Guidance & direction

I lost my husband in Sept. 2021 to COVID. It seems that at times I have no direction and the people around me don’t understand why I feel the way I do. I have lost almost everything me & my husband built together and the biggest part was because of my daughter. I lived with … Continue reading “Guidance & direction”

Pray and fasting prayer

Oh dear father who lives in heaven, May your name be glorified by your people whom you created on Earth as to serve you the living God. I do surrender and dedicate my life to you through my saviour Jesus Christ. This is the middle part of the year may you bless the little fruit … Continue reading “Pray and fasting prayer”


I have a codependent relationship with my adult single son. He is in legal trouble, waiting for a hearing in his case. There is a possibility he could go to prison. I am having anxiety about this possibility, and with the things he shares with me about his struggles. When he was arrested, he turned … Continue reading “codependency”

feeling like Job

I have felt that the enemy has infiltrated into my home and life to afflict me and create chaos in my life. My so called friends and church family create problems for me where there is none, my two dogs were stolen from me, I need to have peace with this loss they were all … Continue reading “feeling like Job”

Exhausted and anxious

My husband is in the military. We recently moved from one side of the country to the other. Our 4 years in the Pacific North West was grueling, lonely, and spiritual dark. I had a psychotic break a few months after being there. Life was great, financially, maritally, spiritually. In an instant; at 5:52 pm … Continue reading “Exhausted and anxious”

Finding my courage

I’ve been really sad for almost 6 months. I’m leaving my husband of 19yrs . Emotional abuse with no accountability and no willingness to look within, seek therapy to keep our family together. I’m been on my healing journey and proud of my progress slowly day by day. Going through with the separation and legal … Continue reading “Finding my courage”


I am standing in the need of prayers for a lot of people(all of my loved ones, all of my friends, & my extended family members & friends, my church families both old & new), as well as for countless others including our enemies in the flesh-by praying for them, forgiving them, and letting GOD … Continue reading “Steadfastness”

From wilderness to Promises

Father God, thank you for who you are; loving, gracious, kind, merciful, forgiving, peaceful, God of justice, Lover of my soul and more than I deserve! I humbly come to you asking for strength (transitional strength… In the name of Jesus). Choosing to continuously wander in the wilderness for 27 years or so has become … Continue reading “From wilderness to Promises”

marys self worth

Please pray for my current living situation, and type of people I am forced to live with that are dishonest. Pray for my ability to set and hold healthy boundaries is it come back into my own self-worth and self-esteem. Right now I feel weak and hopeless and taking advantage of and manipulated and bullied. … Continue reading “marys self worth”


Please pray for myself and my children to have the strength to get through this I lost my youngest daughter 7 months ago to heroin overdose and now my oldest daughter has breast cancer I as losing faith but have asked God to forgive me I will trust and believe in our Father but we’re … Continue reading “Understanding”

The way forward

Hello my son died of suicide in sept 2021, he was 27 , and prior to that I left nursing sold my house to start a new life , Liam my son was to stay with me ,since his death despite feeling heartbroken I feel so lost ,my relationship with God is stronger and I … Continue reading “The way forward”


Please pray that God will give me the strength I need to continue on. I’ve been feeling more down lately. Maybe due to winter not being out much. Also financial reasons. But regardless I love my Lord. I am so grateful for the son he gave me and how much he loves me. Just more … Continue reading “Depression”

The Lion’s Den

Father you are great and awesome and I am grateful you call us to you and that you desire for us to work at your side. I thank you for the call to plant The Lion’s Den in Kauai. Give me the strength to overcome the obstacles and preach and live boldly the Gospel of … Continue reading “The Lion’s Den”

Increase My Faith

Lord I come to you, as humble as I know how. Thanking you lord for this day, and thanking you for this very moment. To be able to reach out to other Christlike beings so that I may be transparent to them. I come to you with a open mind and heart, a heart of … Continue reading “Increase My Faith”

God’s Guidance And Direction.

1. I want to know what God is saying concerning every area of my life(His guidance in all my decisions). 2. Grace to overcome challenging times. 3. Miracles, favour and grace in every sphere of my life.


