Peace of mind

Please pray for me I need peace of my mind really husband lost job and I try to support him but he’s hopeless and he doesn’t want to admit that he doesn’t have a job so I try to find something for him, he refused he said he won’t settle for less and I said … Continue reading “Peace of mind”


God, I raise my hands up to you to please not let my house be foreclosed. I admit that I was late on payments and sent in less than the monthly notes, but I sent in a check for a large amount to catch me up, but I still received a foreclosure letter on my … Continue reading “Foreclosure”

Knowledge / Understanding

To give me knowledge and understanding to know and learn his word. To give me strength to fight the battle staying clean and sober.

Continued strength

I need all prayers for strength to continue to fight the 😈 who is trying to hurt me daily.i pray for continued positives in my life.i have a lot of christian faith hope 💘 respect acceptance.i have a lot of christian brothers and sisters.

Prayer for Strength

Lord, help me to find the strength to work through the many issues facing me and my family. Help me to secure steady employment and to get back on ack with my financial obligations. Bless our house and may you keep all things in working order and repair. Thank you for your blessings and for … Continue reading “Prayer for Strength”

Help for justice

Dear Lord,please give me strength and guidance to be patient that Natalie and her son to move out of our home with no legal problems. Help her to look into herself and take responsibility for her actions. And Lord help me to not be fearful and question what needs to be done. Give me guidance … Continue reading “Help for justice”

My Lord and Saviour

My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I pray for you to walk with me in this time of tremendous despair and fear in my life. I am too weak to go forward without your grace and divine help. Please come into my heart and soul with the holy strength to carry me through this crisis. … Continue reading “My Lord and Saviour”


Please pray for me to find strength and discipline as I move forward in God’s path for me.

To cast out my stage fear

Heavenly Father! Calm down my nerves so that i may not get tensed during my performance on Easter. God also fill me with your strength without which i can not succeed in any of the activities. Lord! Guide my steps when i walk onto the altar and let me feel your presence when am singing.O … Continue reading “To cast out my stage fear”


To put God first in everything i do ! To intentionally commit to his ways n to speak boldly of him and to read more fast more pray more eat right love as i ought too!


God please take away all the bad energies from my house, inside and outside. God please take away all the pain, stress caused by my kids father. God please move him forward in life and guide my kids away from all sadness and bring peace and joy into my life as well as my kids. … Continue reading “Victory”


Please Lord Heavenly Father Please help my son Augustine to please have the Strength to stay away from Kimberly she’s been down grading him using him and causing destruction,pain suffering in our family please give my son the Strength to stay away from Kimberly please bring him lot’s of Wisdom and leading him on the … Continue reading “Son”

Fear and anxiety

Please pray for me that god will heal me of my fear of public speaking.

Evil attacks

Please pray for strength for me against the evil one. He is attacking from all angles. He is trying to rob me of my peace.

Thank you Jesus

Dear Jesus thank you for being with me all day Today and giving me strength to overcome obstacles in my physical environment and mentally overcoming doubt and worry I love you so very much and I also want to pray for all the world leaders to find Jesus and His love overcome them and they … Continue reading “Thank you Jesus”

Thank you Jesus

Dear Jesus thank you for being with me all day Today and giving me strength to overcome obstacles in my physical environment and mentally overcoming doubt and worry I love you so very much and I also want to pray for all the world leaders to find Jesus and His love overcome them and they … Continue reading “Thank you Jesus”

Prayer for guidance

Dear God, please give me a strength to do as you will need me to do during this time of conflict and guidance to do what is best for me despite what it may seem.

Strength in my walk with Jesus

I’m returning to the Lord after trying to do things on my own. I need strength now to believe and stay steadfast in His will for me.

My daughter

Lord I ask you to wrap your arms around my daughter as she is experiencing anxiety and stress. Please let her know that you are with her as she battles these demons. In Gods name, i pray.

Going through storms

Father God help me and my family in the times of storms that are happening to us. It seems like every time we come out of some trouble we jump into some other trouble. It seems like it is a repeative cycle every year. I have faith to know that God will take care of … Continue reading “Going through storms”

Help the Anxiety

Dear God, Please help me fight my fears and make everything good. I pray for my mother. Thanks, Ella

Prayer for my boyfriend

Pray for Shubham Kumar Kori for his family who is undergoing cheque bounce court case and for Shubhams Bcom 1st year examination.He is undergoing lots of stress,Can’t concentrate and can’t study as whatever he learns he forgets it easily.Please keep him in your prayers.Please pray for him his exams will end in may 2019.

