Father with Thy Grace

Almighty Father with Thy grace help me rise each day with renewed strength and peace of mind that l might face any challenge set before me. My body is weak and l need your help. Renew my body and mind as only You can do. To do unto others, spread Your love and Promise and … Continue reading “Father with Thy Grace”


Ok pray for me this week I am taking my finals and it’s going to be challenging. PleaseGive me the strength I need to make it through this week, help me gain confidence. Also help me strengthen my ability to work with others and relax and not stress out as much while I am at … Continue reading “Tests”


I’m a Junior in college and at the moment I’m having major anxiety about my future and the direction in front of me. I want to know what the good lord has in store for me and I just feel so lost at the moment. I need a sign of sorts to show me what’s … Continue reading “Assurance”




Every day I feel fear I am scared of dying .before my children & g/children are settled .Why am I going thro this with the Lord as my saviour ? I put the armour on day & night .I rebuke the lies I here it’s making me look very poorly as I cry every day … Continue reading “Fear”

Grant me strength

Great Spirit. Please grant me the strength to conquer the challenges before me. Help me to see the path you have designed for me. Bless my body and mind so i may better work to help others. Mother earth, please provide your resources to keep me healthy so I may prosper in all I do. … Continue reading “Grant me strength”


Heavenly Father I pray to you for your help and guidance in giving me Your strength From the strength I lack within my own frail human being. As each day goes by I feel my worthiness diminishing I know that is not true but I have most difficulty feeling relaxed and comfortable as the future … Continue reading “Strength”

Looking for a nearby apartment

Please give me the strength and guidance to find a new apartment close by. If we could find a 1st floor and within our budget. Please pray for myself, husband and our 2, 4 legged kids.

Strengthen my faith

Dear Jesus I pray for a stronger faith…for patience and wisdom to know in my heart that everything is in your timing. I do thank you for all I have and wish to find peace, good health and joy in my life. Help me to be a better person and to be more grateful and … Continue reading “Strengthen my faith”

You’re my last hope

Dear Jesus, kindly help me out to pass my pg entrance exam tomorrow…. you’re my last hope father…. I shouldn’t be ashamed in front of other’s…ive heard enough mockery in my life…so please be with me…I should pass with above 70 percentage…. please Jesus….I should be a witness to all…. please be with me…father… Amen

Please Pray

To our Heavenly Father please help me to pray because He may not hear me right now…Father I pray that you forgive me for my sins for I know what is right and I continuously fail you after you’ve shown your light so many times. I pray that you give me strength to overcome these … Continue reading “Please Pray”

Me and mines

God Give me the strength to accpet the things i can’t change. I just want a better life for me and my daughter i promise to cut all the bad habits and energy out my life . I dont want to give up i do believe in my lord .Just if you see me hurting … Continue reading “Me and mines”

Is it done?

Our ministry was born ten years ago…this last year has been a very tough one for those on the leadership team….burnout threatens despite our desire to trust in and rely on God. We need to have a clear sense of whether we have reached the point of completion of what God had planned for us … Continue reading “Is it done?”

Peace and Prosperity

Please pray for people to stop being so hateful, jealous, and underhanded towards me. All my life and still now I had to deal with this. If I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all. My boss seems against me and won’t give me a raise after all the work and … Continue reading “Peace and Prosperity”

help me with anxiety

Please pray for me . I am been going through a rough time in regards to my future. I applied to a few universities and I have been rejected by all of them . I am really scared that I will be getting the very same respond when I go try again this January . … Continue reading “help me with anxiety”

Help Me

I’m in a relationship that we barely talk about loving each other I can’t talk to him about what is you going on in my life cause he’s a type of person wen he gets mad he throws it back at and he drinks until he disrespect me I try so hard to maintain my … Continue reading “Help Me”

New years wishes

Dear God, dear Jesus, thank you for building stenght, passion and perseverance next year fitness contest, being the must sexy, hot and handsome man in Las Vegas!! Thank you for metting my beautiful girlfriend Sophie and thank you Jesus for all the amazing workouts we had together, it has been perfect!! Sending Sophie loads of … Continue reading “New years wishes”

Fear in facing consequences

God give me strength in facing the consequences of my behavior. Be with me during the frightening times. Help me to keep things in the perspective that earthly embarrassment is insignificant to God’s plans.

