Closer walk with God

The Almighty to give me the strength to believe in Him no matter what is going on in my life. Strength to know that He is God and there is nothing impossible to Him.

Prayer for Guidance on my Driving Test

As I attempt for the third time to get my driver’s license. Please pray for me so I may receive Jesus’ guidance to help me have full control over the vehicle and pass the test successfully. I lift everything to you, oh Lord. Amen

Lost job

I lost my job last week without warning. I believe Satan is trying to confuse and stop me.

Prayer for letting go of negative thoughts

Please pray for me to stop thinking negative thoughts. I keep getting these evil thoughts in my head throughout the day and I want them to stop. These thoughts are keeping me from living my life to its fullest potential and I want to be at peace already.

Order in my house

I am a 78-year-old woman and I need to declutter and tidy up my home so I can sell and move to a smaller residence. Unfortunately, I have left my housework to go a bit, so I have to declutter and tidy up and have more order…e.g. there is a place for everything and everything … Continue reading “Order in my house”

Strengthen Us

God please continue to give me the strength to keep going and get pass this cancer God please help me and my husband find the proper house in Virginia please continue to watch over my family and friends Amen.


I pray for strenght to continue fighting for my health, my family’s finances, my insecurities, my work challenges. Give me wisdom to choose what is right for me, to make the best decision and to be the best that I can be. I pray for my husband that he will be able to support us, … Continue reading “Strength”

Prayer for husband

Please pray for my husband whom is battling lung and hip bone cancer, praying for strength to us through all this chemo . Praying to relieve his pain in his hip. Amen

Pass my board exam

Please pray for me to pass my Board Exam in coming this March. This is my 2nd time to take again. I got feel afraid to fail again may lord give strength, courage,wisdom and able to pass the exam.


Please can I be prayed for to find direction in my life and to stop repeating the same self-defeating mistakes. Thank you

Prayer to seek God more

I am asking that you pray for me to have strength, to forget about the past and seek more of God. My husband is not a praying person and I would love for God to change that.

Prayer for guidance

Dear God, Thank you so much for the gift of life, family, friends, education and all other things i have like good health. Lord am calling upon your name today for help. I pray that you see my sister through this tough time she is facing, king of kings. May you guide her as she … Continue reading “Prayer for guidance”

Spiritual Upliftment

Please pray with me for the Spiritual upliftment in order to gather and keep the strength to fast and pray like I used to do and be. South Africa


Please stand on Godly agreement with me, My prayer is to thank God. He has strengthened and enabled me to do all things through Him. I praise Him because I have the mind of Christ. I lift His name and appreciate that all good things, including promotion, come from Him. God is for me. Nothing … Continue reading “Degree”

Fulfillment of the holy spirit

I would like you to remember me in your prayers so that the Holy Spirit will strengthen me spiritually. I have been having some revelations in dreams about misfortunes and also good fortunes. But the misfortunes, when I pray over it so that it happens not, to no avail.

Strength to win the war

Give me strength oh Lord to win this war. Day by day, hour by hour, I ask for strength to keep me focused & battle ready. Thank you, Jesus Christ, for all the love you have for all.

Giving my Daughter Strength

I am praying for my daughter to have the strength to overcome the evil-doers that try to attack her. Please God helps her to be strong and have faith that you are always with her and she can rise above the ppl who are trying to destroy her. In Jesus Powerful Name…Amen

Need prayers for Strength

My Mom just passed away on December 15, 2018. I am so very heartbroken and miss her so much. I pray that she RIP and that she knows how much I love her. The time after death when everyone goes home is the hardest.

Peace and healing

Please pray for my brother who has been diagnosed with cancer, and is not a believer. May he find the strength, peace, and healing that only God can provide.

Praying for faith

Please pray for me as I am asking God to continue to give me strength each and and everyday when dealing with whatever may come my. I pray that my relationship with him grows stronger and stronger everyday!

