Father God I carry a lot on my back and I pray for strength and courage to keep moving.

Prayer for various things

Hi. Please pray for my strength and relationship in the Lord. Pray that I am obedient and fully surrendered to Him too. God has a work for me to do, but I need clarity regarding it too. Also, pray for me for complete and total healing from Type 2 Diabetes and high cholesterol. Most of … Continue reading “Prayer for various things”

Help comes from above, please help

Please help me lord. I’m not over my husband’s sudden death 11/2 years ago. I’m not over him leaving us and coming to you. I miss him terribly, my 5 year old needs someone..we need someone. No one knows or can figure out what we need.

Renew my spiritual life

I prayer for God’s manifestation The Lord should fill me up with His spirit so I can minister to the lost souls in Christ Jesus.


Please pray for my anxiety, my mind, my thoughts, feel them with the lord. I need a healing in myself for me, my family. Thank you.


I pray for stewardship and self control over all God has blessed me with.


Sometimes life in general can be overwhelming between clients, parenting and being engaged. I need prayer for me to strike that work/life balance, especially with my prayer life. I’m also praying for my current relationship/future marriage, we have encountered challenges along the way, but I know, we know that with faith and prayer we can … Continue reading “Life”

Strength for myself

Dear Lord only u know my pain I hide with a smile. they say u never put more on is than we can handle. There are times I doubt u and I have so MANY questions. Lord I already have all this on my mind then u and I both know I did not!!! Take … Continue reading “Strength for myself”

Adrian`s Prayer

Please pray for my nephew Adrian. that he has the strength to continue his journey…it my seem dark for him right now, there is light…please pray that justice will prevail. please pray for protection from all forms of harm and evil, that would want to harm him in any way form or fashion…please pray to … Continue reading “Adrian`s Prayer”

Strength Me

Lord I need your strength in all places of my life and mind. I need you cover me and mold me into being a better human being in life.


I NEED strength to overcome things n my life. That I know that is not right with God. When I was younger I did have it . But now that I am 66 years old. I HAVE become weak. I Love Our Lord God an want to do your will FATHER. I ask all things … Continue reading “Strength”

Idle hands and body

Please pray for my lack of energy and motivation. I sit and do nothing most days. I don’t want to help with housework or anything else. Maybe there’s a bigger problem than I’m aware of but please pray for me. I don’t know what’s controlling me but God does and please pray for me to … Continue reading “Idle hands and body”


Lord me help me to speak to my friends and family without hurting there feelings when I talk at certain times teach me how to control my anger and frustrations. I just want to be happy in every way..


I feel as though my life is at a standstill and I should be farther along and doing better in my life than where I am. I even doubt myself at times like what is my purpose and why I don’t know how to pray for myself and for others.

My husband

St. Jude here us call upon you in our time of need. Please pray that my husband can overcome the anxiety and depression he is struggling with. Please protect him and give him the strength he needs to walk with our Heavenly Father in faith. Amen


Please pray for strength for myself and my family ,and for comfortable transition for my husband Bill as he is on home hospice care soon to be home with our Lord Thank You God Bless

Thought life

My thoughts have come under the most vicious barrage …thoughts never to be repeated and have caused me great distress, often weakening my walk

Big Mistake

I was pulled over & charged with a DUI after rear ending another car. I am to blame obviously even though I don’t believe I should have been charged. God has definitely shown his favor & grace throughout my life. I made one mistake & I definitely never intend to put myself or others in … Continue reading “Big Mistake”

Mom strength

Still raising 2 of 4 grandchildren. my husband is a pastor/Prison Chaplain. We trust God in every way. I’m tired, he’s busy. Need strength to continue to raise the children and clarity for our ministry as well.

Power from on high

That I be filled with all spiritual wisdom and understanding in the knowledge of our God in Christ, and that I may speak boldly as I ought to speak in proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus! And by the HOLY Spirits Power that I’ll tear down strongholds, and bring … Continue reading “Power from on high”

Lost my job

I just lost my job after 12 years and need prayers to know I can support my family. I have two sons in college and am a single mom.


