Finding my way home

My father, I ask that you enter my heart an mind and help me come closer to you, im lost and don’t know how to fully grasp your word, my mind is clouded with the problems of my life an I don’t know how to let go,even now as I pray I fear that I … Continue reading “Finding my way home”


Riley, now single mom who escaped abuse, has 2 1/2 weeks of Nurse Practitioner program and boards in the spring. 4 kids under 10. Loves Jesus. Needs extra strength, mental energy to pass test, final, and a project while doing 3 1/2 days of clinical each week plus work. Pray for excellence. She has worked … Continue reading “Riley”

Strength and guidance

Heavenly Father, Please forgive me of my sins and give me strength and guidance and direct me down your path so that I can be a better Christian. Guide me in your direction as I carry out my day and try to help my Mother through her struggles with dementia. Help me to have patience … Continue reading “Strength and guidance”

Self love

Please Jesus help me find the strength to heal a broken heart and come out of this depression as a result of my husband of 24 years leaving me to live in a sober house. The break up of my marriage has weakened my resolve and my love for myself; please help me find the … Continue reading “Self love”


I surrender to you lord all our physical and emotional pains please heal us. I surrender release let go of my broken heart and spirit please mend me help me to forgive forget erase from my heart mind soul and dreams. I surrender our chronic complaining neighbors so long as we don’t cause trouble ot … Continue reading “Surrender”

Disabled Husband

My husband is disabled and getting worse. He rides an ambulance to dialysis 3-4 times a week but cannot get around on his own. He is losing control of his bowels and his mind is fading. I’m 75 years old and don’t have the strength to lift him when he can’t stand. My 47 year … Continue reading “Disabled Husband”

Job interview

I’m applying for a new position in a career that I have moved back and forth with. This is a pay cut but it’s better when it comes to the stress and anxiety that I deal with the public on the streets. I need God’s help with strength, wisdom, and making the right decisions. My … Continue reading “Job interview”

Human and Drug Traffickers

Prayers, I have unexpectedly relocated from a far away place after a terrifying experience with a friend who let evil consume him. I packed up my belongings in 5 minutes and fled for my life. I hope to find a faith community someday but am still in hiding for my own protection. I am reaching … Continue reading “Human and Drug Traffickers”


Please pray for my boys (13 and 9) and me. I’m a single mother, and need a breakthrough in every part of my life. Please pray for us to have more than enough money to pay our bills, and to have monies left over to save and thrive without me having to work all day … Continue reading “Breakthrough”

Mental Health

Dear Lord, help me through this day and upcoming days to help defeat my anxiety and depression. Please lead me to doctors and therapists who can help me through this terrible feeling. Lead them to find the right medications and proper techniques to help me feel whole again and to be able to Embrace life … Continue reading “Mental Health”


Please Pray For My Traumatic Brain Injury And For My Heart Condition And For My Memories And For My Ability To Hold Onto Them Successfully And For My Mother’s Kandace Marie Solorio Wilbanks’s Multiple Personalities/Identities/Heal Her Cancer/Her Successful Exorcism And For My Mother’s Kandace Marie Solorio Wilbanks’s With All Of Her Personalities Full Conversion To … Continue reading “Protection”

Strength and Faith

Father God, please be with me as I support my husband who is locked up behind bars may you comfort him and show him your love in this difficult time in our lives. Help me to stay strong for our 6 children we have together may you also comfort and guide them to lean on … Continue reading “Strength and Faith”

Need close family

I I am in that Ancestry dna database trying to find out who were the parents, maternal and paternal grandparents of my deceased orphaned parents; my parents went to their graves not knowing that they were orphans and on a daily basis they complained about how bad the Relatives treated them, Relatives used them to … Continue reading “Need close family”

Thank you

I need prayers for strength and prosperity. I’m currently homeless staying with a few friends and I don’t have enough money to get my own residence and keep the bills paid. Please pray for my strength and prosperity to hopefully find my own residence soon. Thank you.

Not sure what to pray for

Husband is moving for a job. However there was a job that was offered last year when he couldn’t take it and is now offered again. I’ve already started packing but I’m tired and recovering from a foot and leg injury. Due to my husband’s health, I’m the one who is doing most of the … Continue reading “Not sure what to pray for”

New Beginnings

I am a Senior almost 80. Have been alone with 2 doggies for the last 5 yrs, no family here on earth, no Church support, however I do have the Support from above, my Heavenly Father, my Lord, & Savior, The Holy Spirit, & all the Archangels, what more would I possibly need, I need … Continue reading “New Beginnings”

Lost of a brother.

Heavenly Father, please be with all those grieving the loss of someone they loved and cherished. We know that earthly death is a part of life, but it is still hard to process. Lord, we ask that you give us peace that passes all understanding, that we will be comforted and experience hope that only … Continue reading “Lost of a brother.”

Me and life

Prayers to find whatever works to get rid of scabies and ringworm in my car, apt, appliances,body, right laundry, right vacuum to use for car and apt, stairs, wood floors, doors, carpet how to use whatever it is correctly thoroughly to kill all scabies and any other bug and ringworm fungus! To get financial Breakthrough … Continue reading “Me and life”


Dear lord thank you for a brand new day. I can see hear taste smell touch and feel. I’m anxious I’m lonely but I have you. Please hear my prayers for me and my children physically emotionally financially employment legal and housing needs met. I surrender release let go of all my physical and emotional … Continue reading “Strength”

Broken hearted

I stay in a predominantly white neighborhood and I am biracial but I’ve been called colored and people call me black they won’t allow me to identify I took my sleeping medicine and accidentally left my water running the water dripped downstairs a person that works in the office banged on my door I screamed … Continue reading “Broken hearted”


I am going through a storm in my life. I’m struggling with keeping my faith and focusing that in all things God is with me. There is no part of my life that isn’t falling apart, as of tomorrow I will be homeless, broke, and donating the few things I have (and I’m still paying … Continue reading “Faith”


Lord thank you for a new day. Please fill me with joy so my physical and emotional pains will heal. Please keep me sober. I surrender release let go of my broken heart and spirit please mend me. Please help me forgive forget let go erase from my heart mind and soul. Help me with … Continue reading “Strength”

I’m hanging in there

To Bless me to work on loving myself more & getting familiar with the inner me.A healthy/strength full marriage to live love & laugh. I come to you GOD & ask to Bless me with A understanding as well as A Healing mind,soul,heart& protect my family. Yo give me the ability to do all things … Continue reading “I’m hanging in there”

Healing and hope

I need prayers for hope, healing, strength and faith and forgiveness. For 4 years i was in an abusive relationship. I had been isolated, controlled, amd mentally and physically abused. In august of last year after recently fleeing the abusive relationship my ex the abuser followed me and a friend who was helping me move … Continue reading “Healing and hope”

Obedience to Your Word

Heavenly Father, who is the Creator of my being, I lift your name on high because you are God And God alone. Thank you for your wisdom, understand and knowledge, that you for saving me through your Son Jesus Christ. Give me the mind and strength to be who you want me to be in … Continue reading “Obedience to Your Word”


Dear God, Forgive me lord for my sins. I ask for you to give me strength and for you to fortify my mind, body, and spirit. Draw me near to you and help me to not loose sight of the fact that you are always with me. You see my struggles and you know my … Continue reading “Realignment”