Break soul tie

Lord, please break the soul tie with him. That toxic relationship took me into a depression/anxiety that I didn’t know to exist. I cannot do this by myself. I need you, God more than ever. Please forgive me of my known and unknown sins. Clean me Oh God. Break this ungodly soul tie, break the … Continue reading “Break soul tie”

Battle against addiction and homelessness

Please lord stand beside me to battle the devil and his stronghold against me. Give me strength and courage to fight and win. I pray for this war to be overcome and won with you leading me with your guidance and teachings. I know that with you I can do anything. In Jesus name Amen


Strength to endure life’s many challenges. Strengthen my faith in God to be to done his work that he has asked us to. To be a better mother friend and one day, wife. Remove the chains of the burden that follows me everywhere and for my family

Asking for strength

Lord, I humbly come before you with praise and Thanksgiving. I ask that you give me the strength to continue to heal from my broken heart and do not remember him so much. I also ask for a special touch from you as I am looking for a job that will honor you. In Jesus … Continue reading “Asking for strength”

As your own

You and you alone is our source of strength. We look toward the hill from which comes our help for our help comes from you! You are our PEACE, we are your PURPOSE and together there is a PLAN!

My mum’s surgery

I ask for prayer for my mum who will be going to surgery tomorrow morning at 10am Singapore time. I ask that The Lord will guide the surgeon’s hands and all those involved in the surgery and that mum will make a full, complete and swift recovery with no complications or infection setting in. Thx … Continue reading “My mum’s surgery”


Please pray for me to have strength in the situation I am dealing with today. Please help me find reasons that I am not in the wrong.

Make me stronger

I pray for strength because I am very weak. Lord show me the right way lord, steer me on the right path. I am weak. I’ve been making so many bad decisions. Its destroying my life. I just want to be a better person and have a better life. Continue with your strength and your … Continue reading “Make me stronger”

Give me you Lord

Dear lord I’m coming to you today as I should every day for your strength Lord I been through a lot and I feel I should have had you more in my life because it was times you been by my side and me not even knowing if you put a shield over me since … Continue reading “Give me you Lord”

More like Jesus

Please pray that in this new year I will be more like Jesus. As I am made in his image, I would also like a spirit like His. I need to pray for strength on this journey and that I’m able to stay positive. This is my prayer. Thank you, Lord. Amen

Gods hand in my life

We are going through. Challenges in our life and need Gods hand for us to move over this storm. The devil has brought havoc to our home and I want to reclaim what he has stolen. Thanks be unto Jesus.

Stress and worry

Please Pray for me and my boyfriend’s relationship it hasn’t been going well lately I’ve been stressing about his family. I never did anything to them and I’ve been feeling very unwelcome at his house I get nasty looks, and nobody says hi, and my boyfriend sisters have boyfriends and his parents really seem to … Continue reading “Stress and worry”

Please Pray for my daughter

Please, Lord, help my daughter. She is suffering a desperate financial and personal crisis. She is being badgered and drained both emotionally and financially by an ex It has now affected her recent relationship and she is literally destitute. You know her needs Lord, and I implore you to help her. In Jesus name, I … Continue reading “Please Pray for my daughter”


Help me to leave everything in God’s hands. Reduce my anxiety, trust He is the controller and not me. Be with our whole family. Bless us, guide us, protect us and keep us safe. Take control of our thoughts and deeds Father! Help us to be grateful and less selfish. All these things we ask … Continue reading “Anxiety”

Strength for my husband

My prayer is for my husband to hear God’s voice with obedience, allowed God to transform and renew his mind and trust God no matter what the situation looks like. And believe the unbelievable.


My 29-year son is suffering from anxiety disorder and depression he just mentions that he prays to the devel while I was praying to the God please pray for me and my family I’m exhausted all I can do is to continue with pray

Prayer for career

Lord, Thank you for all the blessings you have endowed me. I am currently struggling to transition into my photography career and I would ask for your strength to endure the hardships I will face in the years to come. I have asked and listened to Your answer and one thing is clear, You’ve never … Continue reading “Prayer for career”