Toxic Marriage

I got married in September 28, 2018 I thought it was going to be the best day of our lives. I knew her off and on for 12 years. I have a mental illness and she does as well but neither of us is as serve. I married her cause I was lonely and desperate. … Continue reading “Toxic Marriage”

Strength & Direction

Dear lord Jesus, i need your strength to overcome the realities of life. i can’t study your word and i can’t pray as i have to. i want to reach out to people and share the good news but i just don’t know how. strengthen me and direct me as to what I should do … Continue reading “Strength & Direction”

College & university

My goal is to raise my GPA and my grades i want to graduate good from college and get accepted to San Diego State University.

Struggling in pain

I contacted shingles and it has knocked me around I have no strength and I need to get working again soon

Prayer for my mom

Please pray for my mom for strength and healing as we found out she has breast cancer.

For strength

I am unable to concentrate on my work as I have to achieve a target before 31st March 2019. I feel I will not be able to do it as the days are nearing and we still have to do a lot more in consultation with the vendor. Kindly pray for me.


I need prayers, I’ve changed my life 7 years ago and have not been in any trouble. I’ve given my life to God and believe in him to the fullest, but today the Devil almost got me. I’ve been hurt by the people that I love and what makes it so bad that’s itsi my … Continue reading “Strength”

Workday Prayer

Dear Lord, I pray for a good work day. One without anxiety. One that goes by quickly. I pray for Jesus to be there with me. Filling me with patience, love, and support. Amen

Prayer for Job

I need a new job sponsorship in the UK this month. I am scared now, the job that I was hoping for seems difficult to get- please pray that God shows me grace and opens up that job for me, or has a better job for me soon. Praise be to God for his blessings … Continue reading “Prayer for Job”

Stable foundation

Let no doubt over take me let not my faith be as sand escaping threw my fingers at the time of temptations and deserts but let me grasp onto the Lord and consume and obey every word that comes out of the mouth of God be Lord the solid rock in my hand teach me … Continue reading “Stable foundation”

Giving up

Please pray for strength in me. I have 2 coworkers that have been picking on me trying to cause me to lose my job because they’re not happy where that is at. I have been under attack by my manager and don’t know why. I feel like I’m about to lose my mind. I need … Continue reading “Giving up”

God’s direction

Please pray for God’s direction and clarification in my life. The Lord has put in my heart for a healing ministry. I need The Holy Spirit to lead me to the right people and connections for this to happen.

To clean the vessel

I come boldly I the name of CHRIST whom strengthens me. I ask for the ability, faith and authority of Jesus power to clean up his vessel and gain financial victory in paying rent arrears. I claim this victory in Jesus. Amen

Praying for Holy Spirit Boldness

Praise God.. I am requesting that the saints too stand in agreement and pray for me too have a closer relationship with the Lord..i want too be on fire for Him..a new heart…consitency …peace….strength…too own my laundromat….or homeless shelter…restoration with children&family…debt blessing so I can continue to partnership with churches for the needy ..In … Continue reading “Praying for Holy Spirit Boldness”


I gave my apt owner 30 days notice and I need to be out of this apt by March 31st. Pray that I find another place and that this apt doesn’t give me any trouble in the process of moving.

Spiritual warrior

I would love a prayer so that I could be a stringer spiritual warrior and be able to help does who had lost the faith in Jesus Christ

Dad is leaving this earth

Dear Father in Heaven please send your angels to embrace my father and family has he prepares to make his journey home. Please send calm, peace of heart. He loves you God and his family. Strength and courage for my family in the days ahead. AMEN

Seeking Healing

Father God, I am having a difficult time pressing forward in life. My mother was involved in a catastrophic mva last March which rendered her a quadriplegic. I tendered my resignation from my job last November and am now taking care of my mother with my sister. I fear that circumstances of my leave will … Continue reading “Seeking Healing”

Pray for my job

I am getting uneasy about my job, Fireman, I feel I am no help to them. Please pray for me.