Lord Jesus, please help me to Gain the weight that I have lost. Heal me, strengthen me for, I come to do Your Will.Please bring me Health and healing. Thank You 🙏

Sunday September 15th, My Praise Report and Persistent, Persevering Daily Prayer Request to my Almighty Heavenly Eternal Father, My Lord JESUS CHRIST THE RISEN GOD, HOLY SPIRIT, THE PARACLETE, ST. PEREGRINE, BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, OUR LADY OF LOURDES, UNDOER OF KNOTS, ST. JUDE, ST. ANNE, ST. MONICA, SACRED HEART OF JESUS, PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS … Continue reading “Lord Jesus, please help me to Gain the weight that I have lost. Heal me, strengthen me for, I come to do Your Will.Please bring me Health and healing. Thank You 🙏”

My son in Basic Combat Training

I ask that you keep my son in prayer he is currently in Basic Combat Training and has been hurting from his knee and ankle Lord cover him in strength in Jesus Name

Soundness of mind

I’m tired and down, so I ask that God will heal my mind of things that should not be there. That he would settle my thoughts so that I will not allow myself to be tormented mentally or emotionally. He would remove all worries. I ask for soundness of mind, and clarity in every area … Continue reading “Soundness of mind”

For Unfailing Strength

Dear Lord Please hold my dear friend Linda in your arms and provided her the strength to endure this season of uncertainty. For Unfailing Strength Do not look forward to what may happen tomorrow; the same everlasting Father who cares for you today will take care of you tomorrow and every day. Either He will … Continue reading “For Unfailing Strength”

Prayer asking for help

Asking for prayer being a single parent raising a son need to meet a godly man father for my son he has behavioral problems it’s getting me down seem like I’m alone trying not to give up.

Your will be done

Father, thank You for another day and I ask that You have Your way. Your will be done Father. Have Your way in me. Have Your way with what You’ve put in me. Have Your way in my children. Have Your way in my wife. Have Your way in the earth. Give me strength, change … Continue reading “Your will be done”

Prayer for direction and need filling of joy with my life shining for Jesus so others may come to see the power in the blood of Jesus withe the empowernment of the Holy Spirit so God receives all the Honour and Power a d God’s obedie t angels minister to every Kautz and sudes and every Harvey and sides in Jesus name. Amen

that my life may so shine that my husband, children, all in laws, grandchildren, neighbours , friend, and relatives will know l have asked god in the name of jesus to forgive me for my sins and to show love to all who have hurt me praying the holy spirit will lead me with god … Continue reading “Prayer for direction and need filling of joy with my life shining for Jesus so others may come to see the power in the blood of Jesus withe the empowernment of the Holy Spirit so God receives all the Honour and Power a d God’s obedie t angels minister to every Kautz and sudes and every Harvey and sides in Jesus name. Amen”

God Has Forgotten Me

Yeah the title tells it all. It’s been 20 years and they’ve been long years. Trying to follow God, just trying to be faithful in all I do. I was in an accident 2001 and I’ve been believing for healing since then, been to churches, had prophets lay hands on me, been to Jesus conferences, … Continue reading “God Has Forgotten Me”

Help me to endure

Dear God, I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got. Please pray for my strength to be able to stand during these trying times. I’m disabled and after leaving a marriage of domestic violence it seems sometimes like I don’t have the strength to stand. Please for my daughter and I because there … Continue reading “Help me to endure”

Prayer for clarity

I ask our Father to continue learning and teaching me to have immovable faith and trust. Financial increase, forgetting the hurts of my past, so that I may step into my future, and receive the blessings that God has for me. More wisdom, knowledge and understanding of our Fathers ways, more joy, peace and love … Continue reading “Prayer for clarity”

Prayer for strength

I would prayer for strength over a break up from my girlfriend who has recently moved on I’m having trouble with acceptance of her being with someone else we were together 2yrs but off and on after the 2yrs so I’m struggling with my thoughts of her being with someone else I cant stop thinking … Continue reading “Prayer for strength”

Prayer of overwhelmed

Dear Heavenly Father, We praise You for your goodness and your mercy. Thank you for your son Jesus. You made a way for us to be with you one day. Because of Jesus we have hope eternal. Despite our circumstances we do not have to waiver. We can stand firm. You shoulder our burdens and … Continue reading “Prayer of overwhelmed”