I’m doing my BSC in Maths and it’s my third year one paper is a bit tough the sir also is not very good to me he thinks I’m not good in it I get very scared of his paper lord please help me do well for his paper remove that fear in me thank … Continue reading “Student”

Help Me!

I am in need of Peace of Mind, Strength, Wisdom, Forgiveness, I need help with Anxiety, Fear and Depression. I am just tired of what I am facing and I just pray that it ends soon. I am exhausted and not understanding Why? Why me? What did I do to deserve this and why is … Continue reading “Help Me!”

Help Me Lord

Please pray My strength in God ..I feel like a worthless loser… feels like I wasted life and now can’t get one and I don’t want to live like this anymore sad,lonely,depressed,helpless and done.

Strength for my sister

Please pray for my sister Deidra and brother in law John continued strength and determination as they struggle through their daily life. Thank you so much for your time and prayers.

Thank you

Lord Jesus, thank you for always being there for me as I have gone thru life. Protecting me when I have made mistakes. I pray you will continue to be by my side as I take the rest of my journey through life and give me strength to face whatever hurdles I come across. In … Continue reading “Thank you”

God Grace and Blessings

I pray for strength and victory over my enemies. I ask god for peace and happiness in my life. I pray that god will always forgive me of any wrong s and continue to heal my body. I pray for my lord blessings.

Power from on high

That I be filled with all spiritual wisdom and understanding in the knowledge of our God in Christ, and that I may speak boldly as I ought to speak in proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus! And may He empower you with strength to do the same Thank you!

Pray For Us 🙏 Amen

Lord Jesus, Help me to hang in there. With my health, liver problems, homelessness, and my kids, grandson that all of us are safe in your arms, also my family, friends. In your Holy Name. Amen

Peace and Trust

I pray for continued strength and growth in recovering from a devastating divorce – I feel you God, I know you are with me…show me the path you want me to take.


That my grandson get promoted and for him to understand all will be ok thru Jesus Christ…Amen….please pray for Joshua.


I completed a 3 day fast and thought for sure I felt the presence of God during my fast and in my situation. However upon the completion of the fast my situation has deteriorated. I feel hopeless and so discouraged. I don’t know how to pray or move forward from here.

Pain from a cheating spouse

Please pray the pain in my heart heals. I am barely hanging on, the pain on my heart is overwhelming. We are expecting his first child in a few days, I felt like it was a gift from God, today I found out he was cheating on me. Please pray for me please.


I pray to be strong, my job been difficult, family life stressful, my family’s health and well being has been very trying. Please help me to hold fast and be strong with prayer and faith!! I just know God has my back! In Jesus name I pray.

Stronger Faith

I need to be reassured that By me praying every night that God Really heard answers prayers , I’m losing Faith.

Pray for my son that a miracle can be work

Please st Joseph by some miracle please let my intervention for my son not to be brought to court prove fruitful. St Joseph I place all my trust in you. I believe you can work this miracle together with st Anthony and the sacred heart. I will forever be grateful.


My prayer is to release depression and obsession in my life.

To see beautiful side in difficult time

Life has always been difficult in every turn.. Praise God being with my family to get through all years.. but I feel so tired… want to give up, I can’t go on anymore.. too heavy to bear.. please give me strength to go on… not live for myself but others.

Surrendering to God

Lord, give me strength to stay faithful to you. Let me be still and listen to your words and follow your will for my life. Give me wisdom and bravery to share your love with others. Give me the right words to use for each person that they may hear and believe. Please give me … Continue reading “Surrendering to God”


I pray to God for wisdom and strength in all my decisions.

Strength for fasting

Please pray for me to make it through a 24 hour fast that I started today. This is the first time I have fasted and I am starting to get hungry and I have 19 hours left.