Dear heavenly father I come to you in the name of your son Jesus Christ thanking you for blessing me to be able to enter into a new year father God I ask that you take away the spirit of fear from my life and give me courage and understanding I ask that you keep … Continue reading “2022”

Prayers for my Children

Pray for my daughter Nissi for Gods favour to be granted internship placement she applied for. Pray for my Son Jerry for God to grant him speed in completion of his studies and for God to open doors and grant access for his tuition to be paid without further delay.

For my daughter

Father God, I come asking in Jesus’ name Praising You and thanking you for all your blessings in my life! Today I ask that you watch over my daughter and my grandchildren and make a way for them to get out of this abusive relationship safely. I pray that you give my daughter strength and … Continue reading “For my daughter”

More Strength

Please prayer for extra strength that I need everyday with so much going on in my life. I need the strength God has as he wraps his arms around. Amen


Im asking prayers for strength. I am going through so much. My boyfriend walked out on me when I needed him the most. My sons are in trouble with the law. I have to move. I also hope I am granted my ssi. I ask for strength on Jesus name! Amen

For strength

I need prayers for strength and guidance in my Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer for my Daughter and I

My 14 year old Daughter Violet and I caught the Flu, she has had a fever now for 2 days. I also had fever at 4 am. Pls pray for our healing. For strenght in our bodies in jesus name.

Give me strength

Lord please help me through my grieving. I don’t want to feel anxious and worry constantly now my husband has passed away. I don’t want to feel the anxiety and worry in my stomach all day and night. I can’t eat. I want to find a way to you so I can get peace of … Continue reading “Give me strength”


Thank you God for all your blessings! We all struggle in this world but I need strength right now and guidance for you to show me the way. Please give me wisdom and patience to be the person you want me to be. Please shield me from hurt and despair when it comes my way. … Continue reading “Uncertain”

Lost Fiancé

My fiancé died unexpectedly last week. We had the funeral Saturday. I am numb. I’m stuck. I am so lost and hurt. We had so many plans for a long happy marriage, having kids of our own, adopting kids that need family. He was my best friend, my confidant, my prayer partner. It feels like … Continue reading “Lost Fiancé”

A new home

I’m praying for a new affordable home a mortgage That I can handle


That god gives me strength, peace and understanding. That i dont fail as im walking my journey as the devil wants me to but I succeeded all the my life with postive and spirituality also that he gives me and jalin a better relationship and communication but through all the god does. I ask that … Continue reading “Strength”


My sister Diane was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and is struggling right now emotionally. She needs Gods peace and joy despite her situation. She cries every night. She is saved and feels guilty that she cant focus on Heaven because she doesnt want to die yet. She’s only 61. Please pray God will … Continue reading “Joy”

My knee

Had knee surgery the and of October and I’m still healing but I want a total recovery from the surgery and I and I asked you to pray for me

Thank you LORD

Thank you LORD for always being there Thank you for your blessings and your love and strength for me to keep going what ever happens its in your hands in Jesus name amen.


I’m Diane asking for prayers for God To Continue to give me Strength to carry on with my journey 🙏 Lord I Needs You Father God..Lord Continue to Wrap Your Loving Arms Around me and my family and my friends and Neighbors.. Thanks in advance 🙏


Spiritual, mental and emotional strength for my husband and I as we deal with health and other challenges. Thank you and God bless!

help please

dealing loss of my mom not able find a place money problems frustration anger hurt


please pray for complete recovery for my retina that my eyes will heal pray for healing hands


Please Lord, bless me with strength to do the right things. To bring my family back together. I am so lonely and scared, I do not know how to fix this. Would you please bless my Son and his family, and my two daughters and their families. make my marriage strong, so we can help … Continue reading “BLESS MY FAMILY”

To fill my life with the Lord’s guidance

Lord, I truly believe in you, and trust you with all my faith and belief in you. Everyday I think of the wrongs I’ve done, the love I’ve received, all of your help everyday ,and ask of your help for strength to move forward in all area’s of life, religion, work, and friendship. Amen