A prayer for strength

God, I pray to you for my incredible brother who is a caretaker to his wife who is afflicted with Advanced Alzheimer’s. I ask that you give him strength to continue with this journey. I pray for my many friends who have suffered loss, addiction and adversity, please give them hope. I also ask that … Continue reading “A prayer for strength”

For my son’s faith

I am requesting a prayer for my son Nikita to strengthened his faith and to grow his trust and confidence in what is true–not the seen, but the unseen. Please God reach down and help my son to overcome any doubts, please strengthen his faith. Please God open Nikita’s eyes, not to see the world … Continue reading “For my son’s faith”

Time at lowest

Things are not good in my relationship with someone I have been with for 12 years. I can’t deal with his addictions. I keep staying with him thinking things will change but every year its the same. Plus I live on a fixed income, so at my age I feel it’s so hard to start … Continue reading “Time at lowest”

Prayer for strength

I’m fearing what my ex will do to me, I can’t eat and feel so depressed. She is trying to financially ruin me. Please help me lord in these difficult times. Please give me strengths to get through this. It is killing me inside and hurting the people around me so much


I have recently quit my job. The circumstancis were unbearable. I have never quit a job before but I feel I had no choice.I was a supervisor and I was being completely ignored by all the higher ups.Conditions were terrible.I felt I was losing my dignity and my mind. The stress was to much and … Continue reading “Fearful”

protection and Strength

I pray hedges of protection around James and his troops ,I pray every hidden trap the enemies in Syria lay for him and his troops, may they catch their own feet in it .I pray you emcamp your holy angels around them and surround them with your love and give them hope as they fight … Continue reading “protection and Strength”


Thank you father God for my family. This has been a devastating year for my family and we need prayers for strength and peace.. The losses we experienced has been broken us down..Lift us up Lord. In Jesus name I Pray. AMEN🙏🏽

Property law

I just got to know that I only have one last chance for my property law paper. Please pray for me so that I am given strength to study and focus in this paper. I trust in the power of prayer and miracle. Amen I won’t give up now.

Silviu Haidaciuc

I want Heavenly Father to speak to me from the Bible I want cherubs manifest things for me I want the heavenly father to let angels up and down in heavenly places and earthly places to help me I want to receive Gifts from God to enjoy them Luke 11 Jesus teaches those that always … Continue reading “Silviu Haidaciuc”

God’s direction

I pray for God’s direction and strength to battle my strongholds (mental, physical, spiritual) that can separate me from daily connection with Him. I pray for desire and diligence to regularly study His Word and receive clarity and understanding from the Holy Spirit. I pray for strength to handle the upcoming dIsruption to my normal … Continue reading “God’s direction”


Dear Lord you know I’m in a shelter with some people who are mean and heartless. Please bless me with an apartment to get out of this place. It is really tiring and trying. You know how bad it is here. Please just help them overcome there issues. Bless them and help them all In … Continue reading “Housing”


Please Lord I pray for strength to get through the holidays and especially December 23rd that was the day that Kerry (my boyfriend) was murdered in front of me last year (2018) I pray that your strength will be with his mom and I. I pray Lord that the person is caught and brought to … Continue reading “Grief”


Blessings to you my friends. I am in the midst of an overwhelming amount of change in my life. I was recently diagnosed with Ménière’s disease (loss of balance, tinnitus & complete hearing loss in my right ear) and I am adjusting to a new me. My job requires an immense amount of overtime, my … Continue reading “Overwhelmed”

Lord prayer

Please pray for me to have the strength to make the right decisions in my life.

My daughter

I am humbly asking for prayers for my oldest daughter. She struggles with anxiety at times. She is studying to be an RN. She lives and breathes her nursing books. She is struggling. She has a big exam tomorrow. Please pray for strength, calmness, knowledge, and that she passes her test. Thank you


I am a member of a United Methodist Church. Beginning in January, I will be taking the position of Chairman of the Board. I am asking for prayer for me in this position that my leadership will be God led. A larger prayer on my heart is the state of our United Methodist Churches across … Continue reading “Leadership”

Grad School Success

Lord, I pray for the grace and good hope to get through my last large essay assignment of this semester. I am burnt out right now and don’t see an end in sight, but I trust in your provision for me! I ask that I can write well and clearly and have the courage to … Continue reading “Grad School Success”

Needing Jesus

I’m so blessed Lord for all of Your people who prays. I need You Lord in all areas of my life. I want to have a intimate relationship with you where I’m completely trusting and vulnerable. To no longer hide, run, or be too afraid to get closer to You. I need Your strength and … Continue reading “Needing Jesus”