Prayer of Comfort for my brother

Please pray that God through Jesus Christ will comfort and give emotional strength to my brother Javier. Our mom is slowly dying who is in hospice care and my brother needs to be assured that Jesus will comfort him and give him strength to deal with our possible loss. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

A prayer for my family

Heavenly Father all knowing and seeing I committ to you my worries my unfaithful husband, our broken relationship, our children. Oh Father give courage and strength to overcome. Protect us Oh Lord from the enemy. Restore our family life. Reduce us to love. Bring about restoration and healing. Bless our finances and increase beyond our … Continue reading “A prayer for my family”

A Place to Live

My wife and I have been homeless and living in hotels sence December of 2017. At that time I got an infection that took away my ability to walk. I now walk with a cane. Please pray for with us for a place to call our home

Sailors’s prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, welcome to my world, my life, my spirit and soul. I’m sorrow for all sins and prejudices that was made for so long. I’m repent for all misconception, and consequences created and I ask, pray and thanksfullness for reunion of the ancient celestial consel women at this world and above, ask for … Continue reading “Sailors’s prayer”

Prayer for the Surgery

I’m have surgery on August 7 2019, I will be getting shoulder replacement (left) my recovery time is between 6 to 7 weeks, I ask that the good Lord give me strength to get through this, I’ll be wearing a Sling the entire time, at bedtime I have to sleep with it on, it’s really … Continue reading “Prayer for the Surgery”

Prayer for Spiritual warfare

Please pray that me and my children can overcome the dark spiritual darts that are attackig us. Please claim the authority of Jesus Christ for Carol and her children to tear down the lies of the enemy and for the Holy Spirit to come now to our aid. God Bless you all. Amen

Prayer for Clarity

As I’ve walked back into the accepting arms of our Heavenly Father I feel free and new. I don’t wanna be doing something that I don’t want to be doing, so please help me find my purpose and give me the strength to accept what is coming my way. Protect my family and anyone that’s … Continue reading “Prayer for Clarity”

Chronic illness

Please pray for my strength. I have copd, end stage emphysema and can barely shower and dress myself any longer. I depend on my 19 yo daughter for so much help with chores and she juggles nursing school and a job too. I feel useless some days.

Prayer against the evil one

In need of prayer against Satan and his minions . In need of protection for myself and my family . In need of prayer to lift my soul . Please help . I am become surrounded by those who want to use and are full of negativity.

I am good enough

Thanks for the great Bible reading today my dear Lord. Thanks for saying that I am good. I’m a lioness. I am powerful for you are my Lord, Savior and friend. Thanks for the great day and words of wisdom I so desperately needed to hear.

Help me

I feel so lost i want to be found i oray everyday but feel so weak inside for i am not happy or who i am rn i need help usually i do the helping im without direction or mind rn losr in my head running circle goin no where i pray for strength i … Continue reading “Help me”

Obedience and Strength

Please pray for me for me to be obedient to the Lord and Strength to hold on to His Word. I feel like I’m growing weary and tired. I want to hold on to God’s Word. I want wisdom and understanding in His Word. Also, pray for my husband. He is dealing with severe mental … Continue reading “Obedience and Strength”

My sister Deidra

Please pray for my sister Deidra continued strength in her daily life. She is taking care of her husband John who recently had a stroke. Thank you so much for your time and prayers.

Strength to prevail

Am 64…no family….going thru divorce I did not want….husband abandoned…alone…frightened. Believe all God’s promises

I need the Lord

Dear Farther Lord I need you to help me keep my mind focus on you. Help me to be the light you calling me to be. To be strong for my family and everyone you put in my path. Leaning not to my own understanding but listen to you as you order my steps. In … Continue reading “I need the Lord”

Let go and let God

Strength to stay close to God and His promises and be guided by Him in the trails that lay ahead and not revert to trying to do things in my own strength.

Sale of property

As we wait upon the Lord to help us, Please pray that He will grant us the strength and patience, at this stressful time. We must sell, can’t afford to keep house. We Believe God, will grant us favor in His time. Thank you and god bless you.

Strength for my family

Give them strength to fight the evil that continues to drag them down let them see you and know you are all that really matters!

Special help

Lord, Dawn and Carey really need your help. Please intercede. Amen and Amen.