up feeling really sick, dizzy and nauseous. I have food poisoning again from the place we ate at last night. I have a bad tooth infection and cracked tooth. I need the gums and teeth healed please and to sort out my travel insurance and medical insurance, find a job to pay for … Continue reading “Depression and nausea”

Daughter’s life

Please pray for my daughter to overcome her depression and drug addiction. Please pray for her depression loneliness emptiness fears isolation and suicidal thoughts. Please pray for her safety protection health happiness relationships finances and salvation. Please pray people will stop miss treating her. Please pray that God sends her a godly husband and friends … Continue reading “Daughter’s life”

Feeling suicidal

Please would you pray for me? I am bedridden with a serious spinal condition and badly damaged spinal cord which causes chronic pain constantly and the pain and disability is just getting much worse. I’m also estranged from my family so very lonely and I would love to have the broken relationships healed. I’ve also … Continue reading “Feeling suicidal”

Please help

Dear Lord, i am your humble servant, and wholeheartedly give my life to you. For too long I have tried to guide myself, but without you at the helm, my ship has run a ground. My health is g

Helping hand

Father God I thank you for my family that is healthy and alive…Lord I asked for forgiveness as I’m loosing hope and faith cause Im at my lowest point where I can’t provide for my 4 kids I’m jobless and no one to go too…i ask Lord to help me lead me and provide for … Continue reading “Helping hand”


Please pray for my grown up children to return to the lord and for the spirit of depression and despair to be broken from them. May they know the healing touch of the lord in their lives – their names are Guy Max Jocelyn and Rachel and Vanessa


I don’t normally do this. But honestly, I’m feeling a little past this point. Recently, I have been trying to get over my indecisiveness in life. I tend to be very fickle, especially when looking for a job to do. I just pray that I find the ability to be hyper committed to one thing … Continue reading “Stuck”

Prayer for Thomas

Father, I praise You for Your wonderful patience, loving-kindness, and tender mercy. You care about each of Your children individually – personally, profoundly, and sacrificially. Thank you for taking care account of every hair on Thomas’ head and every cell in his body. Father, I pray for Thomas’ healing from the depression that is currently … Continue reading “Prayer for Thomas”

I am so alone

My husband of 50 years died this past December. I have a very loving family, a few friends, and a fairly busy life. But I have lost interest in stuff. I try to be happy, and enjoy family and activities, but it’s just not working. I want to be with him. I want to join … Continue reading “I am so alone”


I am a constant worrier despite reading my Bible. I am worried about my daughters – one recently separated from her husband with two young daughters and working full time. And the other is me I am not married to my partner and I am never sure whether we should be together as we have … Continue reading “Discontent”

I’m lost and I need love

Tell God I am begging for salvation right now. Ask him to bring my good friends back and relay the message back to one telling her that I need my friends otherwise I’ll be lonely in darkness forever this Friday because otherwise I’ll have lost the faith……including believing in him so please I beg god … Continue reading “I’m lost and I need love”

Gods Help

God give me the strength to be happy and help me deal with these health issues i have . I need you in my life . I lost mother i get so depressed i asked her one day what will i do without you well i am lost without you but i am trying to … Continue reading “Gods Help”

My husband

Please pray for my husband Mitch, in Jesus Name, I decree Mitch is happier, healthier, financially blessed and more than able and prospered, in Jesus Name, Lord have mercy on Mitch, extend his life, keep him healthy and whole, Lord surround and fill Mitch with peace, break every curse over him (and our family) Hallelujah, … Continue reading “My husband”

Prayer for Abby

I am asking that you would pray with me for my daughter her name is Abby… She is depressed and in despair, and wants to end her life! She is single, and just turned 41 and we have prayed her whole life that God would send her a godly man to love her… she has … Continue reading “Prayer for Abby”

Failure & giving up

I feel like a failure I’m 56 don’t own a home. Have bad credit can’t keep a job. When I get a job I can’t retain information the person that trains me always get frustrated I get embarrassed and quit. I prayed for the new job I have and I’m having the same issues. Lost … Continue reading “Failure & giving up”

Prayer for my mom

My mum has depression from the past few years and ever since then I’ve been taking care of her. She is the only survivor from our family as I’ve lost my dad in 2009and only brother in 2015. My mum is around 70 years and I’m 44. I’ve two children both in their teens. I’ve … Continue reading “Prayer for my mom”

Loss and troubles

Please pray for me as everything has been difficult for me lately.. my fiance passed away December 21st, 2022.. he was 24.. I still cry every single day and miss him terribly and I’ve been having a hard time doing life lately.. please pray that God can help me strengthen my relationship with him and … Continue reading “Loss and troubles”

Please pray

Many things are happening very quickly, selling/buying house, travel trailer was broken into, feeling violated. I’m only 3 months into a new I love, but made a big mistake and I can’t shake the dread of veing fired, or yelled at in front of others. Don’t want to increase my depression meds to get through … Continue reading “Please pray”

Rejection and Depression

Thank You for Prying for me. I’m fighting a Huge Battle of Depression. I told myself I would Never go there. I live in Tremendous Pain all day long. My Lower Spine has Scoliosis , S.I Joint Dysfunction and more. I have Lung Disease, Osteoporosis. I’ve been to many many Doctors , they have Turned … Continue reading “Rejection and Depression”

Please help

I’ve been struggling with life. I’ve felt suicidal and depressed for over two years. My husband is a youth pastor and I’ve struggled with his calling since our first year married. I have wanted to leave because of our finances not being where I’d hope they’d be and we also have not been able to … Continue reading “Please help”

Life issues and a house

Please pray I get the necessary funds to get a house for my family ASAP. PRAY for my health that I am able to still conceive after being on the depo shot. Pray for my mom health that her pain goes away soon and that she uses less painkillers. Pray we are protected from covid … Continue reading “Life issues and a house”

Removal of all enemies, removal oflfake people who fool about me in my absence, debt recovery, health issues, mental stress

I request for prayers to remove all evil elements always giving stress and spoiling my health fooling about me to my mother, my relatives, etc to beg cheaply always. I am given stress in bus, travel, in jobs, always by cheap people who fool using “relationships” which I believe even though I don’t have such … Continue reading “Removal of all enemies, removal oflfake people who fool about me in my absence, debt recovery, health issues, mental stress”


My wife my best friend and my lover is just passed away in December and I need to know what God has in store for me it is so complicated with things that need to be done and I need God to show me the road to go down and the plans he has for … Continue reading “Lost”